Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa Are Branching Off Into New Projects

Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa Are Branching Off Into New Projects

Hey, “Riverdale” fans. First off, we want to say not to worry. Cole and KJ will still be in “Riverdale.” They’re not leaving the show or anything crazy like that. However, we do have a bit of interesting news for you guys in regards to Riverdale’s Jughead Jones star Cole Sprouse and Archie Andrews star KJ Apa. It appears that Cole is already beginning to branch off to do some other projects. This newest one is a movie that CBS Films is distributing.

According to a recent report from Variety.com , Cole has signed up to play a leading male role in one of CBS Films’ upcoming romantic drama flicks, “Five Feet Apart.” The movie is going to center around a young couple that’s falling for one another. However, they are both living on borrowed time. So, it sounds like it will have a pretty sad premise to it.

The Hollywood Reporter also reported on this. They gave a few extra details about the movie’s script. Their description reads like this, “Two young people meet and fall in love while being treated for their illnesses. They know they are both living on borrowed time. The story is described as being uplifting and about the people who help make every moment count as well as the transcendent power of love.”

Yep, this one definitely sounds like it’ll be a very emotional movie and one that appeals to mostly women and their boyfriends who are forced to go see it with them. They’re saying the female lead has not yet been casts. Who knows? Maybe they can get Lili Reinhart to play the female lead. Wouldn’t that be wild? They do have good onscreen chemistry. The film is expected to start filming this Spring sometime. It’s being directed by Justin Baldoni. Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis wrote the script.

Cathy Schulman, who won a best picture Oscar for “Crash,” is producing the movie under her Welle Entertainment banner along with Baldoni via his company Wayfarer Entertainment. Mark Ross is overseeing the movie project for CBS Films. This isn’t the first feature film that Cole has been in. Apparently, he co-starred in a 1999 film with Adam Sandler called, “Big Daddy.”

However, this will be Cole’s first adult role in a feature film. It’s not yet known if CBS plans on releasing this movie nationwide or just keeping it limited. We’ll just have to wait and see. What do you guys think about Cole Sprouse branching off to star in a romantic movie? Do you hate the idea? Do you love it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments.

In related news,Cole Sprouse isn’t the only one branching off from “Riverdale” to do movies. Cole’s Archie Andrews co-star KJ Apa has also signed up to be a leading male star in a romantic comedy flick for a company called Gulfstream Pictures. The movie’s title is “The Last Summer.”

Warner-based Gulfstream Pictures’ producing credits include movies like: “The Nut Job,” “Blended,” and “Mothers Day.” I’m not familiar with any of those, but maybe some of you guys are. Some of Gulstream Pictures’ upcoming flicks include: a feature film adaptation of Julia Butterfly Hill’s autobiography “The Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods” and “King David.”

According to Variety.com, KJ’s “The Last Summer” movie script will be about a group of young adults whose lives intersect in Chicago over the summer before they start college. So yeah. That doesn’t really tell us a whole lot, but this one sounds like it could possibly be more appealing to a larger audience than Cole’s sad romantic flick. I think romantic comedies can be a lot more entertaining if done right.

“The Last Summer” is being directed Bill Bindley. This was a script that he co-wrote with his brother Scott Bindley. April Prosser also helped out in writing the script. It’s being produced by Gulstream partner Mike Karz and Wayne Rice. Principal photography is scheduled to start up on April 23,2018.

Mike Karz recently made a very nice announcement about KJ’s inclusion into their film. He stated, “KJ is one of today’s most talented and sought-after young stars both here and abroad, and we are excited to announce that he will lead our ensemble cast.”

This also isn’t KJ’s first movie outing. He was recently a teenage lead for the 2017 movie called,”A Dog’s Purpose.” Another fun fact: Before his “Riverdale” gig, KJ starred in a New Zealand soap opera called, “Shortland Street.” You can probably see some clips of him in it on Youtube or something.

Are you guys excited to see KJ in this new romantic comedy movie? Do you hate the idea? Or do you not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments. Also, as previously reported, you guys can expect to finally see the next, new episode 14 of the current “Riverdale” season 2 to hit the airwaves on Wednesday night, March 7, 2018 at 7 pm central standard time on the CW. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Riverdale Facebook page for more Riverdale news by Clicking Here.

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