New Haunted House 2 Movie Delivered Hysterical Laughs,Crazy Horror & More

New Haunted House 2 Movie Delivered Hysterical Laughs,Crazy Horror & More

Open Road Films released their new comedy/horror flick, “A Haunted House” into theaters this weekend. I just watched it , and thought it was pretty good, serving up a ton of laughs, crazy horror scenes, and more. However, there were quite a few lines that were just out right corny as hell. I find that they deliver up quite a few of those in these types of mockery movies. Anyways, It stars: Marlon Wayans, Gabriel Iglesias, Jaime Pressly, Ashley Rickards, Essence Atkins, Affion Crockett, and Dave Sheridan.

In the new flick, characters ,Malcolm Johnson (Marlon Wayans) and his cousin Ray-Ray (Affion Crockett), end up leaving Malcom’s possessed girlfriend Kisha (Essence Atkins) behind after they collide with a truck. Then the movie fast-forwards one year later to show that Malcom is married to a new hot chick, named Megan (Jamie Pressly), who is an insecure woman with two kids: her bratty and promiscuous teenage daughter Becky (Ashley Rickards) and effeminate son ,Wyatt (Steele Stebbins), who has a stereotypically black imaginary friend named Tony.

Eventually, weird things start happening again, and appear to be sourced from a weird doll that Megan owns. And it’s eventually revealed that Malcolm has been having an ongoing sexual affair with the doll,lol!! However, Malcolm is eventually driven to hatred of the doll and does everything in his power to destroy, but to no avail.

The movie also mocks different events that have happened in various other horror films, but the doll seems to be the main focus and it ends up making Malcolm look crazier than he already is. Eventually, the movie leads up to a big conclusion, featuring the daughter getting possessed by a wicked demon, and they brought back crazy Father Williams (Cedric The Entertainer) to try and exercise it out of her, but that didn’t go to well.

When they finally do get rid of the demon, Malcom’s old girlfriend ,Kisha, shows back up to deliver some more violent ,demon possessed action before the credits roll. Again,I thought the movie was pretty entertaining. I never got bored with it as it was funny as hell,but totally had its corny moments.

I totally dig Jaimie Pressly. They gave her a chance to show off that sexy bod of hers too in one of the opening scenes for a very funny sex scene. And Marlon Wayans is always funny as hell. I gave the movie a solid B- grade. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite Movie stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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