Fortnite Is Reportedly Getting Sued Again For ‘Orange Justice’ Dance

Fortnite Is Reportedly Getting Sued Again For ‘Orange Justice’ Dance

Happy Monday, Fortnite fans. We’ve got some bad news for you guys today. According to the folks over at, it looks like there’s another person who’s looking to cash in on Fortnite’s success via a lawsuit!

They say the mother of the young boy affectionately known as Orange Shirt Kid, has filed a lawsuit against Fortnite game maker Epic Games for the use of his dance titled, “Orange Justice” or “The Random.” What’s really weird about this particular lawsuit is that the kid actually submitted the dance to Epic Game’s BoogieDown contest to have the dance included in the game!

The dance didn’t originally make it into the game, and it caused a lot of players to hit up to file a petition to include the dance in the game. After all that work, it caused Epic Games to reconsider and put the dance in the game.

Variety pointed out that Epic Games specifically pointed out in their rules that players won’t be paid for the use of their dance moves in their game. They also reserved the right to use the dance for publicity for the game. Also, this particular dance was never actually sold. Instead, it was given away as part of the free battle pass. It had to be unlocked by playing, but not through a purchase.

Conveniently, the mother of the Orange Skirt Kid left out these very important details when she filed the lawsuit. She never made any mention of the dance being submitted in the Boogiedown Contest. The tweets of the kid submitting the dance moves and celebrating Epic changing their minds about including it, have been mysteriously deleted.

The mother, whose name is Rachel McCumbers, is claiming in her lawsuit that the Orange Shirt Kid exploded in popularity in or around early 2018 after he made a video of himself performing the Random and the accompany Catchphrase.

The lawsuit says his dance is called, “The Random”, and it claims that after the dance gained popularity, Fortnite players started a campaign to encourage Epic Games to incorporate the Random in Fortnite. The lawsuit also claims the child was the victim of “extreme cyberbullying” and that he was forced to deactivate both his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

The lawsuit went on to say that people are now calling the dance, “Orange Justice” instead of it’s original name “The Random.” It hasn’t been revealed how much money the mother is trying to get out of Epic Games for this lawsuit. We imagine it’s a lot though. The mother conveniently hired the same law firm that all the other lawsuits against Epic are using. They are: Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP.

They’re the same law firm that is backing lawsuits for Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly, actor Alfonso Ribeiro, and Instagram star Backpack Kid over the use of their dance moves in the game.

How do you guys feel about Fortnite getting sued again over these silly dance moves? Let us know in the Facebook comments and stay tuned. You can follow us on our Fortnite Video Game News Facebook page for more Fortnite Video Game news, tips and more by Clicking Here. Get your favorite video game stuff by Clicking Here.

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