Survivor October 4, 2023 Voted Off Brandon Donlon (Recap)

Survivor October 4, 2023 Voted Off Brandon Donlon (Recap)

Hey,”Survivor” fans. Tonight, October 4, 2023, another new episode of Survivor ‘s current season 45 did indeed hit the air and another unlucky contestant got voted off at the end of it.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with the Lulu tribe members talking about how Hannah quit at the last tribal council. They had no idea how hard it was for her out there. Sabiyah told the private cams, “We’re stuck with Emily since Hannah quit. There’s no way I can work with her. She doesn’t mesh well with the group.”

Austin used his beware advantage to get another clue to getting the hidden immunity idol. At the Lulu tribe, Emily went searching for an immunity idol because she knew she was in trouble. Brandon told the private cams, “Emily is public enemy number one. I just want to find the idol so Emily doesn’t find it. The entire tribe went looking for it so they could find it before Emily.

Brandon found the beware advantage, but he didn’t want to open it out of fear of losing his tribal council vote. So, he gave it to Sabiyah who relished the chance to open it. She knew where the next clue was, but needed help getting to it. So, she told Sean and Kaleb about it, and they still couldn’t get to it. They made plans to continue searching for it later on.

Julie and Drew started getting close. She told Drew she wants to work with him. He was happy to hear it. Drew told the private cams that Julie can join a group he’s formed with Austin and Dee.

Kaleb told the private cams he wanted to try and help Emily become a better Survivor player. So, he went to talk with her. Emily told Kaleb, “I want to work with you.” After their conversation, Emily started making efforts to make amends with her other tribe members, and it seemed to go over well. She even started to tear up from getting very emotional.

Next, The boat twist came to get one person from each tribe: Brandon from Lulu, Bruce from Belo and Drew from the Reba tribe took the boat ride. They talked for a bit once they made their arrival, and then had to go their separate ways where they were able to play for an advantage.

If they decided to play for the advantage and failed to win it, they lost their vote at the next tribal council meeting. Bruce decided not to risk his vote. So, he didn’t play for the advantage. Brandon decided to play for it, and Drew decided to play for it. The challenge was a timed puzzle challenge. Drew won it, and Brandon lost it. So, Brandon lost his vote at the next tribal council meeting.

Drew’s advantage was safety without power. If he used it, he could not be voted off, and it was good until only 10 people are left in the game. Brandon told his Lulu tribe members that he lost his vote trying to do the challenge.

Drew told his Reba tribe members that he did win the advantage. He also told them all the details of his advantage. Austin told the private cams he thought it was cool that Drew came clean about winning his advantage. So, Austin told Drew about his beware advantage, and they really seem to bond over it. Drew told the private cams, “Austin is my ride or die in this game.”

At the Belo tribe, The girls Kendra and Kellie tried to bring Brando into their alliance, and he played along with it. He was also seen agreeing to work with Bruce.

At this point, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge, which also doubled as a reward challenge. During it, the tribe members had to dive in water and swim to a tall tower. Then, climb to the top of the tall tower and get a key. Next, they had to make it across a balance beam in the water and swim to a platform with puzzle pieces on it. They did this until they retrieved 3 keys.

Next, they used those keys to unlock the puzzle pieces and solve a puzzle for the completion. Reba finished in first place for the reward and immunity. Belo finished in second place for a smaller reward and immunity. That means the Lulu tribe lost again and had to figure out who to send home at the next tribal council meeting. The reward for this challenge was a set of fishing gear for the first place tribe, and a smaller set of fishing gear for the second place tribe.

At the Lulu tribe, It was made known ,up front, that Brandon and Emily were the targets for this next tribal council meeting. Sabiyah, Sean and Kaleb went looking for the next idol clue again so Sabiyah could get her vote back. She lost it by opening the beware advantage. They did find the clue, but she had to melt a candle to get the immunity idol, and they had no flint. So, she was still stuck without a vote.

Emily started campaigning for her life in this game. She told Sabiyah, Sean and Kaleb she’s giving up her shot in the dark to them in an effort to build trust with them. Sabiyah still questioned working with Emily moving forward. Sean and Kaleb seemed to be onboard with giving Emily a chance. Sabiyah and Brandon had no vote in this tribal council meeting. So,it was really up to Sean and Kaleb as to who got voted off at this next tribal council meeting.

At the tribal council meeting, Brandon and Emily made their pitches and points as to why they should stick around. Then, Sean and Caleb cast their votes. Emily received no votes, and Brandon got 2 votes. So, with the 2 votes, Brandon Donlon did get voted off the island in this episode.

He was a great sport about it. He gave everyone a hug on the way out and said, “It was great to meet such wonderful people.” He told the private cams, “I might have lost Survivor, but I didn’t lose because I got to live my dream.” Alright, guys. That’s a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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