The Walking Dead Season 8 Is Bringing On A New Mystery Male, New Details

The Walking Dead Season 8 Is Bringing On A New Mystery Male, New Details

According to a recent report from TV Guide and other outlets, The Walking Dead crew have recently hired actor Avi Nash (above) to come on and play a new mystery male in the upcoming season 8. They say his casting hasn’t currently been confirmed by AMC. There’s also no details on which character he’ll be playing. There is a lot of speculation though.

The people over at think that he’ll be playing a character named Abbud. Apparently, the show recently put out a casting call for the Abbud role. Abbud is described as being an innately likeable Muslim-American who’s often on edge due to being on his own for so long in the zombie apocalypse.

It’s speculated that the Abbud character is based on a character from the comic books named Siddiq. He was a survivor from the Oceanside colony. They say the Siddiq character would have to be different than the comicbook version because the Oceanside colony was introduced earlier on the TV show as being inhabited exclusively by women because the Saviors had killed off all the male residents.

In the comics, the Siddiq character lived in Alexandria and formed a romantic relationship with Rosita at one point. Other possibilities is that Abbud could be one of the only Oceanside males that survived the Saviors’ vicious onslaught and has just been roaming around all on his own ever since.

Avi Nash’s acting resume includes roles in the Silicon Valley TV show and the Postal Jerks TV movie. Before that, he did a couple of shorts. So, this Walking Dead gig is definitely the biggest role he’s ever landed.

Nash is actually briefly seen in the season 8 trailer that was released at the big San Diego Comic-Con event last month. We included his screenshot from the trailer (above). The new season 8 is currently scheduled to premiere on Sunday night, October 22,2017 at 8 pm central standard time on AMC. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Walking Dead Facebook page for more Walking Dead news by Clicking Here.

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