Some Of Kingdom Hearts 3’s New Amazing Additions And Features Revealed by The Co Director

Some Of Kingdom Hearts 3’s New Amazing Additions And Features Revealed by The Co Director

Happy Tuesday, Kingdom Hearts fans. Recently, the folks over at got to chat it up with the co-director of the new, upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 video game Tai Yasue. During their interview, Tai revealed a lot of new and exciting things you guys can expect to see in the new game.

The first thing they revealed is that every Disney world in Kingdom Hearts 3 has it’s own gameplay hook which is a gimmick that’s specific to that world. Tai went over what their thought process was in deciding what to feature in the new Kingdom Hearts 3 video game. He stated, “We all love the original Disney films, obviously. We watch them over and over again and we just ask ourselves, ‘What will be the most fun thing to do there in the world,’”

There are world-specific minigames integrated into each of the different gimmicks that will incentivize players to return to worlds. Tai used Arendelle’s sledding as an example by explaining, “The first time around, you just clear it. But the second time around, there’s new routes and there’s a score attack mode.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 will include a score-based minigame and a score-based ring collection minigame. Tai told them that each world have it’s own original pudding minigame stating,”Each world has its original pudding minigame that you can enjoy. They’re called The Seven Puddings.”

Tai went on to say, “The tempo was quick, and I think it’s really important to have a change in rhythm in the battle systems and the game. So, we wanted to take that feeling and put that into Kingdom Hearts 3 as well.”

Tai talked about the various, unexpected items the Keyblade will change into throughout the battle stating, “We wanted our players to be surprised. But at the same time, we wanted it to be true to the world. So, by using that. By changing a Keyblade’s look and also how he fights, you never get really tired or bored of the game.”

Kingdom hearts 3 will feature an Attraction Flow system, which incorporates Disney theme park rides into fantastical light shows of combat chaos. Tai spoke on this saying, “Art-wise, we wanted to pick up an electric parade-like look, and change the rules for each sort of ride so you have a new feel to it.”

Tai went onto explain, “We decide which ride we want according to the field and which enemies you fight with. So, it’s not really story-linked. There is another point where you use an attraction, and that really fits into the sort of overall game flow, but usually it’s just battle-based. And you know your enemies and your environment and how that fits in.”

The Gummi Ship experience has been improved in Kingdom Hearts 3 by featuring a 360-degree world that players can fly around in and discover things on their own with no fixed route. Tai talked about it saying, “You choose your own route. There’s also treasure all over the place, and missions, and things to explore. You can use the camera feature to take pictures of stars, and that gives you a recipe to make a gummi ship.

The Gummi ships, we have the team from Einhander working on that with us. For the ships as well, we have a programmer or an engineer who actually works a lot on cars and driving games as well.”

Tai revealed that they’ve made the animations look more seamless in Kingdom Hearts 3. He explained, “When you look at the animations, for example. Even when you’re running and you shoot a fireball, Fire, for example, you’re continuing to run and shoot at the same time. We wanted it to have that seamless look.

We wanted the magic spells to evolve so you get the Situation Command after you’ve, for example, used fire a lot, you have a new level of Fire coming up on your Situation Command. So, if you have a Toy Story hammer, for example, and use fire, it doesn’t just shoot forward, it actually changes to a circular movement.”

They also said the dual pistol transformations will shoot several rounds of fire. Tai revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 players will be able to use a smart phone camera picture feature to take pictures of hidden Mickeys to get items. He explained, “For example, the smart phone camera picture feature. You can take pictures of hidden Mickeys. And by taking pictures of hidden Mickeys that are placed all over the place, you get items.”

Tai went on to also reveal that players will be able to make their own dinner in the game stating, “There’s also a lot of food items hidden away. And if you have food items, you can take that to Remy’s restaurant at Twilight Town and make your own dinner.”

How do you guys feel about these new additions that will be added to Kingdom Hearts 3? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to release worldwide on January 29, 2019. It will release early in Japan on January 25, 2019. You guys can pre-order your copy of Kingdom Hearts 3 over on by Clicking Here. If you order from, you’ll get the “Dawn Til Dusk” Keyblade for Free!

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