Big Brother 9’s Matt McDonald Busted Again For Selling Drugs With Adam

Big Brother 9’s Matt McDonald Busted Again For Selling Drugs With Adam

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Big Brother 9’s Matt McDonald busted again for selling drugs with Adam Jasinksi. According to TMZ , Matt McDonald who competed on the 9th season of CBS’s hit reality show two years ago, has gotten arrested for the third time this month. He is now being accused of allegedly selling drugs,along with the winner of Big Brother 9, Adam Jasinski.

They say that Matthew McDonald was indicted in federal court in Boston,Massachusetts yesterday for allegedly participating in a drug ring run by “Big Brother” season 9 winner Adam Jasinski. The indictment says that Matt was involved in the alleged drug ring from April 2008 to October 2009. Adam Jasinski was arrested back in October of 2009 after allegedly using his $500,000 winnings to fund a large Oxycodone distribution ring. As for Matt, he’s in some deep,deep trouble as he already got arrested twice this month for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend,and then trying to intimidate and harass her as a witness. Now, he’s in the big house for drugs.

If Matt is convicted of the drug charges,alone, he could face up to 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine. And if he gets convicted of the other two charges,we just might not ever see him free, again. No All-Star show for you,buddy. Oh,well. You can read the story at TMZ by Clicking Here.

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