Legacies Sadly Canceled By The CW. Season 5 Is Not Happening

Legacies Sadly Canceled By The CW. Season 5 Is Not Happening

Hey, fellow “Legacies” fans. Today, is a very sad day as we have just been made aware that The CW will not be renewing the last of The Vampire Diaries spin off shows Legacies for a new, 5th season. According to the folks over at Deadline.com , The CW is actually in the midst of getting sold. So, that could have something to do with Legacies cancellation. Who knows?

What we do know is The CW has gone on a major cancelling spree as of late. They didn’t just cancel Legacies. They canceled 7 other shows: Batwoman, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, 4400, Roswell New Mexico, Dynasty and Charmed.

They’re reporting that Legacies was on the bubble, and we can actually see why. For some reason, their LIVE viewership and ratings took a pretty steep dive during this current season 4. It was only averaging 361,000 LIVE viewers per episode, and a 0.08 ratings score for the 18-49 year old demographics. That’s down from season 3’s average of 544,000 LIVE viewers, and a 0.12 ratings score. That’s not such fantastic numbers even for The CW. It’s unfortunate because I really like the show.

The executive producer of Legacies Julie Plec took to her Twitter account to acknowledge the Legacies cancellation writing,”It’s the Red Wedding at WBTV/CW today. Much more to say, but not today. Loads of gratitude coming for fans and cast and crew in future tweets. But today, we mourn.” You guys can view that tweet on Julie’s official Twitter account by Clicking Here.

In a different tweet, Julie wrote, “A final tip of the hat to our kindred spirits in cancellation at the CW. What a run we’ve all had. It’s sad when the business changes beneath your feet. May you all find your way to your next adventure with the knowledge that you did yourselves proud.” Twitter Link.

A couple of saddened fans replied to Julie’s tweets. Kausik@kausikdatta22 wrote, “I mourn with you. CW had a whole slew of my favorite shows, which I loved for multiple reasons.@TheCW was a channel with a conscience. I guess the demise of these shows shouldn’t come as a surprise in today’s America; nonetheless, it saddens me.” Twitter Link.

@cryaboutalison wrote, “Julie, please tell us later if there are other ways to save this show! If Lucifer can do it, so can Legacies & the vampire diaries franchise! You taught us that there are always gaps in any problem, didn’t you? I’m so sad and frustrated and in complete denial!” Twitter Link.

Riley Cook@stylesriley wrote, “I so agree today was really harsh and not like the network im so upset about legacies and all the shows that just got thrown away which is not the networks style.” Twitter Link.

This final season 4 of Legacies will wrap up on June 16, 2022 with episode 20. RIP Legacies

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest and very sad “Legacies” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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