The Bachelor March 13, 2023 Eliminated Charity Lawson (Recap)

The Bachelor March 13, 2023 Eliminated Charity Lawson (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, March 13, 2023, another new episode of The Bachelor 2023 edition with headliner Zach Shallcross did indeed hit the air, and we saw another unlucky lady find out that she was not the one for Zach at the end of it all.

Tonight’s new episode featured the hometown dates, and it kicked off with Zach visiting Gabi in her hometown of Vermont. She told him something about her family being one of the biggest maple syrup distributors or something. So, she took him to try out different maple syrups. She also wanted to test his tasting skills with a maple syrup tasting test.

Zach failed that test with flying colors by actually selecting pancake syrup, which didn’t contain an ounce of maple in it. It was just corn syrup and sugar. But, that was ok because Gabi and Zach ending up kissing a whole lot after that taste test session.

Zach told the private cams, “I think love could be right around the corner with Gabi.” Later on, Gabi finally took Zach to meet her family. Zach talked with Gabi’s brother Evan at one point. He told Evan,”Gabi is someone I could see a future with.” Evan said, “Gabi is putting herself out there, and that’s not very normal for her. So, she obviously likes you a lot.” Gabi told her sister Chloe, “I think I’m falling in love with Zack.” Chloe said, “Zach seems really sweet. I hope it ends the way you want it to.”

Zack talked with Gabi’s mother. He told her, “I do see something with Gabi.” He also asked her for advice about Gabi. He mother told the private cams, “I’m excited to see what happens with Gabi and Zach. He seems sweet.” Gabi also talked with her father at some point, and they got pretty emotional.

Afterwards, Gabi told Zach, “It’s gonna suck that I won’t see you for week. I definitely see a future with you.” Zach said, “I know it will be really hard, but we’re gonna get through this,” and they kissed.

Next, Zach went to visit Ariel in New York City. They greeted each other with a hug and kiss. She showed him around the city. She took him to get some pizza at one point. Zach told the private cams, “Me and Ariel are always laughing. We always have a great time together. It’s interesting learning about her culture because we are so different.”

Ariel took Zach to another restaurant to try some other food. They went to her favorite coffee shop that had a speakeasy in the back. They talked about her family . She told him she’s excited for him to meet them. However, she did tell Zach that he needs to worry about her older brother because is pretty harsh even with her.

Zach eventually met Ariel’s family. They gave him a warm greeting. Zach talked with her brother Bobby, and he was definitely as harsh as Ariel described. Bobby told, Zach right off the bat, “I’m very skeptical. Why should Ariel choose you?” Zach said, “I have a big heart, and whoever I end up with will have my entire heart. I’m really confidant with what I have with Arel. I see a future with her.” Bobby asked Zach, “Do even know when Ariel’s birthday is or her middle name?” Zach told Bobby,”We can find out the smaller details later. Right now, I’m just focusing on the bigger picture.”

Zach talk with Ariel’s father. He told him, Ariel makes me feel my most comfortable self. I can definitely see a future with her.” Ariel talked with her brother and sister and told them, “I definitely think Zach could be my person forever. Her brother said,”I don’t know. This is a lot.” Ariel’s father said, “Zach seems nice, but he has four other women. So, how am I expected to be 100 percent about him.”

Ariel talked with her Father. He told her, “I’m happy that you’re happy. I trust your judgement. I will support your judgement.” Afterwards, Ariel told Zach, “I’m definitely falling for you.” Zach said, “You are really special. I can’t wait to see what’s to come, and they kissed.” Ariel told the private cams, “I’m very confident in Zach and me.”

Next, Zach visited Charity in Columbus, Georgia. They greeted each other with a hug and kiss. She took him to meet her family right away. They were having an outdoor meal. Charity talked with her father David. She told him, “Me and Zach haven’t told each other we’re in love yet, but it could be something real and serious.”

Charity talked with her friends told them that she’s ready to take the risk of not getting picked. Zach talked with Charity’s brother Nehemiah. Zach told him, “Charity is incredible and special. I don’t have any doubt she’s looking for what I’m looking for.” Nehemiah told the private cams, “Zach seems like a stand up guy.”

Charity talked with Nehemiah. He asked her, “Are you prepared to go through heartbreak again because I don’t like seeing you heartbroken. You deserve the best. I just want the best for you.” She said, “I know,” and they hugged. Charity told the private cams, “Right now, I am second-guessing myself because I don’t wanna get heartbroken again.”

Charity talked with her mother Vickie. She told her, “I’m in the process of falling in love with Zach.” Vickie said, “I always want the best for you and someone who loves you and sees you for you.”

Afterwards, Charity took Zach to go dancing, and they kissed on the dance floor. She also told Zach, “I’m falling in love with you.” Zach said, “That feels so good to hear.” Zach told the private cams, “That make my heart flutter.” Charity told the private cams, “I can 1000 percent see myself engaged to Zach.”

Lastly, Zach went to see Kaity in Austin,Texas. They greeted each other with hugs and kisses. She took him grocery shopping. Zach told the private cams, “It’s so effortless to be with Kaity.” Kaity took Zach to her house. He helped her build a book shelf and do a bunch of other chores.

Kaity told the private cams, “I would go anywhere for Zach. I can see it.” Kaity talked with Zach about her family and how she values her mother’s opinion a lot. Kaity told the private cams, “There’s no question that I’m falling in love with Zach.”

Zach eventually met Kaity’s family. They gave him a warm greeting. Zach and Kaity told her family about how they had an immediate connection. Kaity told her mother, “Zach is not the type I usually go for, but he’s great, and I do see a future with him.”

Zach talked with Kaity’s mom. She asked him, “Where are you at with Kaity?” Zach said, “I can 100 percent see a future with Kaity.” Kaity told her aunt, “I see Zach being my future husband, but I haven’t told him I love him yet. It’s very scary.” Kaity’s Mother told Kaity, “Zach ticks all the boxes for you, and I would 100 percent support this move for you.”

Afterwards, Kaity told Zach, “I’m falling in love with you,” and they kissed. Kaity told the private cams, “I would take the risk ,any day, if I could be with Zach at the end of this.”

Zach talked with former Bachelor headliner Sean Lowe. Zach told Sean about all of his hometown dates. Sean told him all about how he just kept thinking about how a great a time he had with Catherine during his season and how that helped him decide that he wanted to be with her forever.

Finally, at the rose ceremony, Zach gave roses to: Ariel, Kaity and Gabi. That meant poor Charity did not get a rose and realized her journey was over. Zach walked her out. He told her, “This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I hope I’m making the right decision.”

Charity said, “Don’t say that. I knew I was taking a risk.” Zach said, “I know you don’t want to hear this from me, but you deserve all the love in the world, and I just couldn’t give it to you.” They hugged goodbye. Charity told the private cams, “I don’t have any words, because it just doesn’t make any sense, but that’s how it goes sometimes. ‘I can’t give you the love you deserve.’ I don’t know what that means,” and she teared up saying, “This just means I’m one more step closer to being with who I’m supposed to be with.” And that was it for tonight’s show, guys.

That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “The Bachlor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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