Pokemon Go Accounts Are Reportedly Disappearing And A New Pokemon Event Is Happening Now

Pokemon Go Accounts Are Reportedly Disappearing And A New Pokemon Event Is Happening Now

Hey, Pokemon Go fans. Unfortunately, we’ve got some pretty disturbing news for you guys in this report. It turns out that a lot of Pokemon Go accounts are starting to disappear with no solution to get them back!

According to the folks over at Comicbook.com, it started off as a pretty small thing with this happening to just a few accounts. That problem was going on for a few months. The players were claiming that their high level accounts have disappeared without warning with little explanation or assurances that their account would be restored.

The reports were showing up on Twitter and Reddit, and they were all pretty similar. Players reported getting a “Failed to game data from the server” error and were completely locked out of the game. They attempted to get support from the game’s developer Niantic, and they responded by saying either the account doesn’t exist, or that they’re aware of the issue and are trying to resolve it.

Now, the problem has gotten pretty big to the point that it’s attracted attention from one of the biggest Pokemon Go communities named /r/TheSilphRoad! Players have now started sharing information about the bug with each other. Out of that, it has been revealed that not only are players getting locked out of their accounts, the bug is also affecting any gym that has a Pokemon from an account that disappeared.

Attempting to interact with any gym that has a Pokemon connected to one of these bugged accounts will cause the game to crash. Basically that blocks the the gym right out of the game.

There’s still no word from the Niantic as to how or why this bug is happening. Players still haven’t been able to track down a link between the players who are affected. The Niantic support team is claiming that the bug is only affecting a small subset of players. Currently, they haven’t indicated when or if this bug will ever get fixed. They also haven’t commented on whether or not anymore players are at risk of their accounts getting effected by this bug.

Pokemon players are reportedly getting very frustrated by this unfortunate occurrence because it’s causing issues with active players and other players’ abilities to interact with gyms.

So, this certainly sounds like an issue that needs to get addressed very soon. How do you guys feel about this account deletion bug? Have you experienced it? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Futuregamereleases.com provided a new update to this story. Yesterday, January 19, 2019, Niantic Support responded to a player that goes by the name u/StrangeFreak. They revealed that these supposed deleted accounts aren’t actually deleted. It’s some sort of bug that they are actively working to fix.

The support email reads like this, “u/NianticGeorge: Thanks for kicking off this conversation, u/StrangeFreak, and thanks to everyone for your patience while we investigate this issue. We’re sorry for not providing an update earlier.

We’re aware of an issue that’s preventing a subset of Trainers from being able to log into Pokémon GO. If you’re affected by this issue, you’ll see a message indicating that you’re unable to get game data from the server. Don’t worry, your account hasn’t been deleted! We are hard at work untangling this sticky situation, both to resolve the immediate login issue and address the impact that it is having on Gyms with Pokémon from affected accounts, as well as identify the root cause to prevent this situation from happening in the future.

We have begun the process of restoring access to those accounts that are unable to log in and resolving the issue with affected Pokémon in Gyms. Please bear with us, as this will take some time to fully complete. Your understanding is truly appreciated, we’ll be providing more updates to impacted Trainers as information becomes available.” So, if you were effected by this bug, it seems like help is on the way.”

Currently, there’s a new event going on in Pokemon Go that allows players to stock up on Pokémon from the Hoenn region. The event is scheduled to last until January 29, 2019 at approximately 1 pm eastern standard time.

According to Polygon.com, Pokémon from the Hoenn region will appear more often in the wild. That includes shiny versions of the Pokémon Taillow, Zigzagoon,legendary Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon. They will be featured in Raid Battles. Additionally, Shroomish evolved into Breloom can learn the move Grass Knot. 7 km eggs will spawn Hoenn Pokémon.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Pokemon Go report, but definitely stay tuned for more. Be sure to follow us on our Pokemon Go Facebook page for more Pokemon Go Video Game news, tips and more by Clicking Here. Get your favorite video game stuff by Clicking Here.

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