Survivor September 27, 2023 Voted Off Hannah Rose Who Begged To Quit (Recap)

Survivor September 27, 2023 Voted Off Hannah Rose Who Begged To Quit (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, September 27, 2023, the premier episode 1 of Survivor’s current season 45 did indeed hit the air, and we saw the first contestant get voted off at the very end, but this was an unusual vote-off.

Tonight’s premiere episode kicked off with the usual introductions of the new contestants. It was revealed that Bruce Perreault from last season 44 was brought back since he got injured and left early. The tribe names were announced. They are: Reba, Lulu and Belo.

The first reward challenge kicked off right after the intros. During it, they had to empty a large crate of heavy sandbags and ropes. Then, they had to retrieve a key from the large crate. Next, they had to swim out to a boat and paddle it back, clip it to the large boat and climb onto it via a little rope/step latter.

Once they got onto the boat, they had to use a stick to get their bag of flint off a platform and untie it for the win. Brandon had a panic attack during the latter climb to get back on the big boat. They had to bring in the medical team for him.

The Reba tribe won the first challenge to claim their reward, which was a pot, machete and flint. The other two losing tribes had to do the Sweat and Savvy challenges to try and win their supplies.

This time, the rules changed for the Savvy and Sweat competitions. Two people from both tribes were still doing them, but they had to complete both of them instead of just one, and they had to do it in a certain amount of time or they got nothing. Also, only one tribe could win as they were competing to complete the comps before the other tribe did. Kaleb & Sabiyah did the challenges for the Lulu tribe. Jake & Brandon did them for the Belo tribe.

In the Sweat challenge, they had to move heavy logs across the beach. In the Savvy challenge, they had to complete a puzzle in 40 minutes. Both of the tribes failed to complete the puzzle challenge in time. So, none of them won the supplies.

Katurah, Kendra and Kellie formed a final 3 alliance. Over at the Lulu tribe, Emily started getting a lot of private cam complaints about being so pessimistic about everything. Emily told the private cams that she knows she’s a hard person to get along with, and she could be a target for it.

At the Reba tribe, Dee told the private cams that she can’t trust Nicholas aka Sifu because she caught him spying on her having a conversation with a couple of the other women. Reba tribe’s Austin found a Beware advantage. He had to complete some tasks to get a hidden idol. Until he completed those tasks, he couldn’t vote at a tribal council meeting that he was a part of.

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge. During it, they had to make it through a slide and mud obstacle course. Then, they had to shoot coconuts into a basket until the basket was heavy enough to cause a box to fall and break, which contained a set of keys. Next, they had to climb up a wall. Then, use the keys to unlock puzzle pieces and complete the puzzle for the completion.

The Belo tribe finished first, and the Reba tribe finished second for immunity. So, the losing Lulu tribe had to head to tribal council and decide who to vote off.

Hannah told the private cams she actually wanted to quit because she’s exhausted. She also told Brandon, but Brandon told her, “You can’t go. I need you here.” Brandon told the private cams and other people that he’s been in physical pain for hours. It was something to do with his chest and anxiety. Everyone originally wanted to vote Emily off, but they started questioning if Brandon can be healthy enough to stick around. Brandon also said he wanted to play his shot in the dark because he feels like a liability.

Emily campaigned to get Caleb out. Brandon ratted out Emily’s plan to Caleb. Before heading to tribal council, Brandon and Emily were up for heavy consideration of getting voted off.

At the tribal council meeting, Emily called out Sabiyah and Caleb as being an alliance. However, Hannah bailed everyone out by saying, “I really want to quit. I’m not bringing my heart to this. I’m not mentally here.” So, everyone agreed to just vote her out. Hannah told everyone, “I love you guys” on the way out.

Hannah told the private cams, “I fear that the world is going to hate me for quitting. I was completely at zero. I had nothing left in the tank. I have major respect for all previous players that have played Survivor.” How do you guys feel about Hannah Rose quitting survivor season 45 in tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest,”Survivor” TV show, recap report, but defintely stay tuned for more.

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