Important Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates For July 4 and 5, 2018 Revealed

Important Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates For July 4 and 5, 2018 Revealed

Happy Thursday Big Brother fans. We’ve got some super important things to share with you guys that took place on the live feeds all day yesterday July 4, 2018 and into the early morning hours of today July 5, 2018.

There was some major plays to shift the votes in Steve’s direction. Some housguests were looking to flip flop. Then there were situations where the houseguests that were trying to flip flop got put in check and decided not to flip flop. It was basically total voting chaos that’s been taking place.

Starting at around 12:10 pm pacific time yesterday, July 4, 2018, Tyler and Sam had a pretty interesting discussion. Tyler let Sam know that she most likely won’t be getting Haleigh’s vote to stay. Since he doesn’t want any issues with Faysal, he will attempt to work on Kaitlyn. Sam brought up maybe telling Kaitlyn about her special power, but Tyler said he didn’t like that idea.

At around 12:30 pm, Sam attempted to campaign to Scottie. She offered up a pinky swear to join forces with him if he gave her his vote. He accepted the pinky swear for what that’s worth.

At around 2:05 pm, Tyler gave JC a pretty serious warning. He told JC,”Haleigh and Angie aren’t sure who you’re working with. So, they are thinking you need to go soon.” After that, JC confirmed that he’s still voting out Steve this week. Tyler said, “I still have a last-minute plan to get Kaitlyn to vote Steve out.”

At around 2:30 pm, Steve told Kaitlyn, “Sam is going to come to you for your vote.” Kaitlyn said,”It won’t do her any good.” At around 2:48 pm, JC and Tyler told Steve, “Don’t worry what you’ve heard about the votes because people are just telling Sam she has some votes to stay to make her feel better.”

At around 3 pm, Tyler told Sam,”Stop talking to Scottie about the vote because he isn’t going to change, and all it does is hurt your chances of getting other votes.” Apparently, Sam told Scottie that he and Kaitlyn were swing votes and now Steve knows she said that. They want Steve to think he has more votes than he does. And he actually did at that point because Brett and Winston decided to flip.

At around 3:50 pm, Haleigh and Angie were seen discussing the votes. Angie told Haleigh,”I’m still leaning toward voting to evict Sam. Even if I wanted to keep Sam, I’m not enough to make it happen.”

At around 4:35 pm, Winston was seen working on a plan to keep Steve from getting evicted. They were contemplating working with Kaitlyn, but weren’t quite sure if they should.

At around 4:40 pm, Winston tried to convince Angela to work to keep Steve. He told her,”We’ll be able to bring Scottie and Steve over to our side.” Angela expressed that she wasn’t confident in Winston’s plan and felt like it was a risky decision. Winston told Angela, “If Sam was a game player, I’d go for this move, but it’s too much risk for someone that won’t be able to support us in return.”

JC eventually joined Winston and Angela’s discussion. Angela told JC they don’t have the numbers to keep Sam. JC said he’s still committed to voting out Steve. JC told them, “We’re going to be in trouble if we don’t get rid of Steve as a number on that side.” Winston said, “Things will just look bad when the vote is so lopsided, and we were outnumbered.”

Angela decided to go ahead and go with Winston’s plan to vote out Sam. At around 5:10 pm, Winston told Rachel, We can’t keep Sam because she doesn’t know the game, and she won’t help our game.” Rachel said, “We need to warn Sam, and I don’t want Sam voted out 14-0.” Winston said it should be a last minute notice that she’s going to be evicted. We’ll tell her we campaigned hard, but we couldn’t pull the votes together.”

At around 5:20 pm, Scottie told Swaggy C about Sam’s proposal to team up with him. Scottie said, “I told her I’d rather keep her than Steve. Sam is expecting the votes to be close.” Swaggy C knowing this, approached Tyler about Sam thinking the votes are going to be close.

Swaggy C told Tyler that means your side must be telling Sam they’re voting to keep her. Tyler told Swaggy C, “Sam is probably just guessing based on friendships.” Swaggy C went on to promise Tyler that he wouldn’t use him as pawn, and would consider using Angie.

At around 6 pm, Rachel told Kaitlyn, “The votes seem to be going with keeping Steve. So, I’ll probably do that too.”

At around 6:50 pm, JC was still working on trying to keep Sam. He talked with Haleigh and told her, “Sam would be a great number for us while Steve is already locked in with the other side.” He also encouraged Kaitlyn to talk with Tyler and go with his recommendation.

At around 6:55 pm,JC started questioning Haleigh about her relationship with Faysal. Haleigh told him she doesn’t have a showmance with Faysal. JC then told Haleigh, “If you flipped your vote, you would be so far down Swaggy’s list before he went after you. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to vote for Sam.”

At around 8:20 pm, Tyler whispered to Kaycee that Sam has the special power app power. Then he told her, “Sam will be staying no matter what. So, she has to vote for Sam to stay regardless.”

At around 9:16 pm, Jaycee told Angela, ” We’re voting out Steve.” Angela said, ” I don’t know.” Kaycee said,”No, we’re voting out Steve.” Angela said, “We don’t have the votes.” Kaycee said, “We are voting out Steve ,and we all need to agree.”

At around 9:25 pm, JC told Angela, “Swaggy C is coming for us no matter h we vote. So, we might as well vote Steve out.” Angela said, “Winston just gets scared over this vote.” Then JC called Winston a chicken.

At around 9:30 pm, Rachel told Winston, “JC said Haleigh will vote how Tyler wants her to vote.” Winston said, “I don’t believe it.” Rachel said, “If Tyler tells me to vote Steve out, I’m voting Steve out and the alliance should also. Sam has better traits and strengths that could benefit us more than Steve.”

At around 9:43 pm, Winston told Brett about JC working on the girls to vote out Steve. He told Brett, “I need your help to convince them to evict Sam.”

At around 10:06 pm, JC put in another attempt to convince Haleigh to vote out Steve. Haleigh said, “Steve has been trashing the other side for days. I don’t think he’s with them. So, we can use him as a number.” JC said,”Steve may or may not be but with Sam we at least know she is with those people.” Eventually, JC got frustrated with Haleigh and just told her she’s being naive, and that he’ll just vote the way he wants.

At around 10:27 pm, Tyler asked Angela if she would promise to vote out Steve. Angela agreed to do it and said she trusts Tyler.

At around 10:50 pm, Winston told Rachel and Angela, “We have to vote out Sam because with Steve we have the chance to persuade him and get him to join us.” Rachel said,”If we keep Sam, she’ll always support us.” Winston said, “With Steve, you get Scottie’s vote too.”

At around 11:25 pm, JC tried to convince Swaggy C that they should throw a couple of votes against Steve so it comes out closer.

At around 11:40 pm,Tyler gathered his entire L6 alliance: Winston, Brett, Angela, Rachel and Kaycee and told them, “We have to vote out Steve no matter what.” Winston suddenly agreed, but he said, “Sam is terrible at this game. I fear Sam will tell the other side who voted to keep her safe.” Kaycee said, “It’s already obvious.”

Tyler warned them, “Scottie runs back to Swaggy with everything he hears. Then Swaggy tells me.” Winston and Brett jumped back on board with voting to keep Sam as long as Tyler is sure he has Kaitlyn’s vote. Tyler gave a signal to his group for voting: If his hair is down, then vote out Steve. If his hair is up, then vote out Sam.

Tyler also went ahead and told the L6 crew that Sam has the special power. He said,”I’ve been trying to get the 7th vote so Sam can save the power and use it next time one of us is in trouble.”

This announcement excited the L6 team. Winston couldn’t believe Sam fooled him and has been playing when he thought she wasn’t. They started contemplating how the power will work and if it’s a renom situation. Tyler said he would go with his original plan to renom Bayleigh if that happens, but they hope Swaggy is eligible now.

Tyler still said they need to go with his hair signal plan. He said, “If the vote isn’t going our way, there’s no reason to expose ourselves, but I’m still going to try to get the seventh vote.”

At around 1:30 am today, July 5, 2018, Swaggy C’s Foutte alliance talked about the votes. They made sure everyone was onboard to vote out Sam. Also,Foutte decided to rename their alliance “The Sacred Six” since they brought Bayleigh on board.

At around 2:15 am, Faysal and Swaggy C had a very interesting discussion about Haleigh. Faysal told him, “I don’t like how Haleigh is playing both sides. If she keeps it up, she’ll have to go.”

That was pretty much it for any significant events that took place on the live feeds yesterday and into the early morning hours of today. Not surprisingly, a lot of conversations took place about who’s getting voted out.

It appears that it could still pretty much go either way at this point. So, we’ll just have to wait and see in tonight’s live eviction show. As always, You guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Tonight’s live eviction show is scheduled to air at 8 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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