‘Get Him To The Greek’ Movie Delivered Lots Of Hysterical Laughs

‘Get Him To The Greek’ Movie Delivered Lots Of Hysterical Laughs

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‘Get Him To The Greek’ movie delivered lots of hysterical laughs. Universal Pictures released their new comedy movie “Get Him To The Greek” this weekend. I just got done checkin it out,and it was extremely funny. Jonah Hill, P Ditty,and Russell Brand all did a great job delivering the laughs in this flick. It stars: Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, Sean Combs,and Elisabeth Moss.

“Get Him To The Greek” revolved around characters Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) and Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). Aaron works for a record company that needs another huge act that can generate revenue, or Aaron and the rest of the crew just might loose their jobs. Aaron comes up with the idea of having rock legend Aldous Snow perform at L.A.’s Greek Theatre for a 10 year reunion. Aaron’s boss Sergio Roma (P Ditty) loves it,and decides to send Aaron to London to get Aldous,and fly him to L.A. to perform the show.

When Aaron gets to London, he quickly finds out that getting Aldous to the Greek Theatre isn’t going to be quite as easy as he thought because Aldous has quite a mind of his own,which is mostly selfish and resistant. Aldous eventually takes Aaron on a roller coaster ride,which included: Aaron sticking drugs up his butt for a plane flight,getting raped by a girl with a penus sex toy,and watching Aldous persuade Aaron’s own girlfriend to do a threesome with him.

Aaron does eventually get him to the Greek,but with the realization that rockstars are human too. I loved this movie. The laughs never stopped coming the entire time. It had fights,dangerous drugs being smoked,and all kinds of wild,crazy antics. This movie made me laugh hard.

Grade: A

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