Tough As Nails November 10, 2021 Eliminated Christine Connors From Individual Competitions (Recap)

Tough As Nails November 10, 2021 Eliminated Christine Connors From Individual Competitions (Recap)

Hey, “Tough As Nails” fans. Tonight, November 10, 2021, another new episode of Tough As Nails season 3 did indeed air, and another contestant did get eliminated from the individual competitions.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with another team challenge. Christine was selected to be crew boss for the Dirty Hands team. Kelsey was selected to be crew boss for the Savage Crew team.

During this challenge, the teams had to move 32 sections of pipe across 3 football fields length to relocate some irrigation. The team to get two lines of sprinklers running after relocating the pipe, won.

The Dirty Hands team ran into some issues when they tried to turn their water on. One of their pipes burst. So, they had to go get a replacement pipe from the other end of the field, which was 300 yards away!

Eventually, The Dirty Hands team got the second pipe and managed to get their two lines of sprinklers working properly just before the Savage Crew could get their second line going. So, the Dirty Hands team won this team challenge to extend their team challenge lead 4-2. They won $12,000 dollars for their troubles. The first team to win 5 team challenges, wins an extra $60,000 dollars as a bonus.

Sarah complained that her Savage Crew team was celebrating even when they lost. She couldn’t get down with that. She said the silver lining they found doesn’t pay the bills. She needs to win some cold, hard cash.

Next, was the individual competition. During it, they had to pick two, 60-feet rows of cilantro and load them onto a trailer for the win. The winner also got a one year supply of free produce.

During this challenge, Elizabeth ran into some major issues by upsetting an old back injury of hers when she bent down. She said, her back spasmed. She pinched a nerve and had to lay down for second, but she got back up and kept going.

Eventually, Lia won the individual comp. Christine and Quincey were the last two finishers. So, they had to compete head-to-head in the overtime challenge. Lia told everyone that they’re getting a box of her free produce for Christmas because she wants to give back. So, that was noble.

In the overtime challenge, Quincey and Christine had to drive tractors to turn over a big patch of grass in a field. Christine had trouble getting into first gear, but she eventually got it going.

Quincey got off to a great start since he had experience driving a tractor, but Christine started catching up to him towards the end to make it a pretty close challenge. However, Quincey was just too good and was able to get the job done just before Christine for the win. Quincey told Christine, “I see greatness in your future.” She appreciated that.

With that overtime challenge loss, Christine Connors was eliminated from the individual competitions in tonight’s November 10, 2021 episode of Tough As Nails season 3, but she will still compete in the team challenges. How do you guys feel about Christine getting eliminated from the individual challenges? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode for Tough As Nails season 3 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night,November 17, 2021 at approximately 8 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Tough As Nails” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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