Survivor April 13, 2022 Voted Off Lydia Meredith (Recap)

Survivor April 13, 2022 Voted Off Lydia Meredith (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, April 13, 2022, another new episode of Survivor’s current season 42 did indeed air, and another contestant got the boot in blindside fashion.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the Vati tribe, talking about how good a blind side they pulled at their last tribal council meeting to get Daniel out. Chanelle revealed that she was the hinky vote for Mike. Mike didn’t like that because they had discussed sticking together on the vote. Chanelle told Mike, “No hard feelings,” and they hugged. However, Mike told the private cams, “I will never trust Chanelle again.”

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Rocksroy complained about Tori bothering him. He refused to give her any information. Tori accused him of being sketchy. Rocksroy told the private cams, “Tori is not someone I want to take forward in this game.” Drea and Romeo didn’t like how Tori was nagging Rocksroy for info. They said, she can’t be trusted, and she has no loyalty to anyone.

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up to tell the tribes, they’re playing an individual game now, but they’re not merged yet. They have to earn their way into the merge by winning a team challenge. They were split up into two teams by drawing rocks. Two people drew a grey rock, which means they couldn’t play and would have their fate decided by the winning team.

Jeremy, Marryanne, Lydia, Hai and Tori end up on the orange team. Drea, Mike, Omar, Chanelle and Romeo end up on the blue team. Lindsay and Rocksroy drew the grey rocks. So, the couldn’t play.

In the team challenge, they had to make it through an obstacle course which consisted of them rolling a big bolder, collecting keys to unlock puzzle pieces and completing a 75 piece puzzle for the win.

The Orange team ended up winning the team challenge for immunity and a Applebee’s meal. So, they didn’t have to compete in the first immunity challenge. The losing, blue team got one serving of rice as a consolation prize for their efforts.

The Orange team were given a choice of taking either Rocksroy or Lindsay with them to safety and to eat the Applebee’s meal. They were also told whoever they didn’t choose would get sent away to an island by themselves for two days and nights and be given a power to change the game. They chose to take Lindsay, claiming she really looks like she needs to eat.

Rocksroy told Jeff he was happy to be sent away because he’s going to get a power to change the game. He also told the private cams, he didn’t believe their reason for sending him away is because Tori looks like she needs food. “We all need food,” he said.

Tori told the private cams, she’s totally ditching her old tribe now that the merge is about to happen. Drea warned Mike that Tori is a blabber mouth and tells everyone everything.

Next, we got footage of Rockroy alone on the separate island. He said he liked being out there with no kids or a nagging wife, which was quite humorous to hear. Jeff Probst eventually came out there to tell Rocksroy he has the power to change the game with an hour glass bottle. His power was that he could reverse the results of the team challenge, giving the losing blue team the win and immunity instead of the orange team!

Back at the other island, Lindsay, Hai and Drea talked about how they’re going to use their 3-way amulet. They decided to work together instead of taking each other out, but Hai told the private cams, he doesn’t really trust them.

Mike and Jonathan connected over being judged by their looks all their lives. Jonathan told the private cams, “Mike will be my buddy for a long time out here.”

Hai told the private cams, “I would love to keep Jonathan in the game as shield.” Hai told Omar not to trust Chanelle. Omar told the private cams that Chanelle lied to him about not having a vote so he said, “Chanelle is sketchy. I want her gone.”

Hai, Drea, Jonathan and Lydia all agreed to team up with Mike and Rocksroy in tow. They pitched out Tori and Chanelle’s names as possible targets, claiming they can’t be trusted. Chanelle tried to join their conversation, but they all walked away.

Chanelle picked up the vibe that she seems to be on the outside. Drea revealed to Jonathan, Omar and Hai that she has an extra vote, and they discussed targeting Chanelle and Tori.

Next, we got footage of Rocksroy returning and revealing that he did indeed use his power to reverse the results of the team challenge. So, the original winning, orange team consisting of: Tori, Jonathan, Marryanne, Lydia, Lindsay and Hai were now the losers and had to compete in the immunity challenge.

In the immunity challenge, they had to had to balance blocks with letters on a teeter-totter platform without them falling until they spelled the word “immunity” for the win. Tori pulled out the victory to claim immunity, and she totally teared up because she knew she needed to win it.

Since the other target Chanelle was made safe by Rocksroy’s reversal, they needed to find some new targets. Romeo suggested to Tori that they target Jonathan because he’ll win everything. Tori agreed. Romeo campaigned to some other people to get rid of Jonathan. Lindsay pitched out Marryanne’s name as a target to Chanelle and Lydia. Chanelle and Lydia didn’t buy Lindsay’s pitch, claiming Lindsay’s just trying to protect her and Jonathan.

Jonathan campaigned to get Marryanne out. Omar campaigned to get Lydia out after she told Omar she was unsure about whether to vote out Jonathan or Marryanne. Omar ran the plan to get Lydia out by Hai. Hai said,”Absolutely not.” So, Hai campaigned to try to get Marryanne out.

At the tribal council meeting, they didn’t talk about anything particularly special. Just general game play stuff. During the voting, Omar was given a note that told him he lost his vote. So, he couldn’t vote.

Then, Jeff told them, Marryanne got 2 votes. Jonathan 2 votes. Lindsay got 1 vote, and Lydia got a whopping 5 votes. So, with the 5 votes, poor Lydia totally got blindsided and ousted. Lydia told everyone, “Good luck, guys” on the way out. She told the private cams, “I got blindsided, and to be so close to the merge, it sucks.”

How do you guys feel about Lydia Meredith getting voted off in this episode? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Survivor season 42 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, April 20, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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