Celebrity Big Brother February 14, 2022 Evicted Shanna Moakler (Recap)

Celebrity Big Brother February 14, 2022 Evicted Shanna Moakler (Recap)

Hey,”Celebrity Big Brother” fans. Tonight, February 14, 2022, another LIVE eviction episode for Celebrity Big Brother’s current season 3 did happen, and another celeb was evicted.

Tonight’s LIVE eviction episode kicked off with footage of what took place inside the house after Carson nominated Miesha and Todd for eviction.

Carson told the Diary Room aka the private cams, “Part of the overall plan is to save Miesha and eliminate Shanna who’s been playing both sides.”

Todd told the private cams, “I’m not worried about it with all the stuff that went down today. Shanna’s going home if she doesn’t win the veto.”

Miesha told the private cams, “Carson helped me flip the script.” Shanna told Cynthia, “I was trying to feel people out when I first got in here.” Cynthia said, “You were playing both sides. I haven’t seen you on the block yet. Carson and I have been straight up with you.” Shanna said, “Carson and you were put on the block because the people you’re believing put you up there.” I took Carson off the block. Cynthia said that’s true, but was still holding on to thinking Shanna was playing both sides.

Shanna told the private cams,”Talking to Cynthia is like talking to a box of crayons.” Carson told the private cams. “I didn’t have any doubts about Shanna until now.” Carson told Cynthia, “I think Miesha is honest, and Shanna seems flustered and dishonest.” Cynthia agreed.

Meanwhile, Miesha and Todrick made plans to get Carson out ,next, if Shanna goes home this round. At one point, Carson asked Miesha, “If we send Shanna home, can you spare me and Cynthia in the next HOH?” Miesha said, “Yeah, I can do that,” but Miesha told the private cams, “It’s the end of Carson’s game if he gets rid of Shanna.”

Carson went back and told Cynthia that he made a deal with Miesha to keep them safe, and they both said they feel comfortable now. Wow!

Miesha told Todrick about the deal she made with Carson. Todrick told the private cams, “My plan worked perfectly, getting Carson to put up one of his own people.”

Next, we got footage of the POV (Power Of Veto) competition. It was a physical comp that involved them putting a puzzle together, and Todrick won it.

During the POV ceremony, Todrick said, “I thought I would be using this to save Miesha, but I’m going to give it to the person who’s been ignoring me for the past 24 hours.” Then, he gave it to Todd. Todd said, “Thanks, man.” Then, Carson nominated Shanna. I suspect that Todrick had a talk with Miesha about saving Todd to get him as a number moving forward since they knew they had the votes to keep Miesha. Whatever the case, Miesha seemed fine with it.

Shanna and Miesha gave their plea speeches. Then, the rest of the celebs minus HOH Carson casts their votes to evict. Todd, Cynthia, Lamar and Todrick all voted to evict Shanna. No one voted to evict Miesha. So, by a unanimous vote of 4 -0, Shanna did indeed get evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother season 3 house tonight. On her way out, Shanna said, “Don’t worry, Todrick. I’ll get the jury to vote against you.” So, that was a jab.

Shanna gave her exit interview to host Julie Chen-Moonves. Julie asked Shanna, “Will you really get the jury to vote against Todrick?” Shanna said, “I don’t have any control over them. That was just my last hurrah.”

Shanna went on to say, “I spent most of my time explaining the game to Carson and Cynthia. Then, they got mad at me for getting information and sharing it with them. Kirkpatrick sacrificed his game for us to move forward, and they don’t even get it. It was very difficult to penetrate the duos. Carson and Cynthia are done.”

And that was tonight’s show, guys. How do you feel about Shanna Moakler getting evicted in tonight’s February 14, 2022, LIVE eviction episode? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Celebrity Big Brother season 3 episode is scheduled to air this Wednesday night, February 16, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Celebrity Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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