New Insurgent Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama & More

New Insurgent Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama & More

Summit Entertainment (Lionsgate) released their new action/drama flick, “The Divergent Series: Insurgent,” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out, and I thought it was very entertaining, delivering a ton of hardcore action, drama, and more. It stars: Naomi Watts, Kate Winslet, Octavia Spencer, Theo James, Shailene Woodley, Jonny Weston, Rosa Salazar, Suki Waterhouse, and Keiynan Lonsdale.

In the new flick, we see Jeanine’s mind-controlled Dauntless soldiers, Eric and his platoon go on a hunt for a box of unknown origin containing the symbols of all the factions. Eventually, the box is taken to Erudite, where Jeanine claims that she believes it contains a message from the city’s founders, and the means to end the Divergent problem once and for all. However, only a Divergent could open the box, prompting a vicious manhunt for all the Divergence.

From there, we see Tris, Four, Peter, and Caleb hiding out deep in Amity territory. They’re able to stay there for just a short while as Eric and his crew eventually show up, trying to hunt down any Divergence they can find, using a Divergence radar detector. Peter gives up their hiding location to Eric, causing Tris and the crew to quickly go on the run, narrowly escaping Eric’s clutches.

From there, Four rejects an offer from the Factionless peeps to join forces to battle Jeanine. However, Four later changes his mind after learning that Jeanine will never stop hunting Tris after discovering she is the Divergent she’s been looking for. Apparently, all the other Divergence Jeanine tried to get to open the special box died after failing the intense Sim trials that needed to be passed in order to open it.

When Jeanine started causing more of the dauntless soldiers to commit suicide with her mind control until Tris turned herself in, Tris secretly did so and underwent the Sim trials, eventually passing all of them to open the mystery box. When opened, it revealed to Jeanine that the Divergent people were actually the solution and not the problem she long believed.

However, Jeanine tried to ignore the instructions from the box, but Four and company rushed in to stop Jeanine’s madness once and for all.

Again, I really enjoyed watching this flick as it was never boring at any point in time. The storyline was just highly intriguing, along with delivering a lot of action and so forth. I’ve never read the book, so I don’t know how close it stuck to it. I gave the movie a solid B+ grade. More Sequels have been confirmed. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite Movie stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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