New Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Interesting Owen,Amelia,Teddy & More Teaser Scoops Revealed

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Interesting Owen,Amelia,Teddy & More Teaser Scoops Revealed

Recently, Entertainment Weekly got to chat up Grey’s Anatomy Owen Hunt star Kevin McKidd. During their interview, he revealed some very interesting storyline teasers that we can expect to see take place with his character in the new 14th season.

He’s going to encounter some new, weird problems with Amelia. Apparently, she’s in this new frame of mind that just causes a lot of issues for them. Owen will also be feeling a lot of guilt over his returning sister Megan who will now be played by actress Abigail Spencer. Character Teddy Altman is going to bring some fun back to the show. However, Amelia will have a unexpected reaction to her return.

The first thing they went over is how Owen will be handling the return of his sister Megan Hunt. It turns out that we’ll see Owen suffering quite a bit of guilt in regards to her. Megan’s current state of mind will be revealed in the first two episodes. Something funny and moving will happen.

Kevin told them, “Yeah, that’s a thing that Owen has felt for a long time is the guilt. He dropped the ball on that day when his sister disappeared. So yeah, he definitely feels a lot of personal guilt even though other things were at play.

He as a protective brother is wracked with guilt, and it’s really cool in the first two episodes to see the state of mind Megan is in. How that plays out in connection to Owen’s guilt, and it’s kind of surprising and very funny and very moving what happens because it’s very unexpected. Shall we say, her frame of mind when she gets back from Iraq.”

Next, they talked about what the dynamic will be between Owen and his sister. Apparently, Owen is going to fear that Megan will come back dark,twisted, tortured and haunted. However, that’s not going to be the case. Kevin said, “The writers have done a great job in going, ‘No, that isn’t necessarily what happened to Megan.’

Like many people who were held prisoner and against their will assimilate after a certain period and they make the best of their situation and their captors become their community. So, it speaks to Megan as a character that even through those 10 dark years that she managed to keep a light on inside her.”

Kevin went on to say that he thinks Megan’s positive attitude about what happened will take a weight off Owen’s shoulders. He also thinks that this new Megan situation might also bring Owen and Nathan Riggs closer together. He stated, “I definitely think it’s going to create a lot more peace and harmony between those two characters for sure. And the truth is Nathan and Owen were kind of brothers for many, many years. So, I think Megan’s return and the healing of that is really key for their relationship.”

They also chatted about the Owen and Amelia dynamic. He revealed that Amelia will actually be in a different head space when Megan returns. It’s going to be a very surprising place too. One that will cause even more problems for them. Even Owen’s family will see it.

He stated, “Amelia is kind of in a very different place when Megan gets back and quite a surprising place. It causes a lot of issues for Owen and Amelia. It also causes issues for Owen’s family. Owen’s family all gather round in the first few episodes for Megan’s return. So, they really witness the way Amelia’s handling this and they have a lot to say about it. Owen is not only having his own concerns, but his family are also raising up their hands and saying, ‘You know, there’s some issues here.'”

As previously reported, Dr. Teddy Altman is returning. They talked about that dynamic as well. It turns out that she’s going to bring some fun and familiarity to the show. She will still be the bada** that she always was. There will still be a connection between Owen and Teddy.

He said the Teddy situation will “play out in a very fun way and a very kind of familiar way. She’s still the bada** that she always was and there’s still that connection between Owen and Teddy. So yeah, that definitely is a cool thing that plays out.”

They asked Kevin if the Teddy situation will cause Amelia to worry. He gave a very vague reply to that saying that Amelia’s current frame of mind will cause her to have an unexpected reaction to Teddy’s return.

He stated, “Amelia’s in this very particular place where her reaction to Teddy being back is something that I don’t think Owen expected or anyone expected, least of all the audience.”

So, that sounds pretty intriguing. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Kevin is talking about when the big premiere episodes 1 and 2 finally air tonight. They will be airing starting at 7 pm central standard time on ABC. It’s going to be a two hour event. So, be prepared for that. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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