Top Critics Gave Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ Movie Pretty Good Reviews

Top Critics Gave Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ Movie Pretty Good Reviews

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Top critics gave Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” movie pretty good reviews. Some of the world’s top movie critics have given Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” some pretty darn good reviews,with mostly As and Bs across the board. There were a few Cs,but even those sounded ok.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times gave it an “A” rating, saying it was “…An exhilarating visual experience.”

Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune gave it a “C+”. He said, “Even if you don’t personally respond to the style, you admire the dogged craftsman behind it.”

E! online’s Matt Stevens gave it a “B”. He stated, “The pic remains mostly faithful to the novel, while only occasionally devolving into spectacle.”

Kyle Smith over at the New York Post gave it a “C”. He said, “Unless the director was aiming for a Victorian ‘Black Christmas,’ though, he overshot his mark.”

A.O. Scott at the New York Times gave it a “B-” rating. He said, “…A branded piece of shiny seasonal entertainment.”

Amy Biancolli of the San Francisco Chronicle gave it a “B” score. She stated, “…One of the more accurate and authentically gothic ‘Christmas Carols’ in a hundred or so years of adaptations.”

The Boston Globe’s Ty Burr gave it another “B”. He said, “A stunning, fresh retelling of the Dickens classic.”

Kirk Honeycutt of the Hollywood Reporter gave it a “C”. He said it was an, “Exuberant movie technology overwhelms, then buries Dickens’ emotional tale.”

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3 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    I thought the movie wasn’t extremely boring and pretty scary for a Disney movie. The animations and 3D effects were very good but there was really not much else about the movie that I enjoyed.

  2. Jbug says:

    My wife and I saw it twice during the weekend premier. I’m a huge 3D fan and got hyped back in the summer for this movie when Disney’s train tour promotion for ACC rolled into Chicago. A very atmosheric setting, good voice work and a classic story by Dickens. I can’t wait till next year when the new era of digital 3D will be available for folks who appreciate it.

  3. Jbug says:

    Make that available for home consumption.

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