Big Brother 21 June 25, 2019 Premiere Episode Revealed Major Game Changing Twist (Recap)

Big Brother 21 June 25, 2019 Premiere Episode Revealed Major Game Changing Twist (Recap)

Hey,fellow “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, June 25, 2019, the very first episode of Big Brother season 21 did indeed premiere, and it was chalked full of surprises. Right off the bat, host Julie revealed that someone will get an unprecedented special power that will totally change everyone’s game, and she definitely wasn’t lying. But, we’ll get into that later on in this article.

First things first. We saw footage of the brand new houseguests being introduced. As we previously reported, season 21 is featuring all new houseguests and no returning players. Yay! The total number of houseguests this season is 16.

The first group of 8 that they showed were: Jackson, Nicole Tommy, Kathryn, Ovi, Kemi,Holly and Jack.

Holly said, “I’m bringing country strength from Wyoming.” And Jack totally looks like freaking Jason Mamoa the actor. After their introduction packages, Julie Chen revealed that Tommy , Jack, Kathryn and Nicole would be the first ones to enter the house.

After them, Kemi, Holly, Ovi and Jackson entered. Both Tommy and Kemi immediately revealed to the private cams that they liked Jack and his Jason Mamoa good looks.

After all of that, we saw the second group of 8 and their introduction packages. The second group of 8 were: Christie, Sam, Isabella, Nick, Jessica, Cliff, Analyse and David.

Christie said, “I’m happily single and focusing on me.” Sam said, “I’m in there to win it, and I’m gonna come out a winner.” Isabella is a total Jun Song look alike.

For those of you who don’t know who Jun Song is, she won Big Brother season 4, and I swear to God Isabella is her freaking twin in every sense of the word, from looks to personality. It’s uncanny how similar they are.

Nick said, “I will screw with people’s minds.” Jessica said, “People will underestimate me, and I’m gonna steal their money.” Cliff is the older guy at 53 years old. He said he wants to lay low at first and just not be the first one voted out.

Analyse is the young one at 22 years old. She said she played Division 1 soccer and is super aggressive. David said he’s a photographer and mostly does fitness shoots. Fitness is a big part of his life.

We saw in David’s pre-interviews that he can literally cry on command. Will that help him in the Big brother house? We’ll have to wait and see.

After their packages,Julie revealed that Cliff,Isabella,David and Analyse would be the first ones from the second group of 8 to enter the house. Then Sam, Nick, Jessica and Christie followed in after them to complete the full 16 houseguests’ entrance.

During their mingling, Jackson revealed he wanted to strike up a bromance with Jack. Cliff still wanted to lay low.

Danny revealed that Christie dated someone in his family for seven years. So, they definitely already know each other. Of course, the two of them told the Diary Room cams that they wanted to keep that info top secret to not make themselves a target early on.

At one point, it was revealed that Jackson was digging Analyse’s whole look. However, Analyse along with Kathryn and Nicole all took a liking to Jack the Jason Mamoa look alike.

After all the houseguests introduced each other, Julie revealed that the theme for Big Brother season 21 is Camp BB. They’re bringing the outdoors inside. Then Julie dropped the bomb on them that a camp director is about to be elected and will have unprecedented power.

All the houseguests had to vote for who would be the camp director, but they couldn’t vote for themselves. Cliff, David, Jessica and Jackson volunteered to be camp director. Kemi wanted to vote with the house. All the girls initially got together and said they wanted to vote for Jessica.

Oh, but how quickly things change in the Big Brother house. As soon as Jackson started campaigning, they quickly changed their minds. Nicole chickened out first, and the rest soon followed. Well, most of the rest.

Jackson did a real intense job campaigning to Jack because he wants to align with him and run the house. He started talking about winning back to back hohs and so on and so forth. You know? A lot of boneheaded, cocky stuff.

Next, we saw the big vote for camp director. Everyone who didn’t win, got creamed super hard with slime to the face. Hell, it knocked poor Isabelle out. Eventually, it was revealed that Jackson won camp director with 10 votes over Jessica’s 4 votes.

Jessica was pissed because she felt she had been lied to. Really, everyone was just changed their mind. Welcome to Big Brother.

After all of that, Julie revealed all the shocking details of the power the Camp director holds. Jackson will be safe at the first live eviction. However, he will have to choose four houseguests to banish from the house.

From there, those four houseguests will officially be out of the game, but here’s the major catch. Three of them will eventually come back after competing to get back in the house.

The one loser will officially be going home before the first live eviction takes place! So, no matter what, Jackson will at least have three people mad at him to start off the season.

I think we will see the results of this new twist play out in tomorrow’s episode, and we will definitely see the first HOH winner who was already revealed to be Christie during a live feeds leak.

Alright guys. That was it for the first episode of Big Brother season 21, but definitely stay tuned for more. Episode 2 airs tomorrow night at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

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