MasterChef July 27, 2022 Eliminated Tommy Walton (Recap)

MasterChef July 27, 2022 Eliminated Tommy Walton (Recap)

Hey, “MasterChef” fans. Tonight, July 27, 2022, another new episode of MasterChef’s current season 12 did indeed hit the air with judges: Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich.

The contestants had to replicate some sample desserts for this latest, elimination challenge. Since Christian had immunity this week, he was able to choose in which order the contestants picked the sample desserts they wanted to replicate.

He chose Willie first, and he chose to replicate a chocolate moose cake. Shelly was second, and decided to go with the hardest dessert, which was the Napolean. Everyone was shocked that she chose it.

The editing quickly ran through the rest of them. Michael chose to replicate a hazelnut ricotta cake. Derrick chose a pudding dessert. The contestants were given 60 minutes to complete this challenge after choosing which dessert to replicate. Brandi chose to replicate macaroons.

Derrick told Gordon his pudding dish is giving him a lot of pressure because Gordon is known for making it a lot. Gordon gave him some advice.

Joe and Aaron said Shelly chose the hardest dish, and they asked her what she was thinking when she chose it? She told them that she felt confident in her abilities.

Tommy told Gordon about his lemon tart dish. Gordon wished him good luck. At one point, Shelly said her dish isn’t coming together. “I’m freaking out right now,” she said. “This is why everyone was looking at me crazy when I chose this dish.” That was at about 55 minutes remaining in the competition.

Bri chose to replicate a strawberry pistachio tart. She said, “I’m just worried about finishing it on time.” Dara chose to replicate a berry chiffon cake. She told Gordon, “This is where I know I can shine.” He gave her some advice and wished her good luck.

Michael told Aaron and Joe, “I feel pretty good about my dish.” They wished him good luck. Amanda chose to replicate a coconut passion fruit cake. She told Gordon she felt very good about it.

Tommy revealed that he made a mistake with his dough. It had too many cracks in it. He forgot to put it in the fridge or something. Gordon gave Tommy advice on how to fix his dish, but apparently he didn’t follow Gordon’s advice because Gordon said, “Tommy isn’t listening to anything I’m telling him.”

At one point, Bri said, “My dough is way underdone, but I have to try and move on to the next layer.” Gordon gave Brandi advice about her macaroons. He told her, she needs to start assembling them because she only had 22 minutes left at this point.

Gordon said Brandi is way behind with 10 minutes to go. Gordon continued to give Brandi advice and told her, “Keep it together. Don’t give up.”

When the time was up, Brandi was seen saying, “I’m not proud of this at all.” Shelly said, “I messed up. Yep, I messed up.” Next, the judges walked around to look at all the dishes. Then, they picked out their top 3 dishes. They belonged to: Michael, Dara and Amanda.

Michael presented a Hazelnut Ricotta Cake with Chocolate Ganache and Candied Hazelnuts dish. Gordon said, “It looks delicious. It taste delicious. It’s nice and crisp. You nailed it.” Aaron said, “It’s tasty.” Joe said, “You were spot on with it visually. If had just a little bit more moisture, it would have been identical to the sample.”

Dara presented a Berry Chiffon Cake with Blueberry Swiss Buttercream dish. Joe said, “Yours is actually more smooth than the sample.” Gordon said, “It’s delicious. Everything is spot on. Well done.” Aaron said, “It’s just unreal.” Joe said, “It’s really perfection. Bravo.”

Amanda presented a Coconut Passion fruit Cake with Swiss Buttercream and Passionfruit Curd dish. Gordon said, “It looks absolutely gorgeous.” Aaron said, “I’m blown away. It makes me wanna smile.” Joe said, “It’s very close to the original one.” Gordon said, “It’s exceptional. Well done.”

After all of that, the judges decided that Dara had the best dish. So, she won immunity from the next elimination challenge. All three of them got safety from this challenge.

Next, the judges revealed that Tommy, Shelly and Brandi had the worst 3 dishes. Tommy presented a Lemon Meringue Tart with Pate Sucree Crust dish. Gordon said, “It looks cracked and underbaked.” Joe said, “It’s totally raw.” Aaron said, “It’s overwhipped and watery.” Gordon said, “You missed the mark.”

Shelly presented a Napoleon with Vanilla Pastry Cream Raspberries and White Chocolate Glaze dish. Gordon said, “It looks a mess. It tastes quite nice, but the presentation is ugly.” Aaron said he didn’t like it. Joe said, “The cream was ok, but why did you choose the most difficult dessert? Why hurt yourself like that?”

Bri presented a Strawberry Pistachio Tart dish. Gordon said, “It looks so amateurish and pale.” Joe said, “It tastes better than it looks.” Aaron said, “It’s raw, but the cream is delicious.” Gordon said, “It’s not edible. It’s raw. It’s your worst dish so far.” Joe said, ” It’s raw but edible.”

After all of that, the judges decided that Tommy had the worst dish. So, poor Tommy Walton was eliminated. Gordon told Tommy, “Tonight, you forgot the basics. Your dessert had mistakes from the start to the end.” Tommy said, “I had a cascade of disasters, but it was a learning experience.”

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest,”MasterChef” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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