American Idol May 15, 2022 Eliminated Fritz Hager & Nicolina Bozzo (Recap)

American Idol May 15, 2022 Eliminated Fritz Hager & Nicolina Bozzo (Recap)

Hey, “American Idol” fans. Tonight, May 15,2022, another LIVE results/performances episode did indeed air, and we found out who made it to the final three after it was all said and done.

The judges: Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan were, of course, back on the scene to dish out more comments and critiques.

The remaining five contestants sang two songs. They were mentored by season 4 winner Carrie Underwood, and one of their songs were songs that Carrie Underwood performed. The other song was a song of their choice.

The contestants sang Carrie Underwood’s songs first. HunterGirl kicked off tonight’s performances by singing, “Undo it” by Carrie Underwood. Afterwards, Lionel said, “You did exactly what Carrie told you to do, and it was spectacular.” Katy said, “I like the way you engaged with the audience. This was your best performance so far.” Luke said, “Way to get inspired by Carrie Underwood. Amazing.”

Leah Marlene sang, “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders. It’s a song that Carrie Underwood covered in the past. Afterwards, Katy said, “Did you just reinvent that song? It was like I was hearing it for the very first time!” Luke said, “It was beautiful on all levels. You never look like you’re not in control. You know your voice in and out.” Lionel said, “You took that song and turned it into your song.”

Fritz Hager performed, “I Wanna Remember” song. Afterwards, Luke said, “That was a great interpretation of the song.” Lionel said, “You have the ability to change gears from song to song. Congrats on your career.” Katy said, “That was effortlessly cool. You stayed true to yourself.”

Noah Thompson sang, “So Small” song. Afterwards, Lionel said, “You’re believable and a great storyteller. It’s really happening to you.” Katy said, “I really like how you moved around the stage. Keep doing it! People are obsessed with you. They want to touch you.”

Nicolina Bozzo sang, “Blown Away” song. Afterwards, Katy said, “I felt that one!” Luke said, “Way to get up and deliver.” Lionel said, “You’ve made it when they bring out the fan machine. Stay in this pocket. Vote for this lady.”

Next, the contestants sang their second round of songs. Leah Marlene started it off by singing, “Separate Ways” by Journey. Afterwards, Luke said, “Y’all are going after each other now! What a dynamic performance.” Lionel said, “You’ve got the shot at the career now. This is a slugfest!” Katy said, “I love seeing your teeth! Things are getting cutthroat in this competition.”

HunterGirl performed, “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town. Afterwards, Lionel said, “Your performance was amazing.” Katy said, “I’ve got a girl crush. My nieces love you, and they’re voting for you.” Luke said, “You are totally in star mode right now.”

Fritz Hager sang, “Youngblood” by 5 seconds of Summer. Afterwards, Katy said, “Are you in the Strokes? Are you in the Ramones? You’re so cool!” Luke said,”I Love everything you’ve done.” Lionel said, “I love your look. That was great!”

Nicolina Bozzo performed, “All I Ask” by Adele. Afterwards, Lionel said, “That was an American Idol treasured moment.” Katy said, “You didn’t come here to play.”

To close out tonight’s performances, Noah Thompson sang, “Working Man” by Larry Fleet. Afterwards, Lionel said, “Everyone vote for Noah if you want to see more of him.” Katy said, “You just aced that test.” Luke said, “You could hold any room in any world that you’re in.”

After all of that, host Ryan Seacrest revealed that HunterGirl, Noah Thompson and Leah Marlene were all safe ,this week, and they advanced to the final three! Unfortunately, that also meant that poor Fritz Hager and Nicolina Bozzo were not safe and got eliminated tonight. How do you guys feel about tonight’s results? Let us know in the comments section.

You guys can view all of tonight’s American Idol performances on American Idol’s official Youtube channel by Clicking Here.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “American Idol” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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