Celebrity Big Brother February 18, 2022 Evicted Carson Kressley (Recap)

Celebrity Big Brother February 18, 2022 Evicted Carson Kressley (Recap)

Hey, “Celebrity Big Brother” fans. Tonight, February 18, 2022, another LIVE eviction episode for Celebrity Big Brother’s current season 3 did indeed air. It was a 2-hour episode, and another celeb did get evicted at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with footage of what took place in the house after reigning HOH (Head Of Household) Todd Bridges nominated Carson and Lamar for eviction.

Todd told the Diary Room aka the private cams, “Because Carson has won an HOH and Veto, he’s a very big threat. If I can get Carson out, that would increase my chances of winning the game. Lamar is a pawn because me, Miesha and Lamar are all working together.”

Miesha told the private cams, “I’m sorry, Carson. You’re a great guy, but after we win this veto, you’re going home.” Todd told the private cams, “I didn’t put Cynthia on the block because maybe she can do me a favor later on.” Todrick told the private cams, “I hope we can get Carson out this time.”

Next, we got footage of the POV (Power Of Veto) competition. It was a mental comp that involved them having to observe really fast, shuffling objects and guessing the right one. Miesha was a beast on this competition and pulled out the victory. That was a tough comp. So, she really impressed the hell out of me.

Afterwards, Miesha ,Todd and Lamar told the private cams that it’s definitely not looking good for Carson. Carson suggested to Lamar to team up with Cynthia when he leaves, but Lamar told the private cams, “I don’t know if I want to team up with Cynthia. Then, turn around and cut her so close to the finale.”

There was a moment where Miesha was seen talking about how Lamar irritates her when he expects everyone to do things for him. She’s said, “He’s kind of a butthead” when he dos that. Cynthia overheard Miesha saying that and ran back and told Carson that Miesha’s issue with Lamar could give Carson a possible opening to stay over Lamar.

Next, we saw an interesting segment featuring Miesha revealing that she’s actually training for an MMA fight while inside the house, and she has to drop 17 pounds for her new weight class.

At one point, Carson and Cynthia decided they needed to try to convince Miesha not to use the veto, but since that was Miesha’s plan anyways, it was kind of useless. After they pitched that idea to Miesha, Miesha told the private cams of their pitch, “So, you want me to not use the veto and leave Carson who is my target on the block? Sure, I think I can do that for you. No problem.” It was super funny.

Of course, at the POV ceremony, Miesha did not use the veto. Apparently, Carson thought that by Miesha not using the veto, they could somehow get the house to flip and vote out Lamar.

Next, host Julie Chen-Moonves interviewed actor Jerry O’Connell. Apparently,he’s a superfan of the show, and given his celebrity status, he knows most of the people on this season. He said, “I know Todrick well. Todrick tries to control things in this game, and it’s been working for him.

I was surprised to see Kirkpatrick go so quickly. It was crazy watching how Shanna got evicted. It was like watching someone get caught in quicksand. Miesha is an alpha person, and it’s been working.” Jerry also said he would totally play a season of Celebrity Big Brother.

After Jerry’s interview, we saw more house footage. Miesha told Todrick, “We need to go after Todd next.” Miesha told the private cams, “I’m worried Todd might try to target me next.” Todrick agreed that Todd is becoming a threat.

Carson and Cynthia tried to pitch Todrick a deal. They told him they would give him their jury votes if he voted to save Carson. Todrick told the private cams, “Carson and Cynthia are clutching at straws. I need to talk to Miesha about this.”

Todrick told Miesha about Carson and Cynthia’s pitch saying, “I’m actually considering it because we have a better chance of getting Todd out with them.” Miesha agreed but, she told the private cams, “I still think we need to get Carson out this round.”

After all of the house footage, the eviction nominees Carson and Lamar finally gave their plea speeches. Then, the rest of the celebs casts their votes to evict. Miesha and Todrick voted to evict Carson. Cynthia voted to evict Lamar. So, by a vote of 2-1, Carson was indeed evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight. Carson gave everyone a hug on the way out. He was definitely a good sport about it.

From there, Carson gave his exit interview with host Juie Chen-Moonves. She asked him, “How are you feeling?” Carson said, “That house brings out a lot of emotions because you get very invested. Todrick’s bond with Miesha was just so strong that there was no breaking it.”

Julie asked, “Why did you believe Miesha over Shanna even though Shanna saved you from the block? Carson said, “We believed Miesha because her story seemed to add up, and we wanted to deal with the devil that you know instead of the devil you don’t know. However, I do regret getting rid of Shanna over Miesha. We could have dealt with Shanna later on.” After the interview, Carson got to listen to some very nice goodbye messages from: Lamar, Miesha, Todrick, Todd and Cynthia.

Afterwards, all the celebs got video messages from their loved ones. It was very emotional. Then, Julie revealed that voting for America’s favorite houseguest is now open since the finale episode will be airing on Wednesday night, February 23, 2022. We’re also getting a new episode tomorrow night, February 19, 2022. So, plan ahead for that.

How do you guys feel about Carson Kressley getting evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother season 3 house tonight? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Celebrity Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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