‘Bold And The Beautiful’ To Feature A Major Cheating Scandal And Extreme Confrontation This Week

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ To Feature A Major Cheating Scandal And Extreme Confrontation This Week

Happy Sunday “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. It’s that time again to give you guys another big scoop on some interesting storylines that are about to play out this week. CBS released their new weekly preview clip for the Bold And The Beautiful September 10 to September 14,2018 episodes.

It gave us some interesting and drama-filled looks at some really intense and intriguing scandals that will be taking place with a few of the main characters. The first one we want to go over involves another huge confrontation that will be taking place between Hope and Steffy at some point this week. It definitely looks like Steffy’s bad girl persona has been fully unleashed on Hope in this scene.

Any of you guys that thought Steffy’s nice girl routine was going to last anymore than a few weeks, are going to be highly disappointed with this scene because I don’t think any of nice Steffy is still left in this. In this scene, Steffy seems really pissed off and annoyed with Hope. Steffy thinks that Hope has a low opinion of her, and Steffy is definitely letting Hope know how she feels about it.

Steffy is seen telling Hope, “You think you’re better than me. Nothing’s changed.” During that, the look in Steffy’s eyes is very piercing. Like this had been building and building up for a really long time. Hope responds back by saying, “This doesn’t just feel like business. This feels personal! Then Steffy says,”I won’t let anyone get in the way.” So, it looks like their ongoing conflict is about to get even worse.

When I was watching what Hope said, I was thinking, ‘Of course this is personal. How could you think otherwise, Hope? You married the freaking love of her life, Liam. And you’re about to have his love child. Of course, it’s personal. It will always be personal. I don’t care what front Steffy puts up to try make it seem otherwise.'”

Hope needs to wake up and smell the coffee, the tea and whatever else is cooking because Steffy is just steaming with animosity for Hope right now. There is no doubt about that.

The next scene that was featured shows more of the Xander,Zoe and Emma’s love triangle drama. If you guys thought Xander wasn’t doing a good job of pushing Zoe away before with the kissing, you’re definitely not going to think he is now. In this scene, he’s seen taking his shirt off with Zoe and kissing her like they’re about to do the deed.

The preview clip starts off with Xander and Emma in a scene. Emma is seen telling Xander, “I’m attracted to you. It’s just too soon.” Xander definitely didn’t look happy to see her say that. It sounds like he tried to take things a little too far with young Emma, and she wasn’t having it.

Then jump to the next preview scene, and we’ve got Xander pretty much getting his desires met by his ex Zoe who seems to be very willing and ready. In the scene, Xander has his shirt off. Zoe is seen straight up telling Xander, “Emma can’t give you what you want. I can.” Xander responds with, “We’re just playing with fire, and we both know it.”

Right after that, it’s make-out city between Xander and Zoe. I can only imagine how furious Emma would be if she saw this. I don’t think Xander would have to worry about which girl to pick at that point because Emma would be out. We’re just curious how long the producers are going to make us wait around for Emma to finally find out Xander’s been fooling around with Zoe behind her back. That should definitely give us a super drama-filled scene indeed.

The narration for this latest preview clip says, “Boardroom Battles and Bedroom Bombshells.” You guys can view this new preview clip for the Bold And The Beautiful September 10 to 14, 2018 episodes over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

In related Bold And The Beautiful news, we’re also going to see Steffy’s Intimates fashion line get chosen by Ridge over Hope’s “Hope For The Future” line after Brooke rudely decided to get all up in Steffy’s face at the end of this past Friday’s September 7, 2018 episode. We figured Ridge wasn’t going to appreciate that too much. And now, Brooke is going to find that out too. It serves her right for not just minding her own freaking business.

We’re guessing this scenario is what will eventually lead up to Steffy and Hope’s big confrontation that was shown in their weekly preview clip. Whatever the case, the producers definitely have Steffy and Hope going at each other’s throats again just like we knew they would. That Steffy nice girl routine was just a ruse. A set up for this big conflict they’ve got going on right now.

The producers knew they couldn’t keep making it be directly about Liam. That was just getting too old. They had Steffy just go ahead and give up on Liam so they could introduce this new reason for them to fight. They’ll probably circle things back around to Liam later on down the line. For now, they’re using this fashion line fiasco to keep the drama hot between Hope and Steffy.

They have to give them something to fight about. Otherwise, they’re just boring. This conflict will also have Ridge and Brooke fighting with each other. Plus, they’ve brought Bill into the picture with Brooke again. Yeah, out of the blue, Bill and Brooke are just suddenly getting along again. Brooke is helping Bill out with the Katie and Will situation. Ridge is supposed to find out about it, and we can only imagine that he will get pissed off about it. So, be on the lookout for that intense drama in the future.

For the immediate future, tomorrow’s September 10,2018 episode teaser description reads like this, “Steffy puts Ridge on the spot when she questions his true motives for backing Katie and Thorne. Thorne expresses his love, loyalty and commitment to Katie with an important question and a significant gift.”

Alright guys. That wraps it up for this latest “Bold And The Beautiful” report, but definitely stay tuned. We’ll be back tomorrow evening to give you guys the rundown on what Tuesday’s September 11, 2018 episode is going to look like.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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