Survivor April 6, 2022 Voted Off Daniel Strunk (Recap)

Survivor April 6, 2022 Voted Off Daniel Strunk (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, April 6,2022, another new episode of Survivor season 42 did indeed hit the air, and we saw another unlucky contestant get voted off the island at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the Ika tribe talking about their last tribal council meeting, which sent Swati Goel home. Romeo told the private cams, “Tribal council was a blindside.” Romeo explained to a blindsided Rocksroy that Swati was playing both sides and that’s why they got rid of her. Rocksroy agreed that they did the right thing if that was the case.

Tori was seen saying she definitely wants Rockroy gone. “He’s not playing the same game we are,” she said. At the Taku tribe, Jonathan told the private cams, he’s totally fed up with all the talking the women do. So, he went for a swim to get away from them.

Later, Jonathan and Marryanne started arguing. She claimed that he accidentally hit her foot or something. He told her that she got in his way, and he complained about her being so annoying to the private cams.

At the Vati tribe, Hai campaigned to Lydia to target Chanelle next. Later on, Hai was seen saying to Mike and the others that he thought it was awfully suspicious that Daniel can go spear fishing with his dislocated shoulder. Mike told the private cams that Daniel is a liability.

At the Ika tribe, Romeo and Drea agreed to start looking for a hidden immunity idol, and Drea found it! She was the last one to find the 3rd part of the three-way idol. So, she lost her vote until all the other parts of the idol are found. Drea figured out that Marryanne already found hers because of the bunny quote phrase she said at the last immunity challenge. Mike was seen contemplating if he should say his phrase to activate his part of the 3-way idol.

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge. Before the immunity challenge started, Mike did end up saying his phrase to activate his part of the 3-way immunity idol. Daniel volunteered to sit out of this immunity challenge.

During this immunity challenge, the tribes had to race up and over a net ramp. Then, they had to untangle some braided rope until a key dropped. Then, they had to use the key to undo the machete. From there, they had to use the machete to make some slingshot balls drop. Then, they had to shoot the balls out of a slingshot until they knocked down 2 targets for the win. The Ika tribe finished first, and the Taku tribe finished in second place. That means the Vati tribe lost, and had to figure out who to get rid of next.

There was also a reward for this challenge, which was tarp. The Ika tribe got large tarp for their first place efforts, and the Taku tribe got a small tarp for finishing second.

Also, it was time to send two more people on the boat ride to the mountain. The Ika tribe picked Lydia to go from the Vati tribe, and Rocksroy volunteered to go from his Ika tribe.

At the Vati tribe, Hai told the private cams, “Chanelle and Daniel are the ones I trust the least.” Daniel told Hai, “I’m with you to the end.” Hai replied with, “I don’t trust Chanelle. She’s gone.” Daniel told the private cams, “I’m ready to get rid of Chanelle because I no longer trust her.” Meanwhile, Mike told Chanelle, “Daniel’s going home. I want him out.”

Hai told Mike that he’s fine with either Daniel or Chanelle going home. They agreed that they need to make sure Lydia doesn’t try to get an advantage because she could lose her vote.

Next, we got footage of Lydia and Rocksroy at the mountain. Lydia told Rockroy she thinks she’s in danger of going home at the next tribal council meeting, and they talked about some other things, but they made sure to not give away too much information to each other.

At the end of their session, both Rocksroy and Lydia chose to protect their vote instead of risking it for an advantage of getting an extra vote. Lydia told the private cams that this next tribal council is too important for her to risk losing her vote.

Back at the Vati tribe, Daniel and Chanelle both campaigned to Lydia to try to get her vote to stay. Lydia told the private cams, “I don’t fully trust Chanelle, and Daniel is a liability.” Hai told Lydia that they’re trying to get out either Daniel or Chanelle. “Just stick to the plan,” he said.

At the Vati tribal council meeting, they didn’t talk about anything particularly special. Just general game talk about who to trust and who not to trust.

Once the votes were read, Chanelle got 2 votes. Daniel got 2 votes, and Mike got 1 vote. So, they had to do a revote for the tie between Daniel and Chanelle. They could only vote for Daniel or Chanelle. Daniel and Chanelle couldn’t vote. This time, Daniel got 2 votes, and Chanelle got 0 votes. So, by a vote of 2-0, Daniel did get voted off the island in tonight’s April 6, 2022 episode.

Mike told Chanelle, “I kept my promise. Someone voted for me.” That was in reference to the stray vote that was directed at Mike during the first vote count. Daniel told the private cams, “I got totally blindsided.” How do you guys feel about Daniel Strunk getting voted out? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of Survivor season 42 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, April 13, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time. It’ll be a 2-hour episode.

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