New ‘Drive Angry 3D’ Movie Delivered Good Action With Crazy Storyline

New ‘Drive Angry 3D’ Movie Delivered Good Action With Crazy Storyline

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New ‘Drive Angry 3D’ movie delivered good action with crazy storyline. Summit Entertainment released their new action/drama flick “Drive Angry 3D” into theaters this weekend. I just watched it,and thought it was a blast to watch.

It delivered a ton of action scenes,along with a very odd storyline. I’m still trying to figure out all the details of it. The movie stars: Nicolas Cage, William Fichtner, Amber Heard, Billy Burke, Simona Williams,and Katy Mixon.

“Drive Angry 3D” revolved around character Milton (Nicolas Cage) who’s a very tough ex-con that is on the trail to retrieve his granddaughter before she’s sacrificed by some sort of crazy cult,led by a guy named Jonah King (Twilight Saga’s Billy Burke). Milton eventually runs into a very beautiful girl named Piper (Amber Heard) when her car breaks down on the side of the road. He agrees to fix it if she gave him a ride.

Shortly after that, Milton rescues Piper from her violent boyfriend,and heads off with her and her car to continue his mission. Since Milton saved Piper after getting beat up by her boyfriend,she eventually gets dragged into his mess of a life where tons of guys are always looking to kill him. However,Piper is more than up for the challenge as she’s equally tough as she is beautiful.

They haul it across the country,avoiding a whole crew of policemen that are trying to kill them,along with a strange guy,claiming he’s “The Accountant” (William Fichtner). It was never fully explained who “The Accountant” was,but he was not human as he had super powers and was quite ruthless. It was also revealed in the conclusion that he had something to do with Milton still being alive. Again,it was very odd,but still entertaining.

Milton and Piper went through crazy events to retrieve the baby. The movie showed wild car chases,people getting shot at,explosions,and more. It was pretty wild. As it drew to a conclusion, the intensity heightened,giving it a very drama/action-filled ending.

I really liked watching “Drive Angry.” It never had a dull moment. I was totally interested the entire time. Nicolas did a great job playing the intense Milton character. Amber Heard is just a total hot chick ,and Twilight Saga’s Billy Burke did an awesome job playing the evil cult guy with a Southern Accent.

There was some weird things going on with the plotline as some important things weren’t fully explained,or explained at all. I gave the movie an A grade for fully entertaining me,though. “Drive Angry 3D” movie is in theaters now. Get your “Drive Angry 3D” movie tickets by Clicking Here.

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