Celebrity Big Brother February 23, 2022 Winner Revealed In Finale Episode (Recap)

Celebrity Big Brother February 23, 2022 Winner Revealed In Finale Episode (Recap)

Hey,”Celebrity Big Brother” fans. Tonight, February 23, 2022,the LIVE, season finale episode of Celebrity Big Brother season 3 did indeed air, and we finally found out who won this thing at the end.

Tonight’s LIVE, finale episode kicked off with footage of what happened in the house after Lamar got evicted this past Monday night, February 21, 2022.

Miesha told the private cams, “We can totally beat Cynthia in the finale.” Todrick admitted to Miesha and Cynthia that he’s a Big Brother super fan. Miesha told Todrick, “You have been, low-key, the best in this game.”

Todrick told Cynthia, “If you bring me to the end, you would win.” Todrick told the private cams, “I need to make sure Cynthia is down to bring me to the final two because you never know. She might win that last HOH (Head Of Household) competition.”

Todrick told Cynthia, “I just really think you should bring me to the end.” Cynthia said, “Off course.” Next, Cynthia, Todrick and Miesha played the final HOH comp. It was a true or false quiz challenge based on what certain players did in the game, and Miesha won with 3 points to Todrick and Cynthia’s 1 point!

After the last HOH comp, Todrick and Cynthia immediately gave their plea speeches to Miesha. Then, Miesha said, “It would only make since for me to bring Todrick to the final 2 with me. You were the yin to my yang.” So, Miesha did evict Cynthia at this point, leaving her and Todrick as the final 2.

From there, Cynthia gave her exit interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves. During it, Cynthia said, “Miesha was always straight forward and clear with me. Miesha was always my target, but I could never win anything. I have so much respect for her.”

Julie asked Cynthia who she would’ve taken to the final two if she won that last HOH comp. She said, “I would have taken Todrick to the final 2 because I have a soft spot for him. He helped me through this after Carson left.

After Cynthia’s exit interview, Julie brought out the jury members, which were all the celebs that were previously evicted minus Chris Kattan because he withdrew from the competition.

At one point, Carson apologized to Shanna for not trusting her actions in the game. Shanna said, “That means so much to me. Thank you.” Next, they revealed to the jury that that Cynthia was the last one voted out, and Miesha won the last HOH and took Todrick to the final 2.

Next, Miesha and Todrick gave their final speeches to the jury. Miesha said, “I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for this. I tried to play with the most integrity I could. I tried to beast every comp and set a good example for my daughter.”

Todrick said, “I was a huge threat since weak 1. I was apart of every single eviction of this season. I was inspired by “The Cookout” alliance from last season. I wanted to win this game because I love this game. It’s not based on just how many competitions you can win. It’s based on how you play this thing 24/7.”

After that, the jury members casts their votes for the winner. Todd, Lamar, Carson , Shanna, Chris Kirkpatrick, Mirai and Teddi all voted for Miesha to win. Cynthia voted for Todrick to win. So, by a landslide vote of 7-1, Miesha became the winner of the 3rd season of Celebrity Big Brother!

Next, Julie also revealed that Carson Kressley won the America’s Favorite player prize of $25,000 dollars. Carson said that he was going to donate most of it to his charity named, “True Colors United.”

To cap things off, we got some final words from Miesha and Todrick. Julie asked Miesha which is tougher? Being in the Octagon or the Big Brother house? Miesha said, Big Brother is tougher than the octagon because it seems never-ending.”

Todrick said, “Big Brother was a lot different than it was when I watched the show, but I loved every minute of it, and Miesha is my new ride or die.”

How do you guys feel about former UFC, MMA champ Miesha Tate winning the 3rd season of Celebrity Big Brother? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Celebrity Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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