New Big Brother 19 Eviction Nominees Revealed Yesterday Evening, September 1st

New Big Brother 19 Eviction Nominees Revealed Yesterday Evening, September 1st

Hey, Big Brother fans. The Big Brother season 19 houseguests finally had their nomination ceremony yesterday evening, September 1,2017. The current HOH Christmas did indeed follow through with Paul’s plan. I say that because literally everything these people do at this point is literally Paul’s plan.

When the eviction nomination ceremony was all said and done, Jason and Alex were the two nominees this week. But here’s the kicker. They’re still clueless. That’s right. Paul has them so twisted in the head that they still think there’s a backdoor plan in place to get Kevin out.

Here’s another kicker. They still think that they could throw HOH next week because Paul has them thinking that Raven is the next target. And we’re hearing that Alex is real cocky about it too. She’s totally clueless. She thinks she’s in a real comfortable spot right now. It’s just insane. Luckily for her, the house is actually looking to get Jason out over her.

Christmas, Josh, Paul and Raven are all in agreement on it. Kevin actually was not told the plan. Christmas just told him that he’s not the target and to just lay low. The Power of Veto competition is next. If Alex or Jason don’t win it, they’re going to find out at the POV ceremony that they’ve been duped because they’re going to be staying on the block.

I hope that this happens because maybe finally they’ll wake up and realize that something shady is going on. Or at the very least, they’ll realize they need to play this game for themselves and not Paul.

Unfortunately, I don’t think either one of them are smart enough to ever realize that Paul is running the whole show. In fact, Paul is currently trying to distance himself from Christmas so it doesn’t look like he had anything to do with her decision to target Alex and Jason. That way when all the heat comes, it’ll all get directed at her.

Big Brother Network did point out that Christmas actually had second thoughts about continuing to dupe Jason and Alex and just be straight up with them about targeting Jason this week.

Apparently, she feared that she would not be good at lying to them. However, she never followed through on those thoughts. Currently, Christmas is still working Alex over. Paul is making Jason believe that Christmas might be trying to target him (Paul). And they’re just falling for it, hookline and sinker.

Alright, so let’s go over some of these conversations that took place last night after the nominations. Apparently, Jason did start to get suspicious when Christmas didn’t nominate Kevin.

At around 6:23 pm pacific time, the live feeds cut back on to reveal that Jason and Alex had been nominated at the nominations ceremony. Alex was actually smiling about being nominated because she’s so clueless right now. However, Jason was actually freak, suggesting that he has some sort of smart brain in his head that’s just itching to get out. But, something’s holding it back. We hope it comes out soon, but it might be too late if he doesn’t win POV this week.

At around 6:25 pm, Jason told Paul, “If I win veto, I’m pulling myself off.” Paul replied with, “I’ll go up then.” Jason wondered why Christmas didn’t put Kevin up like everyone thought she would. At 6:40 pm, Jason told Kevin, “I don’t know what is going on with the nominations.” Kevin told him, “Use your head and see that they clearly want either you or Alex gone this week. They probably think they won’t have a chance to break up you and Alex later on. You have to win veto or you’ll probably go home.”

At around 6:45 pm, Alex still blind told Jason not to worry and that Christmas is just trying to throw Kevin off. At around 6:47 pm, Jason further illustrated that he might have a brain after all by telling Josh that he thinks Paul might know what’s going on because he was talking with Christmas in the HOH room all day.

He went on to say, “Paul is pretending to be paranoid about getting backdoored this week just to play dumb with him.” Bingo. Unfortunately, it might be too late for Jason at this point since they have him up on the block.

At around 7:15 pm, Jason talked with Kevin again. He told him, “ I think Paul has to know what’s going on this week.” Kevin agreed. After that, Jason’s dumb part of his brain took over again. He actually went and told the person who’s in charge of the plans this week Christmas that Kevin thinks he and Alex are going home this week. Actually, we should say second in charge because we all know Paul’s really the one pulling the strings here.

Anyways, that of course tipped Christmas off that Jason is catching on. She went and told Josh. From there, Josh told Paul, “ Jason thinks Alex and you are in on whatever the plan is this week. Jason doesn’t believe you’re really worried about being backdoored.” Paul immediately blamed this slip up on Kevin for talking too much. Paul said, “We just need to ignore Kevin and not tell him anything anymore.”

Meanwhile at around 7:24 pm, Blind Alex told Paul, Jason and Christmas, “I’m confident me and Jason will have the votes to stay if one of us wins veto.” At around 7:28 pm, Alex suggested that they all go to sleep at 10 pm so Kevin would be all alone when he gets off slop at midnight. She also said, ”Don’t leave him any food to eat so he’ll be forced to cook his own food.” Mean. Just mean.

At around 7:33 pm, Paul told Raven and Josh, “ I’m going to win veto and not use it.” Meanwhile at around 7:38, Blind Alex starts talking again to Jason. She told him, “Once Kevin is out, we’ll take out Christmas and Josh the next couple of HOHs.” She is going to get blindsided so hard.

At around 7:45 pm, Jason makes another mistake by telling Paul, “I thought you knew Christmas was putting me and Alex up.” Paul of course denies this claim and even goes as far as to suggest that he might be the backdoor target this week to make them think he’s not working with Christmas. Alex said, “Kevin goes.” Jason agreed saying, “ No one is backdooring Paul.”

At around 8 pm, Blind Alex told Jason and Paul, “I can’t wait until it’s just us in the final 3 and we can just play it straight with each other.” So, she thinks Paul has a final 3 deal with just them and not anybody else in the house. Wow.

At around 8:47 pm, Paul pulled off another acting job by asking Jason, “Is Christmas going to f@#ck me over this week? She’s been acting weird. If you or Alex comes down, she might put me up.” Jason replied with, “Why didn’t she just put Kevin up?”

At around 9:24 pm, Paul gave Kevin a hard grilling about not talking to people. It ended with Paul telling him, “If anyone ask you anything, just say you have no idea.” At around 10:35 pm, Jason tried to get more intel out of Kevin. Kevin told him, “I’m not telling you anything.” So, it seems like Paul’s reprimanding worked for now. At around 11:15 pm, Paul told Josh and Christmas, “I told Kevin to keep quiet or he’d get evicted this week.”

Paul also suggested that they force a tie break this week with the voting if either Alex or Jason wins veto. He went on to say, “If Alex stays this week, I think I can still convince her to throw the HoH to me and we can get her out next.” What’s so sad is that he’s probably right.

At around 12:36 am today, September 2nd, Paul, Christmas and Alex had another one of their entertaining Raven bashing sessions. Paul mentioned the time where Raven said she had “rough kneecap syndrome,” and wondered if that’s even a real medical term. They also talked about her eating beef jerky and hamburger meat but then she claimed she can’t eat steak. They started laughing about it saying, “She can just say she doesn’t like steak. It’s ok.”

At around 12:45 am, Kevin told Jason, “ I hope with all my heart you win veto. I thought I’d be nominated this week.” Jason said, “ I thought you would too.” Alright, so that was it for most of the conversations that took place yesterday. As you can see, Alex is so blind and cocky that she can’t possibly imagine that Paul and Christmas could be screwing her and Jason over this week.

Again, the Power Of Veto competition is scheduled to be played later on today. We’ll be back to report who won it as soon as we find out. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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