Survivor May 10, 2023 Voted Off Danny Massa (Recap)

Survivor May 10, 2023 Voted Off Danny Massa (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, May 10, 2023, another new episode of Survivor season 44 did hit the air, and another unlucky contestant got voted off the island at the end in an exciting tribal council vote. Tonight’s episode kicked off with Yam Yam revealing to the private cams that Carolyn is super upset that she was on the wrong side of the vote at the last tribal council meeting, which sent her good friend Frannie Marin packing for the jury.

Carolyn really didn’t want Frannie to go. So, she was seen expressing how super ticked off she was. Yam Yam told private cams, that the fallout with Carolyn is going to be bad. Carolyn kept yelling at Carson and Yam Yam, “This is all bullsh#%t. I didn’t expect this from you two.” Carolyn told the private cams, “I just can’t be ok with this. I just need some time.”

Danny told the private cams, “I wanna know who voted for me to go” because he had gotten a vote cast against him at the last tribal council meeting. Heidi told the private cams that she was actually the one who voted for Danny to go.

Carolyn told the private cams, “I do trust Carson and Yam Yam” after talking with them for a while. Carson told the private cams, “We got Carolyn back on track, and we’re going strong.” Yam Yam eventually told Danny that Heidi voted to get rid of him at the last tribal council meeting. Danny told the private cams, “It doesn’t make since that Heidi would’ve voted me out. I’m her number one.”

Heidi lied and told Danny that she didn’t vote for him to go. Danny told the private cams, “I believe Heidi didn’t vote for me and that Yam Yam and Carson are just trying to split us up. So, I have my eyes set on targeting Tika (aka Yam Yam, Carson and Carolyn).”

Danny and Lauren talked and agreed that Tika needs to be split up. Jaime joined them in that agreement. Jaime told the private cams, “Yam Yam, Carson and Carolyn need to be broken up. That’s the number one goal.”

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge. In this one, the contestants had to get underwater and position themselves underneath a braided steel barrier. They held onto it, and they had to outlast a rising tide of water that eventually affected their breathing as it rose above their faces.

The last one who could stay there without literally drowning to death, won. It came down to Heidi and Yam Yam, and Yam Yam edged out Heidi for the win. So, he was immune from the tribal council vote-off drama in this episode. He guaranteed himself a spot in the final 6.

Danny told the private cams, “Carson has got to go. I don’t want to be in the end with Carson. Danny, Heidi and Lauren agreed to get rid of Carson in this moment. Danny fed Carolyn and Carson a BS story that the plan is to vote off Lauren. Carolyn told the private cams, “Something’s not right” because she suspected that Danny is trying to take out Carson. Carolyn told the private cams,”I still need Carson around. So, I wanna take out Danny.”

Carolyn told Carson, “I’m starting to get vibes that the target might be you.” So, Carson made a pitch to Jaime and Lauren to vote out Heidi or Danny. Jaime told the private cams, that she and Lauren were looking to get rid of Carson or Danny.

Carolyn told Carson she has an immunity idol, but she’s afraid to play it on him out of fear that she might get voted off if some of the votes landed on her instead, but she was definitely contemplating using her idol on Carson heading into the tribal council meeting.

At the tribal council meeting, they just did some general game talk. Carson mentioned that he was very nervous about the votes possibly ending his journey on the show, but that he’s very grateful for the experience. After all of that, everyone casts their votes. Just before the votes were read, Carolyn decided to go ahead and play her immunity idol on Carson. So, any votes against Carson did not count.

Carson ended up getting 2 votes that didn’t count, Heidi received 2 votes and Danny got 3 votes. So, with the 3 votes, Danny was indeed voted off the island. It appears that Danny would’ve gotten voted off even if Carolyn had never played her idol on Carson, but it was still a better safe than sorry move.

Danny made a positive exit, telling everyone, “You guys are awesome. Great move. Poetic justice” on the way out. Danny told the private cams, “I got voted out by a great move. That’s how I wanted to do it. I have no regrets.” How do you guys feel about Danny Massa getting voted off Survivor season 44 in tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That is going to be a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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