‘American Idol’ May 10, 2020 Eliminated 4 More Singers. Top 7 Revealed (Recap)

‘American Idol’ May 10, 2020 Eliminated 4 More Singers. Top 7 Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “American Idol” fans. Tonight, May 10, 2020, another new episode of “American Idol” did indeed air. After everything was all said and done, the top 11 was dwindled down to just the top 7.

They also performed two songs. One was from the Disney catalog, and the other one was dedicated to their mothers since it’s Mother’s Day and all.

The judges: Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan were featured to do their critiques. Once again, the contestants had to perform from home because of this awful pandemic mess that has screwed up just about everything.

Tonight’s show kicked off with them revealing that Arthur Gunn made it into the top 7! Then he sang, “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid.

Afterwards, Katie said, “You felt really relaxed. I really loved it.” Luke said, “You are a truly massive recording artist.” Lionel said, “I love the way you sell your identity.”

Next, they revealed that Just Sam made it to the top 7! Then she sang, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella.

Afterwards, Lionel said, “We watched you grow up right in front of us. You are a star.” Katie said, “I wanted a little more.” Luke said, “Your voice just holds up at every level of your range.”

After that, they revealed that Jonny West was safe tonight and through to the top 7! Then he performed, “Almost There” from the Princess and the Frog.

Afterwards, Lionel said, “You’re our casual assassin.” Katy said, “You’re like Paul Simon, Randy Newman and Billy Joel.” Luke said, “I like that the Disney catalog forces people down a path they aren’t used to. I’m happy you chose the right song.”

Next, they revealed that Louis Knight made it to the top 7! Then he performed, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”

Afterwards, Katy said, “I got lost in your performance. I’m sure you’ll be a massive star. Lean in vocally into your next performance.” Luke said, “I loved the tenderness. It got a little linear after three quarters of the song.” Lionel said, “You drifted out a little. Stay focused.”

Next, they revealed that Julia Gargano made it into the top 7! Then she sang, “Beauty and the Beast”

Afterwards, Luke said, “The song was too low in spots.” Lionel said, “The song had some problematic lows.” Katy said, “Your star quality is already at a 10. I liked your super soulful arrangement, but I also agree with Lionel and Luke on the lower register.”

Next, they revealed that Francisco Martin made it to the top 7! Then he sang, “You’re In My Heart” from Tarzan.

Afterwards, Lionel said, “This was the transformation of Francisco. I liked your confidence.” Katy said, “You reminded me of Louis Knight. You gave me what I wanted from Louis,”

Next, they revealed that Dillon James made it to the top 7! Then he sang, “Our Town” from Cars.

Afterwards, Katy said, “I’m so happy you took the judges notes. I’m proud of you.” Luke said, “It felt great from top to bottom.“ Lionel said, “You were a storyteller and a great artist.”

At this point, they brought back last season’s winner Laine Hardy to perform. He decided to sing, “Life is a Highway” from Cars.

Next, the top 7 performed the songs dedicated to their mothers for Mother’s Day. Arthur Gunn was up first. He sang, “Hey Ma” by Bon Iver.

Afterwards, Luke said, “I love the high part of your voice. It’s so signature. You’re spoiling us. You never have a bad performance.” Lionel said, “You could sing the phone book. No matter what you sing, it sounds like Arthur Gunn.” Katy said, “You are already making me believe that you are a professional touring artist.”

Next, Just Sam sang, “I Turn to You” by Christina Aguilera. Afterwards, Lionel said, “You’re the angel in this group.” Katy said, “You’re a star. You have testimony and victory in your voice.” Luke said, “Your midrange is smooth as butter.”

Jonny West was up next to sing, “Amazing Grace.” Afterwards, Katy said, “You’re original and talented. You remind me of Alejandro Aranda. I think you should win this competition.” Luke said, “You have God-given, song-writing talent.” Lionel said, “This song was a challenge. You have a future in the business. Enjoy the ride.”

Next, Louis Knight performed, “You’ve Got A Friend” by Carole King and James Taylor. Afterwards, Luke said, “You finally gave the dynamics I was looking for.” Lionel said, “It was exactly what you needed to do. You have a career here.” Katy said, “You gave us the wingspan we were looking for.”

After that, Julia Gargano sang, “Sweetest Devotion” by Adele. Afterwards, Katy said, “I’m so moved by your relationship. I loved hearing your voice expanding through all the genres. You are gonna fly, girl.” Luke said, “Your performance was badass.” Lionel said, “You rode the pocket. You were in that moment. Great job.”

Next, Francisco Martin sang, “River” by Leon Bridges. Afterwards Katy said, “The Mother’s Day songs are separating the pack. It was so heartfelt what you did.” Luke said, “It was better than the original. I would buy that right now.” Lionel said, “I love that your confidence is front and center. You’re no longer in you’re head. You have a career.”

Next, Dillon James sang, “Hang on, Hang on” by Amos Lee. Afterwards, Luke said, “I admire how you’ve gotten to the other side of your struggles. You are going to go very far.” Lionel said, “You’re a fabulous inspiration to kids struggling with the same issues.” Katy said, “You feel lighter and more free than when I first met you.”

And that was it guys. That was the show. Again, Arthur Gunn, Dillon James, Francisco Martin, Jonny West, Julia Gargano, Louis Knight and Just Sam made it to the top 7 tonight.

Sadly, Grace Leer, Jovin Webb, Makayla Phillips and Sophia James were all eliminated.

How do you guys feel about tonight’s results? Are you happy? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

You guys can view all of tonight’s American Idol performances on American Idol’s official Youtube channel by Clicking Here.

The next, new “American Idol” episode is scheduled to air next Sunday night, May 17, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC. Next week’s episode will be the finale episode. So, the winner of this season will be revealed in it.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “American Idol” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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