The Amazing Race April 10, 2024 Eliminated Kishori & Karishma (Recap)

The Amazing Race April 10, 2024 Eliminated Kishori & Karishma (Recap)

Hey, “The Amazing Race” fans. Tonight, April 10, 2024, another new episode of The Amazing Race’s current season 36 did indeed hit the air, and another team did get eliminated at the very end. Tonight’s new episode kicked off with the remaining teams starting a new leg over in Santiago, Chile, and they learned that they had to find Marilyn Monroe’s 1956 Ford Thunderbird to get their next clue.

It turned out that the car was located at the Argomedo Performance Garage. When the teams got there, their clue directed them to head to the Skatepark Parque Araucano to get their next clue

When the teams made it to the Skatepark Parque Araucano, they ran into a roadblock challenge. It required one of the team members to assemble a skateboard that matches an example to get their next clue.

Their next clue hit them with some detour challenges. They could choose to do either the “Perform For Pesos” detour or the “Climb for Clues” detour.

In the “Perform For Pesos” detour, the teams had to learn a routine while performing as a one-man street performer to collect 2,500 pesos to get their next clue. In the “Climb for Clues” detour, the teams had to rock climb a six-story wall and collect ribbons at the top to get their next clue.

After the teams successfully completed their detours, they were directed to go to Estacion Mapocho, which was the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Ricky & Cesar arrived at the pit stop in first place, and won a trip for two to Singapore from Expedia. Juan & Shane showed up in second place. Amber & Vinny took the 3rd spot. Angie & Danny claimed 4th place.

Rod and Leticia came in 5th place. Yvonne and Melissa took the 6th spot. Sunny and Bizzy came in 7th place. Derek and Shelisa just narrowly avoided elimination by taking the 8th spot. That means poor Kishori and Karishma showed up in last place and got eliminated.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest,”The Amazing Race” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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