New SWAT Season 6 Spoilers For January 20, 2023 Episode 11 Revealed

New SWAT Season 6 Spoilers For January 20, 2023 Episode 11 Revealed

Hey, “S.W.A.T.” fans. We hope that tonight’s episode 10 totally rocked your world. Now that episode 10 has completed its course, it’s time for us to tell you what will be going down in the next, new episode 11 of SWAT’s current season 6, which is due to hit your TV sets next Friday night, January 20, 2023.

We were able to collect a couple of new, official teaser scoops for this new episode 11 straight from CBS’ official episode 11 press release. So, we’re going to definitely drop those spoiler scoops on you right now. Let’s go.

First thing’s first. There is an official title for this new episode 11 of SWAT’s current season 6. The writers decided to name it, Atonement.” It sounds like episode 11 will feature some very scandalous, intense, dramatic, action-filled, suspenseful, interesting and emotional scenes as a car bombing takes place! Some Deacon backstory gets revealed. A new family revelation gets exposed and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the car bombing situation. Yep, it turns out that a wild car bombing will go down at some point in this episode, prompting The SWAT team to jump on the case. When they do, they will end up participating in a joint task force with the FBI to try and track down the car-bombling culprits before they can pull off another attack.

CBS’ official description for this car bombing plotline tells us, “The SWAT team participates in a joint task force with the FBI when a car bombing has ties to a terrorist group planning an attack in Los Angeles. An alternate description reads like this, “THE SWAT TEAM JOINS FORCES WITH THE FBI TO STOP A TERRORIST ATTACK.”

The second spoiler scoop reveals that Deacon will get some new, interesting-sounding screentime in this episode. Apparently, we’re going to learn some new details about the origins of Deacon’s faith, and it will be pretty tragic.

CBS’ description for this Deacon storyline reads like this, “A tragedy from Deacon’s past gives insight into the origins of his faith.”

The 3rd and last teaser description for this new episode 11 lets us know that some very intense-sounding drama will take place between Luca and his brother Terry at some point. Apparently, a new family revelation will get them all riled up.

CBS’ description for this family revelation argument reads like this, “Luca and his brother, Terry (Ryan Hurst), battle over a new family revelation.”

Episode 11 will feature quite a few guest stars. They are: Dennis Volochkov as character (Dmitri), Niko Pepaj as character (Alfaro), Sasha Golberg as character (Lev), Erik Passoja as character (Father Dorner), Jacqueline Hahn as character (Sister Irene), Emma Malouff as character (Oksana), Kelly Overton as character (Durant), Conroe Brooks as character (Pete), Michael Petrone as character (FBI Bomb Tech), Anne Beyer as character (Boyka) and Yorgo Constantine as character (Pavlor).

Episode 11 will feature a couple of recurring stars. They are: Lou Ferrigno Jr. as character (Rocker), Jessica Camacho as character (Vasquez), Ryan Hurst as character (Terry) and Otis “Odie” Gallop as character (Stevens).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 11 are: Shemar Moore as character (Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson), Alex Russell as character (Jim Street), Jay Harrington as character (David “Deacon” Kay), Kenny Johnson as character (Dominique Luca), David Lim as character (Victor Tan), Patrick St. Esprit as character (Commander Robert Hicks) and Rochelle as character Aytes (Nichelle).

Episode 11 was written by Kent Rotherham & Cshediiz Coleman, and it was directed by Gonzalo Amat. CBS’ press release confirmed that the next, new episode 11 of SWAT’s current season 6 is indeed scheduled to arrive next Friday night, January 20, 2023 at approximately 7 pm central standard time. It will also be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

Alright, guys. That’s all the teaser scoops we could collect for this latest, “S.W.A.T.” TV show, spoiler report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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