The Bachelorette September 13, 2022 Eliminated Aven Jones (Recap)

The Bachelorette September 13, 2022 Eliminated Aven Jones (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, September 13, 2022, another new episode of The Bachelorette 2022 edition with headliners Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey did hit the air, and another guy was eliminated by the end of it.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with host Jesse Palmer LIVE in studio. Then, he brought out Gabby and Rachel to talk a little bit about how their season went. Then, they showed more Bachelorette footage.

During it, they picked up where Rachel and Zach left off in last week’s episode. Zach pulled Rachel aside to talk just before she passed out roses at the rose ceremony. During this conversation, Zach told Rachel, “I felt like I didn’t see the real Rachel at the fantasy suite, and I feel upset and disappointed about it. I felt blindsided.”

Rachel said, “During out time in the fantasy suite, I was just trying to find that missing piece for me.” Zach said, “I did really love you ,and I saw a future with you. I need to go.” Rachel said, “I wish I could’ve gotten there with you.” Zach said, “Well, love is a two-way street. So, at least know we now,” and he left.

Rachel told the private cams, “This is so sad.” Zach told the private cams, “It’s over just like that. I could see it in her eyes that it meant something different to her than it did to me. She was my future wife in my mind. Now, I question if any of my experiences with Rachel were real.”

Rachel came back and told Aven and Tino that Zach left, and she made a statement about him possibly questioning her character. Then, she gave Aven and Tino a rose.

After all of that, Zach returned to talk with Rachel LIVE in studio about how things ended between them. Zach told Rachel, “I do apologize for making you feel like I called you out for your character.” Rachel said, “I’m sorry too. I want you to know that I felt really bad watching that back and that my feelings for you were real.”

Zach went on to say, “The last week was the toughest week for me. Again, I’m sorry. I could’ve handled it better.” Rachel said, “I just really want you to know you mean so much to me. I want nothing but the best for you. I was looking for clarity during the fantasy suite night to see if we could there.”

Zach went on to explain, “During the fantasy suite, it felt like we were two strangers as soon as it started. Everything was just off.” Rachel agreed with Zach saying, “It was awkward for the both of us, and it’s ok.” Zach said, “I don’t have any regrets about the time I spent with you. It was great getting to know you.” Rachel said, “I really do appreciate this conversation, honestly.”

Next, we got more Bachelorette footage. Rachel talked about her two final guys with her friends and family.

Then, Rachel brought Aven to meet her family. Aven told them, “Rachel is very special to me, and it’s an honor to meet you all.” Aven talked with Rachel’s dad big Tony. Aven told him, “This isn’t a joke to me. I want to make sure this is right for the both of us. We share a lot of the same values and same sense of humor. I told Rachel I’m falling in love with her, and I just want to express to you how strongly I feel for Rachel.”

Rachel talked with her mother Marry Anne. She told her she thinks Aven is ready to get married and other great things. Mary Anne really liked everything she heard from Rachel.

Aven talked with Rachel’s friends Sam and Nate. Aven told them, “I told Rachel I’m falling in love with her. I want the engagement to be perfect.” Things started to go downhill when Aven mentioned, “I’m not at the engagement point yet, but I think I can get there.” Nate said Rachel is ready to be engaged now, and he told the private cams, “Aven not being ready for an engagement ,right now, I think is a deal breaker.”

Meanwhile, Tony told Rachel, “I like Aven because he seems to make you very happy.” Rachel talked with Sam and Nate, and they, of course, told her about Aven being unsure about an engagement right now. Rachel said, “I’m shocked because that’s not what he told me. I’m looking to come out of this engaged. I’m glad you guys told me.” Sam and Rachel said, “We thought you knew because Aven told us that he talked with you about it.” Rachel was definitely upset about what she just heard about Aven.

Rachel talked with Aven about what she heard, and he told her, “I do see a life with you. I just want to make sure it’s right for the both of us ,right now, at this moment in time.” Rachel said, “That’s not what you told me before.” Then, they started arguing about it.

Rachel said, “It’s hard for me to hear that you’re not ready to get engaged right now.” Aven kept saying, “I want to make sure it’s right for the both of us, and I know there’s somebody else involved.” Rachel said, “This is about us. Not anyone else.”

Aven said, “I am ready for an engagement. I’m just trying to make sure the timing is right. I’m really sorry. I don’t want to make you upset. I really want you to know that I do want to be with you,” and they kissed goodbye. Rachel told the private cams, “I feel really confused and blindsided right now.”

Back Live in studio, Rachel said, “The situation with Aven was really tough for me. However, I was really hoping we could get passed this and still move forward.”

Next, they showed more Bachelorette footage featuring Gabby’s situation with her final guy Erich. Gabby talked with her family about Erich. Then, she brought him in to meet them.

Gabby talked with her grandpa John. He told her, “I like Erich. He’s a keeper.” Gabby said, “I just hope Erich really meant he wants to be engaged.” Grandpa John said, “I think he did,” and he gave her some advice.

Erich talked with Gabby’s dad Patrick and girlfriend. They asked him, “How do you know Gabby is the right one for you?” Eric said,”I’m obsessed with her, and I can’t imagine my life without her at this point.”

Gabby also talked with her father and his girlfriend. Gabby told them, “Erich just loves me in a way I haven’t been loved before, and that something I really need.” Gabby told the private cams, “I love Erich more than I thought I could ever love someone.” At the end, Gabby and Eric kissed goodbye.

Next, we got more Rachel footage. This time, she talked with her family about Tino, and she had wonderful things to say about him. However, she did tell them she was still upset about the blindside from Aven.

Rachel also mentioned to her family that there was some concern about Tino’s family not liking here. Rachel’s mother Marry Anne tried to ask Rachel more probing questions about that saying,”Is that just how you perceived it? What happened, exactly?” Rachel didn’t go into details about it and just said Tino is a grown man and can make his own decisions.

Tino greeted Rachel with flowers and a kiss. Then, Rachel brought Tino to meet her family. Tino talked with Marry Anne and told her, “I’m confident my family will love Rachel because I do.”

Meanwhile, Rachel talked with Tony about how much fun she and Tino have together. Tino talked with Tony, and Tony did ask Tino about what happened with his parents and Rachel during the hometown dates. Tino said, “Yeah, I was a little surprised by all of that, but I’m confident that if my family gets to spend a full day with Rachel, they will fall in love with her just like I did.

Rachel means the world to me. I’m going to make your daughter happy forever.” Tony said, “Well, I do like you. It was nice to meet you.” Rachel told the private cams, “Tino got a stamp of approval from everyone.”

After all of that, we got more Rachel and Aven drama. They , of course, had a very serious talk about what happened earlier. Aven again told Rachel, “I need more time with you before an engagement. I want you to visit me, and I want to visit you. I really do want to be with you. I’m just not ready for an engagement right now.”

Rachel said, “I feel so blindsided by you. I thought we were on the same page. I want someone who’s ready to be engaged ,right now, and is sure about me. I feel like you can’t give me what I need right now. I can’t move forward. It’s over.”

Aven said, “This breaks my heart because I do really see a future with you. I just want you to be happy in all of this. Can I get a hug?” Then, they hugged goodbye. Rachel told Aven, “I’m sorry.” Aven said, “You don’t have to be sorry.” Aven told the private cams, “I don’t know where I’m going from here because I saw a life with Rachel. I’m upset that I wasn’t there. I know we would’ve eventually gotten there.”

Rachel told the private cams, “It’s just really sad because it’s hard to know it’s over.” Back in the studio, Rachel said, “It was hard to watch that back. I really did see Aven and I at the end. So, it was hard to say goodbye.”

Next, Aven returned to talk with Rachel in the studio. Aven told Rachel, “I’m sorry. I just really thought if we had a chance to continue on, we could’ve gotten to an engagement, but unfortunately, we couldn’t agree on that.

When I met your family, I just wanted to be as honest with them as I could. I should’ve been that honest with you first. I could’ve done a better job of understanding exactly what you wanted. So, I do regret that.” Rachel said, “We just weren’t on the same page, and you don’t have to be sorry about that. I’m really happy to see you again, and I wish you nothing but the best.”

Finally, they showed us what Gabby’s final 1 on 1 date with Erich looked like. Erich told Gabby, “I do love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” and they kissed. Gabby told the private cams, “I do want a proposal from Erich.”

At this point, things took a downturn for them too because Eric told Gabby, “I really want us to work. I want to date you in the real world. Getting an engagement before that happens. Is that the way things usually go? After that, Gabby broke down and told the private cams, “This is actually crazy. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m so sick of this. He’s not ready. He just told me. What am I supposed to do? Walk away because he’s not ready to propose?”

And that’s where this long, 2-hour and 16 minute episode left off. We’re going to get the conclusion of it in next week’s finale episode 12 on Tuesday night, September 20, 2022. Just to recap, Aven was eliminated on Rachel’s side of things. Now, Tino is the only one left for her. So, we’ll see how that plays out.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “The Bachelorette” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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