MasterChef August 24, 2022 Eliminated Bowen Li & Brandi Mudd (Recap)

MasterChef August 24, 2022 Eliminated Bowen Li & Brandi Mudd (Recap)

Hey, “MasterChef” fans. Tonight, August 24, 2022, another set of two, new episodes of MasterChef’s current season 12 did indeed hit the air with judges: Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich.

In the first hour, the contestants had to make a gourmet dish out of gas station snacks. They were given 45 minutes to complete this challenge.

During the challenge, Christian said, “I’m nervous because snacks are not gourmet dishes. Hopefully, I can pull this off.” Amanda mentioned that she was making a spicy cod dish. Emily mentioned that she was making a pan-seared crusted chicken breast dish.

Christian said he was making a corn-crusted snapper and gummy bear beer sauce dish. Shanika said she was making a ranch tortilla chips and fried fish dish. Michael told Gordon he was making a chocolate lava cake dish. Gordon said, “I hope you have enough time. Good luck.”

Willie told Aaron and Joe he was making an elevated chicken pot pie. They asked him, “Do you think that’s elegant enough?” They wished him good luck.

Christian told Gordon about his corn-crusted snapper and gummy bear sauce. Later on, Aaron said, “It’ll be a show stopper if Christian can make a balanced sauce out of gummy bears.”

Michael said, “Things aren’t going well” at around 23 minutes left to go. “This was probably not a good idea, but I can’t change it now,” he said.

Bowen told Aaron and Joe about his dish. Aaron recommended he add something spicy. Emily told Gordon about her dish. He said, “The dish sounds amazing. Good luck.”

Brandi told Aaron and Joe that she was making a fruit cereal dish. They said, “It sounds a little out there. You have a lot of stuff going on here. Good luck.”

Dara told Gordon she was making a corn chiffon cake dish. Gordon said, “It sounds delicious, but you’re pushing your time limits.” He gave her some advice and wished her good luck.

At less than 10 minutes left, Michael realized that his oven was never turned on so his lava cakes never cooked. He said, “I have uncooked lava cakes. I’m screwed. I’m just going to crank the oven to 500 degrees and cook them as long as I can.” After time ran out, Michael said, “It’s a complete unknown right now. Hopefully, it’ll be enough to keep me in this kitchen.”

Next, the judges looked at all the dishes and revealed that the top 3 dishes belonged to Bowen, Christian and Shanika.

Bowen presented a Pork Katsu Cordon-Bleu with Sweet Potato Fries and Cherry-Cola Glaze dish. Gordon said, “It looks good. It’s good, nice and delicious.” Aaron said, “The slaw is really good.” Joe said, “It’s very delicious.”

Christian served up a Crusted Corn Chip Snapper with Herb Roasted Potatoes and Gummy-Bear Beer Chili Sauce dish. Gordon said, “Visually, it looks beautiful. The gummy bear sauce is delicious.” Joe said, “The fish is crispy and perfectly fried.” Aaron said, “This dish makes me want to go back for another bite.”

Shanika presented a Ranch Tortilla Crusted Snapper with Lemon-Lime Soda Avocado Puree and Lemon-Lime Herb Sauce dish. Joe said, “Visually, it looks flavorful.” Joe said, “It’s delicious.” Aaron said, “It has refreshing elements.” Gordon said, “It’s one of the best dishes you’ve cooked. Good job.”

Next, the judges decided that both Christian and Shanika had equally great dishes. So, they were both awarded immunity from the next elimination challenge.

From there. the judges revealed that the bottom 3 dishes belonged to Willie, Brandi and Michael. Willie presented a Beer-Infused Chicken Pot Pie with Spicy Cheese Puff & Sunflower Seed Crumble dish. Gordon said, “It taste like chicken sauce instead of a pot pie.” Joe said, “It’s too greasy and difficult to eat.” Aaron said, “You just crumbled up stuff.”

Brandi presented a Spicy Cheese Puff Arepa with Cola Skirt Steak and Fruity Cereal Crema dish. Joe said, “It taste like a orange hockey puck. I can’t identify one gas station ingredient.” Gordon said, “It just feels flat.” Aaron said, “Your ingredients don’t impart flavor.”

Michael presented a Chocolate Bar Fondant Cake with Peanut & Potato Chip Crumble, Vanilla Mascarpone Cream and Pretzel Toffee dish. Gordon said, “It looks terrible. The fondant is gross. However, the peanut butter brittle and other snacks are quite good.” Aaron said, “The rest of the other stuff is good.” Joe said, “The fondant tasted like chocolate scrambled eggs. You took a big risk, and you failed, but I agree that the other things are good.”

Next, the judges decided that Brandi had the worst dish. So, she was eliminated. Gordon told Brandi, “Unfortunately, your dish concept just didn’t make sense, and your gas station snacks weren’t highlighted enough to showcase your talent, but we’re going to miss you.” Brandi said, “I’m proud of myself for pushing myself. This season has lit a fire under me. I’m proud of making it to the top 10.”

In the second episode, the contestants had to do another mystery box challenge. It was Gerron Hurt’s mystery box. Gerron Hurt is the season 9 winner, and they brought him on to present his mystery box to the contestants.

The judges also revealed that there will be no more immunity pens given out this season since they’re down to the final 9. However, they did say the owner of the best dish will get a huge advantage in the next elimination challenge.

The contestants were given 45 minutes to complete Gerron’s mystery box challenge. When they opened it up, it was filled with all kinds of peppers. So, they had to make a good spicy dish.

Derrick mentioned that he loved it because he likes spicy food. Emily said she didn’t like it because she’s not a fan of spicy food. Dara mentioned that she was making a Indian samosas dish. Bowen said he was making a spicy stuffed pepper and chili sauce dish.

Derrick decided to go with a dessert instead of a savory dish. Emily said that spices overwhelm her when she tries to taste them so this is going to be a stretch for her.

Emily told Gordon and Gerron she was making a shrimp fra diavolo dish. Gerron said, “I love that you’re charring the pepper.” Gordon gave her some advice and wished her good luck.

Willie told Aaron and Joe that he was making a crawfish and shrimp dish. Aaron said that he liked his idea. Michael mentioned that he was making a spice crusted steak dish.

Bowen told Gordon and Gerron he was making a seafood dish. They wished him good luck. Derrick told Aaron and Joe he was making a pepper corn churro dish. Aaron gave him some advice. He also said, “You’re taking a lot of risk. Good luck.”

At one point, Shanika tried to tell Bowen it’s not a good idea to use caviar in his dish. Bowen insisted that he wanted to take a chance. Dara told Gerron about her Indian dish. He gave her some advice and wished her good luck.

Amanda told Gerron and Gordon about her dish. Gerron said, “I like that you have a cooling agent to balance out the spiciness.” Gordon wished her good luck.

Derrick said his churros are overcooked with 5 minutes left. “I’m stuck with crunchy churros since I don’t have enough time to make more,” he said. Willie was very confident about his dish after time ran out.

Derrick said, “I’m worried because my churros aren’t puffy enough. This risk might not have been the one to take today.”

Next, Amanda was the first one up to present her dish to the judges. She presented a Batinjan Harra Grilled Eggplant with Lamb, Peppers, Pomegranate & Crispy Shallots dish. Aaron said, “It looks beautiful.” Joe said, “This dish was really good. The heat level is perfect.” Aaron said, “It’s really smart.” Gordon said, “It’s good.”

Derrick presented a Dusted Churros with Sichuan Peppercorn & Cinnamon Dust with Thai Chili Chocolate Sauce dish. Gordon said, “The churros are super crispy. The chocolate sauce is delicious. You missed the mark on the churros.” Aaron said, “There’s tons of flavor in the sauce, which is redeeming.” Joe said, “The churros are too crunchy and greasy. They were cooked at too high a temperature. It’s disappointing.”

Willie presented a Crawfish & Shrimp Étouffée with Jalapeno Cornbread dish. Gordon said, “The spice is delicious. It’s good.” Aaron said, “It’s a stroke of genius.” Joe said, “This dish is good. I really like the flavors. Give us more dishes like this.”

Bowen presented a Seafood Stuffed Pepper with Mofongo Mashed Plantain Cake dish. Gordon said, “It looks weird.” Joe said, “The problems began when you cooked the caviar.” Gordon said, “The sauce is very hot. It taste strange. It’s bizarre.” Joe said, “It’s way too spicy. Cooking caviar is an amateur mistake. You don’t cook caviar.”

Michael presented a Spice-Rubbed Hanger Steak with Carrot Salad, Habanero Harissa Sauce and Feta & Eggplant Puree dish. Gordon said, “It looks beautiful.” Joe said, “It’s firing on all cylinders. It’s a top notch dish.” Aaron said, “It sticks with you in a good way.” Gordon said, “It has beautiful combinations. It’s a really good dish.”

Dara presented a Potato & Pea Samosas with Tomato Chili Chutney and Serrano Mint Chutney dish. Gordon said, ” Visually, it’s beautiful.” Joe said, “It was a great use of spices. It’s very good.” Aaron said, “I love it. It makes my palate dance.” Gordon said, “It’s a very nice dish. It needed to be a little lighter though.”

Emily presented a Shrimp Fra Diavolo with Spicy Tomato & Pancetta Pasta with Calabrian Chili Oil dish. Gordon said, “It looks like restaurant quality.” Joe said, “This dish is top notch. It’s perfectly made. Great dish.” Aaron said, “It’s well seasoned. You made smart choices with this dish.” Gordon said, “It’s got finesse. Well done.”

After all of that, the judges decided that Amanda and Emily had the top 2 dishes, but the best dish belonged to Emily! So, she got an advantage for the next elimination challenge.

Next, the judges decided that Derrick and Bowen had the worst 2 dishes, but Bowen’s dish was the worst. So, Bowen was eliminated. Aaron told Bowen, “I really wanted this dish to work so badly, but you made wrong choices with those ingredients.” Joe said, “You’re a better cook than that dish was.” Gordon said, “We’re gonna miss you, young man.” Then, Bowen gave them a hug. Bowen said, “I’m proud of myself for taking risks.”

So, Bowen Li and Brandi Mudd got eliminated in tonight’s double episodes. How do you guys feel about that? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “MasterChef” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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