MasterChef July 12, 2023 Eliminated Richie Jones-Muhammad (Recap)

MasterChef July 12, 2023 Eliminated Richie Jones-Muhammad (Recap)

Hey, “MasterChef” fans. Tonight, July 12, 2023, another new episode for MasterChef’s current season 13 did indeed hit the air, and another unlucky contestant got sent packing at the end of it.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with the contestants learning they were doing a Mystery Box challenge. The mystery ingredient was apples. The winner of the last challenge Kyle got to pick what type of dish each region had to make with the apples.

Kyle chose to make the Midwest and West regions cook a savory dish. He chose to make the Northwest and West regions cook a sweet dish because they were harder to make. He thought the Northwest and West regions were stronger chefs, and his own team was the Midwest. So, he gave them the easier, savory dish.

The contestants were given 60 minutes to complete this challenge. During the competition, Lizzie mention that she was cooking a scallop dish. Nina told Gordon she’s making a apple crumble dish. He told her, “Good luck.”

Wayne told Joe and Aaron that he’s making a scallop dish. Aaron told him that the technique with this dish is not much different from the risotto dish that he screwed up during the last challenge. They wished him, “Good luck.”

Richie told Gordon that he’s making a honey spice cupcake dish. Gordon said, “That’s a hard dish. Good luck.” Kennedy told Aaron and Joe that she’s making an apple butter gravy dish. Aaron said, “That’s a beautiful dish. Good luck.”

Reagan told Gordon that she’s making a flambe apples over shortcake dish. Kendal told Gordon that he’s making a Churro and apple duck dish.

At this point, the judges thought Richie might be in trouble. “He seems back up,” they said. They also thought Kendal was in trouble too. Shortly after that, Richie was seen saying, “Something’s not right with my cupcakes. They’re not rising.”

Charles told Joe and Aaron that he’s making a red snapper with apples and white wine dish. Joe gave him some advice, and they wished him good luck.

Jennifer told Gordon she was making a spicy apple cake dish. Gordon said,”Good luck.” Lizzie told Aaron and Joe she’s making a scallops with apple dish. Joe said, “That’s very impressive if it all works.”

At this point, the judges said Charles’ dish will not work. So, they were concerned about him. Richie said, “My cupcakes didn’t rise, and I don’t have time to fix them now. I just gotta get something on the plate.” Kendal said he didn’t like the way his dish turned out after the time was up.

The judges took a look at all the dishes, and they realized that Kendal accidentally added salt instead of sugar to his Churros, which was a major mistake.

Next, the judges revealed that Nina, Jennifer, Wayne and Kennedy had the 4, top dishes. Nina presented a Apple Crumble with Oat & Pecan Topping and Maple Whipped Cream dish. Joe said,”This dish had lots of technique and great flavor.” Aaron said, “This dish was cooked well.” Gordon said, “It’s perfectly done. I just want to eat more of it. Well done.”

Jennifer presented an Apple Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Caramel Drizzle dish. Aaron said, “It looks nice.” Gordon said, “The cake is delicious, light and fluffy. There was apple in abundance.” Aaron said, “Great dessert.” Joe said, “This is about as good as it can get.”

Wayne presented a Harissa Spiced Scallops with Apple & Fennel Puree and Spiced Apple Cous Cous dish. Joe said, “It looks properly cooked.” Gordon said,”Great performance. This is spot on.” Joe said, “Excellent job.” Aaron said, “This was on point.”

Kennedy presented a Pork Tenderloin with Parsnip Puree, Apple Butter Gravy and Pickled Green Apple Salad dish. Gordon said, “It’s delicious. Spot on.” Aaron said, “You cooked it perfectly.” Aaron said, “This is a very well thought out and balanced dish.”

After all of that, the judges decided that Jennifer had the best dish. So, she won this challenge for immunity from the next challenge. She also saved her entire South region from elimination in this challenge. So, Kendal was safe. Gordon told Kendal he definitely would have gotten eliminated in this challenge for serving up salty Churros.

Next, the judges revealed that Richie, Charles and Lizzie had the worst dishes for this challenge. Richie presented a Spiced Homecakes with Apple Compote and Tarragon Whipped Cream dish. Gordon said, “It doesn’t seem like it’s on point. It missed the mark.” Aaron said, “The cream was the only saving grace, and it had nothing to do with apples.” Joe said, “It’s a fossil. No good.”

Charles presented a Pan Seared Red Snapper with Apple & Potato Scales and White Wine Applesauce dish. Aaron said, “It looks all kind of wrong.” Joe said, “These are basic mistakes that cannot be made in MasterChef.” Gordon said, “The fish is cooked beautifully, but you just didn’t execute this dish properly.” Joe said, “There were major errors in your technique, but the fish was good.”

Lizzie presented a Pan Seared Scallops with Apple & Celery Root Puree, Apple Salad and Apple Chutney dish. Gordon said, “Visually, it doesn’t look right. The apple puree looks good, but this dish is way off.” Aaron said, “The bacon and puree is pleasant.” Joe said, “This dish lacked thought.”

After all of that, the judges decided that Richie had the worst dish. Gordon told Richie, “Tonight, was a bit of a mess. You missed the mark. Your dish was no where near MasterChef standards.”

Richie told the private cams, “I know I messed up, but I’m super proud of the things I’ve done. This is just motivation for me. I will study up and become a better chef.”

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “MasterChef” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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