Survivor March 22, 2023 Voted Off Sarah Wade (Recap)

Survivor March 22, 2023 Voted Off Sarah Wade (Recap)

Hey,”Survivor” fans. Tonight, March 22, 2023, another new episode of Survivor’s current season 44 did show up, and we saw another unlucky contestant get voted off the island at the end.

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Tonight’s new episode kicked off with Soka tribe’s Josh telling the private cams, “I feel great about Claire getting voted off at the last tribal council meeting. I’m close with Danny and Heidi, and I’m feeling great.” Over at the Tika tribe, Carolyn told the private cams that she planted a fake idol. Sarah eventually found Carolyn’s fake idol. Not knowing it was fake, Sarah was quite ecstatic.

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with a new Reward challenge. During it, they had to climb up on a platform. Then, shoot sandbags at a target until they hit 5 targets. The Soka tribe did it first to claim first place. The Ratu tribe came in second. So, the Tika tribe were the losers of this one.

The prize for this challenge was large tarps for first place Soka tribe, and smaller tarps for second place Ratu tribe. Additionally, three tribe members had to take another boat ride trip. Since Soka won, they got to pick who went. They chose Josh from their tribe, Carson from the Tika tribe and Jamie from the Ratu tribe.

When they took their trip, they were eventually led down separate paths, which led each of them to a hidden immunity idol. However, it came with a twist. They were told they would not be returning to their tribes. They were getting switched to a different tribe. Also, their hidden immunity idols did have an expiration date on them. They’re only good until the merge.

Next, we saw Josh get switched to the Tika tribe. While there, he lied to them about being a surgeon and told them he’s a personal trainer instead. However, some previous conversations they had with Josh led them to believe he was definitely lying to them. So, Yam Yam told the private cams, “I can’t stand lying. So, I have no problems voting Josh off.”

Carson got switched to the Ratu tribe. Matthew M told Carson that Jamie has a hidden immunity idol, which is really the fake idol. Matthew M told the private cams he did that it in order to build trust with Carson.

Jamie got switched to the Soka tribe: Frannie told the private cams, “Jamie is an easy person for us to vote off since we didn’t trust the person she swapped places with.” However, they were worried that Jamie might have an immunity idol. So, they started going through her things to see if she had one, but they didn’t find anything. Matt B told the private cams, “Jamie pretty much has no shot of staying with us.”

After all that, host Jeff Probst popped back up with the new immunity challenge. During it, the tribes had to jump off a platform while grabbing a key at the same time before landing into the water. Then, they had to go across a balance beam in the water to get another platform.

From there, they had to use their keys to unlock puzzle pieces and solve a puzzle for the win. Soku got first place for immunity. Ratu came in second place for immunity. So, Tika lost again and had to figure out who to send home. They also got their flint taken away from them.

At Tika, Yam Yam told the private cams, “We need to vote out Josh because he’s not really apart of our tribe.” Yam Yam and Sarah lied to Josh by telling him they plan to vote off Carolyn. Sarah told the private cams, “I want to see Josh go home.”

Josh told the private cams, “I can’t trust Yam Yam and Sarah.” So, he went to talk with Carolyn and told her he has an immunity idol and wants to play it on her. He also told her that Yam Yam and Sara are trying to vote her out, and they need to get Sarah out. Carolyn told the private cams she was down with going against Yam Yam and Sarah because they haven’t been doing a great job of making her feel comfortable.

At the Tika tribal council meeting, they did a lot of game talk about who they can and can’t trust before casting their votes. Before the votes were read, Josh decided to play his immunity idol on himself. So, any votes against him didn’t count.

Josh ended up getting 2 votes that didn’t count, and Sarah got 2 votes that did very much count. So, she got voted off. She left with grace and a smile on her face knowing she had been burned. She told the private cams, “I did’t think Josh was going to vote for me, and it was dumb. I should’ve used my idol. I got played.”

Side note: even if Sarah had played that idol, it was the fake one that Carolyn had planted earlier. So, she would’ve left either way. How do you guys feel about Sarah Wade getting voted off Survivor season 44 in tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest,”Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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