Amazing Race May 29, 2019 Eliminated No One Tonight (Recap) Episode 7

Amazing Race May 29, 2019 Eliminated No One Tonight (Recap) Episode 7

Hey, “Amazing Race” fans. Tonight, May 29, 2019, the 7th episode of this current season 31 did indeed air. To get things started, it was revealed that the remaining teams had to head to Zurich, Switzerland to get their first clue for this leg of the race.

At one point, there was talk of u-turning Nicole and Victor.Rachel and Elissa didn’t like that since they have teamed up with them. So, Rachel and Elissa made plans to get to the u-turn first to prevent Nicole and Victor from catching the u-turn heat.

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Rachel and Elissa ended up getting into a fight with Nicole and Victor about the whole u-turn situation. Apparently, Nicole and Victor weren’t quite sure if they should believe Rachel and Elissa when they tried to tell them about it. So, that was up in the air at that point.

Once the teams arrived in Switzerland, they ran into a Road Block challenge. During this Road Block challenge, the teams had to do a 400 foot free fall in safety gear to get their next clue. Nicole panicked during this one saying, “I can’t. I need out.” Eventually, she came around and did it. Afterwards, she said, “I’m just so happy to be alive!” It was cute.

After the free fall, Road Block challenge, the teams had to fly by helicopter to Grimsel Pass to get their next clue. Once they arrived at Grimsel Pass, they ran into their detours. They had to complete either the “Water Power” detour or the “Water Down” detour.

In the “Water Power” detour, the teams had to ride on a funicular and memorize the names of the water basins. Afterwards, they had to label the names on a map to get their next clue. So basically, it was a memory challenge.

In the “Water Down” detour, the teams had to descend 150 feet down a canyon. They also had to jump into a glacial river and grab their clue.

After the teams successfully completed their detours, they were told to hit up the Michaelskirche Church which was the pit stop for this leg of the race. Tyler and Korey arrived in first place and won a special spa day.

Colin and Kristie came in second place. Becca and Floyd arrived in third place. Leo and Jamal took 4th place. Chris and Bret landed in 5th place. Rachel and Elissa took the 6th place spot. Then Victor and Nicole showed up dead last in the 7th place spot.

Apparently, poor Rachel and Victor got hung up, going in the wrong direction to reach the church. They finally got directions to get them back on the right path, but unfortunately, it was too little too late.

However at the end, host Phil Keoghan told Rachel and Victor that this was a non-elimination leg. So, Nicole and Victor will get to stick around. However, they will have to face an exclusive “Speed Bump” challenge in the next leg.

Rachel and Victor also got into another huge argument with Rachel and Elissa over that whole u-turn situation. Apparently, Victor and Nicole wanted to get confirmation from the other teams that they were planning on u-turning them.

Rachel and Elissa thought that Victor and Nicole should’ve just believed them. Rachel and Elissa felt like Nicole and Victor put them in danger by telling the other teams what they said. It was a whole big mess. Nicole started crying. It was crazy. Rachel and Elissa decided not to have anything else to do with Nicole and Victor from here on out.

Alright guys. So, no one was eliminated in tonight’s episode, but we’re quite sure someone will get eliminated in next week’s episode 8. It’s due to air next Wednesday night, June 5, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned.

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