Big Brother 19 Alex Ow Claimed Some Shocking Things About Kevin And More

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow Claimed Some Shocking Things About Kevin And More

Recently, the people over at Us Magazine got to chat with Big Brother seaon 19 fifth place finisher Alex Ow. During her interview with them, she explained why she was so freaking mean to her fellow houseguest Kevin Schlehuber.

She’s claiming that he was very passive aggressive, irritating and that he would also say snide comments and more! She also revealed that she still wants to vote for houseguest Paul Abrahamian if he makes it to the final two even though he was responsible for getting her evicted. Alex also discussed a lot of other things. Let’s get into it.

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They started out the interview by asking her why she was so mean to Kevin and disliked him so much. She claims that he was very controlling and passive aggressive among other things.

She told them,”Kevin was always doing things to me as a ‘control’ factor. He would purposely ask us the same questions. He would make big deals about nothing just to get under my skin. He never once cooked a meal on his own. He would say snide comments and mock me. He was very passive aggressive and irritating. He would tell all these gangster stories and tell these ‘bad a@#’ stories. I just saw him as a fake and phony and would call him out on that and he didn’t like it.”

Next, they asked Alex if she had a secret crush. It turns out that she didn’t but she did say she likes tall guys stating, “That’s actually an interesting question but no! Paul Abrahamian is way too young. Cody Nickson is maybe too old? I had no crushes in the house. Outside of the house, I’m into super tall guys. Jason Dent is tall but he’s married and I’m not going anywhere near that! I am not a homewrecker!”

They asked her who she trusted more between Paul and Jason. She answered,”Absolutely 1000% Jason. I handpicked him as my ride or die for every step of the way. He sent Elena Davies out for me after the Outback veto competition. He was loyal, dedicated and I can’t thank him enough for the love and support he gave me the entire game. Jason all the way!”

After that, they asked Alex why she would still try to convince Jason to vote for Paul at this point. It turns out that she can really separate personal from game and she thinks Paul did play the best game. She stated, “The one thing people forget to separate in Big Brother is that it is a game.

As much as I didn’t like that Paul blindsided and cheated us, Paul played the best game. I’m going to try my best to tell Jason because he deserves it most out of the people that are left. Paul has played a great mental, physical and social game and I want to reward that. Whoever did the best deserves to win.”

They asked Alex why she nominated Raven and Kevin for eviction during the big Double Eviction episode. Apparently, it was because she was still under Paul’s ruse. She answered by telling them, “So, I didn’t put up Paul because he’s a part of our trio alliance. The reason I put up Kevin and Raven was because they were our original targets and I didn’t have a good relationship with either of them in the house. I thought Christmas and Josh Martinez would come through at the end but they took me out.”

That wrapped up their interview with Alex. She definitely had some interesting things to say about Kevin. And it will certainly be interesting to see if she will actually vote for Paul and get Jason to do so as well.

In related news,the current season 19 of Big Brother is down to just the final three houseguests: Paul Abrahamian,Christmas Abbot and Josh Martinez. They already started playing the three part final HOH competition last night, September 14,2017. Paul pulled out the victory to claim the first round. That means he will automatically advance to the third round.

In the meantime, Josh and Christmas are scheduled to battle it out in the second round tomorrow, September 16,2017. The winner of that second round will advance to the third round to face Paul for the final HOH crown. We’ll see that all play out on Wednesday’s September 20,2017 LIVE finale show.

CBS is airing a special Big Brother episode tonight, September 15,2017 at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. So, be sure to tune in for that. We suspect it will feature footage of what took place in the first round HOH competition last night. They’ll probably also throw in footage of some of the conversations that happened.

Also, CBS will not be airing a new episode of Big Brother this Sunday night, September 17,2017. Instead, they’ll be doing LIVE coverage of the big 2017 69th Annual Prime time Emmy Awards. We’ll just have one final episode after tonight’s episode. That one last episode will be the big finale which is set to air on Wednesday night, September 20,2017 at 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

We’ll be back with a report tomorrow of what takes place with the second round HOH competition. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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