Survivor Season 38 Finale: Chris Underwood Won The Whole Show Tonight, May 15, 2019

Survivor Season 38 Finale: Chris Underwood Won The Whole Show Tonight, May 15, 2019

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, May 15, 2019, the season 38 finale show did take place, and a winner was revealed! The show kicked off by featuring footage of all the “Edge of Extinction” people getting brought back to compete for another shot in the game.

Their competition consisted of a huge obstacle course. They had to go through a rope maze. Then build a rope bridge. From there, they had to work a table maze to get two ball into holes located in very difficult spots. Chris ended up pulling out the victory to get back in the game!

After that, host Jeff Probst asked all of the “Edge of Extinction” folks what their experience was. Basically, they wasted a lot of time. Next,they showed conversation footage. Chris immediately tried to sell everyone that he was ok with getting voted out at the next tribal council, and that he just feels lucky to have made it back into the game.

Victoria didn’t buy Chris’ speech for a second saying, “Chris didn’t stay on “Edge Of Extinction” for 28 days to only come back and lose.” She said, “Chris isn’t good for my game, but he might be good for other people’s game. That worries me.”

At this point, Chris chatted up Rick Devens about working together again. Rick wanted to, but he had his doubts since he backstabbed Chris earlier in the game. Lauren said she wasn’t sure about Chris either.

Next, they showed Immunity Challenge footage. This one also doubled as a rewards challenge. It consisted of an obstacle course. In this obstacle course, they had to retrieve puzzle pieces. Then figure out a combination lock so they could work on a circular puzzle. The first person to complete it, won.

Julie ended up winning it, and Chris helped her win, which was weird. Rick thought it was weird too. Julie’s prize was a steak and chocolate cake dinner. She got to choose two people to take with her. She chose to take Chris and Lauren. At this point, Rick said he was very suspicious about Chris helping Julie out in the competition.

During more conversation footage, Julie told Lauren and Chris she wanted to get Rick out. They made plans to split votes between Victoria and Rick in case Rick’s immunity idol was real.

Victoria was seen telling Gavin she wanted to get Chris out. Victoria even offered to work with Rick to make sure Chris ,Julie and Lauren couldn’t form an alliance. They showed Chris talking with Rick.

During this conversation, Chris revealed that he was given one half of an idol to give to someone else. He decided to give it to Rick. They struck up a deal that would later be revealed. From there, Chris worked Lauren to use her immunity idol on him. She promised him she would.

Next, they showed tribal council footage. During their game talk, Rick actually started crying at one point about always being the target. He also expressed how upset he was with Julie for not taking him to rewards. He felt that at least on a human level, she could show him some sympathy.

After all that, they casts their votes. Rick played his hidden immunity idol. Then Lauren used her immunity idol to save Chris. From there, Jeff revealed that Chris got 1 vote. Rick received 3 votes, and Victoria got 2 votes. Since Chris and Rick’s votes didn’t count, Victoria got majorly shafted and had to exit the game.

After that, they showed Rick immediately going to search for another hidden immunity idol in the middle of the night. He also did something really clever. He planted two fake idols to throw everyone off the trail of the real idol. Then he found the real one and gave Chris the other half of his idol back so he could play the full idol on himself. So, that was the deal they struck earlier before the last tribal council.

Next, they show both Julie and Lauren finding Rick’s fake idols. They showed footage of Rick laughing hysterically at Lauren when she found hers. It was great. Super funny.

From there, the second immunity challenge took place. In this one, they had to gather up 6 bags of puzzle pieces through an obstacle course. Then put another puzzle together for the win. Rick completed it first for the immunity win!

After that, more conversation footage was shown. Rick had a big conversation with Gavin where he struck up a deal. The deal was Rick would use his hidden immunity idol on Gavin if he agreed to take him to final 3 should he happen to win the final immunity challenge. Having no other options, Gavin agreed to that deal. However, he later told the private cams he wouldn’t honor it if he won. He thought he could just never beat Rick in the finals.

Julie and Lauren made plans to vote out Chris. Lauren started thinking her fake idol might be fake. So, she started trying to work Chris in an effort to get as few votes for her as possible. Lauren pitched to Chris that Julie should go.

Next,they showed the second tribal council meeting. During it, they talked game for a bit. Then they cast their votes. Before Jeff read off the votes, both Julie and Lauren tried to play their fake immunity idols that Rick had planted.

Needless to say, they were shocked to learn they were fake. All they could do was laugh it off. Rick then played his real idol on Gavin. Chris played his real idol on himself. From there, Jeff read off the votes. Chris received 3 votes and Lauren got 2 votes. None of Chris’ votes counted. So, Lauren got the shaft this time.

Right after that, the final four:Rick, Julie, Chris and Gavin played the final immunity challenge to guarantee themselves a spot in the final 3. In this challenge,they had to stack blocks that read “final 3” while balancing them on an apparatus. If the blocks fell before completion, they had to start all over. It was super tough, but Chris ended up pulling out the victory to seal his spot in the final 3.

During the next round of conversation footage, Rick immediately tried to pitch to Chris why he should take him. Chris told Rick straight up, “I’m not taking you to final 3. So, you need to start practicing making fire.” Apparently, two of the final 4 contestants had to compete in a fire-making challenge to get into the final 3. Everyone was intensely seen practicing making fire just in case Chris didn’t pick them.

Next up, was the tribal council meeting. During it, Chris did something totally shocking. He decided to give up his immunity idol to Julie, and compete against Rick to make fire! He said, “I need to beat the player that played the best game to prove I deserve a shot at the win.”

After that, they showed the big fire-making contest. Chris got off to an early start over Rick and never looked back. Chris won it to seal his spot in the final 3 for a second time! Unfortunately, that meant my personal favorite, Rick Devens, had finally been ousted from the game, and he was so close.

Next, they showed footage of the final three having a delicious breakfast before heading to the last tribal council to deliver their pitches to the jury.

After everything was said and done, host Jeff Probst read out the votes on tonight’s LIVE show. Gavin ended up getting 4 votes. Julie got zero votes. So, nobody bought was she was saying during the last tribal council. Then it was revealed that Chris received a whopping 7 votes. That, of course, meant that he won the grand prize of 1 million dollars and bragging rights for being the winner of Survivor season 38!

If it’s any consolation for all you Rick Deven fans out there, it was revealed that Rick won the Sia Award of $100,000 dollars. So, Rick didn’t leave this game empty-handed.

How do you guys feel about Chris Underwood winning Season 38 of Survivor? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

Next up, is season 39, which is scheduled to air this Fall 2019. The theme will be “Island Of Idols.” We did a whole big write-up about it in a separate article. You can read that article by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Survivor report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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