‘Surrogates’ Movie Delivered Lots Of Unique Action & Drama

‘Surrogates’ Movie Delivered Lots Of Unique Action & Drama

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Touchstone Pictures released their new action,thriller movie, “Surrogates” this weekend, which starred Bruce Willis as the main character, Tom Greer. The movie was pretty interesting even though it was hard to fathom the idea of living life through a robot. I mean, that’s just plain weird. I guess that’s why it was so interesting.

In a brief synopsis, “Surrogates” mainly focused around Bruce Willis’ character, Tom Greer, in a world that is completely devoid of real life human interaction. Where everyone simply lives their lives through a robot that they control.

The upsell on the robots, is that people can safely live their lives without ever leaving their homes,and can never actually be harmed since whatever happens to their robots doesn’t physically effect them. The robots look great ,but the people who control them look very crappy,as they never leave home,and just sit in a chair all day.

The turning point of the movie,is when an event occurs where two “Surrogates” are killed,but then Tom Greer and his partner, Detective Peters come to discover that the actual controller is killed as well after they investigate. They also find out that whoever killed them is using a new weapon that can bypass the fail safe safety features and kill the controller as well.

Whoever is behind it,is looking to rid the world of “Surrogate” technology and the humans that control them for good. A very dramatic conclusion reveals that the world will have to do without “Surrogates” and actually live their lives, for real.

I thought the story was unique and interesting enough to hold my attention. It had an air of mystery throughout the film which is always good. The preface of the movie was so awkward to think about, that it,alone kept me fascinated. The movie had a lot of action and fight scenes as well. Overall,it was a very good action,drama type film.

Grade : B

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