Big Brother July 7, 2019 Episode Revealed Whacktivity Comp Winner, Another Power & More

Big Brother July 7, 2019 Episode Revealed Whacktivity Comp Winner, Another Power & More

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. Today, July 7, 2019, the show did indeed air a brand new episode for this season 21, and it featured who won the second Whacktivity comp of this season, which is something we were not able to get early spoilers for.

The episode kicked off by showing aftermath footage of the house learning about the huge “Camp Comeback” twist this past Wednesday night, July 3, 2019. Jack told the private cams,”I’ve got to do some damage control, especially with Ovi.”

Christie said, “I’m freaking out. This could totally screw up my game.” David, who is in “Camp Comeback” said, “This is going to be the biggest comeback of Big Brother history.”

Ovi, who was just evicted to Camp Comeback, said, “I’m ready to get back in the house and go on a war path.” Jackson told the private cams, “David will be totally gunning for me.”

They showed footage of Jackson trying to do damage control with David. Afterwards, David told the private cams of Jackson’s damage control attempts, “I appreciate the effort, but I haven’t forgotten what Jackson did. He put me in a situation that I didn’t agree to, and I went out because of it.”

I was like, “You tell em, David!” I so hope David gets back into the main game and just gets Jackson out. If he could just do that, I would be so happy.

Anyways, they showed footage of Ovi telling Jack his Whactivity power is just dormant until when and if he makes it back into the main game. Next, we saw footage of Jackson telling Jack, “Ovi still wants to work with us.” That’s no longer true, and you’ll find out why a little later in this article.

Next, they showed footage Of Kathryn chatting with David. She told the private cams, “I’d rather have David on my side if he comes back.” Kathryn was seen trying to tell David, “There is no alliance in the house.”

David didn’t buy that for a second. He told Kathryn, “There’s always an alliance,and if you’re not apart of it, they are targeting you.” I’m telling you guys, I really like David. He seems to have a good read on the house.

They showed footage of Nicole saying, “I really like Ovi, and he needs to know what’s really going on.” She told him he got played by Jackson and company.

That, of course, finally caused blind Ovi to become woke to what’s really going on, but it’s still really sad that he was so blind while David caught on immediately, and didn’t need Nicole to tell him. Plus, David wasn’t even in the house as long as Ovi.

At this point, they showed the Whacktivity competition. During it, they houseguests had to match up three different snakes by putting them in containers with similar snakes or something. They needed to do it really, really fast because the fastest time, won.

When it was all said and done,it was revealed that Jack won the Whacktivity comp. His special power for winning it allows him to cause a redraw of the people playing the Power Of Veto one time over the next,few weeks.

If you’re wondering, it is a very lame power because he can only cause a redraw. He can’t actually pick who plays for veto. And even if he could, it would still be pretty lame.

Next, they showed a video segment that featured Big Brother season 20’s Swaggy C, Baleigh, Brett and Winston taped message to the houseguests. It told them whoever wins the next Power Of Veto competition also wins a trip for two to Fiji! It was part of CBS’ big promotional push for their new dating reality show “Love Island.”

Next, they showed footage of Jackson telling the private cams, “I want to put my energy into Holly instead of Kathryn. Kathryn doesn’t bring many positive things to my future in here. Holly does.

I don’t need a 29 year old hounding my a@# constantly. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore.” In this moment, I was like, “Wow, that is so cold.”

At one point, they showed Jackson telling Kathryn, “We’ve got to separate for the sake of our games.” Kathryn said, “You pay more attention to Holly.” Jackson said, “I don’t wanna talk about anybody else right now.”

Kathryn was seen telling the private cams, “Jackson isn’t all that inside or outside this house. I won’t answer his calls if he tries to call me after this.” So, that didn’t go over well.

Next, they showed footage of Nicole, Isabella, Jessica and Kemi forming their all-girl, “Black Widow” alliance, but Isabella was already telling the private cams she didn’t trust it. Surely enough, Isabella went and ratted the Black Widow alliance out to Jack.

Isabella told the private cams, “If Black Widow was in power, I’d totally be with them, but they’re not. Sorry girls.” She’s so cold, but it’s kinda funny.

From there, we saw footage of Jack talking 1 on 1 with Jessica. He told her somebody ratted out her “Black Widow” alliance. That obviously upset her. Jacked basically prepped Jessica to be nominated.

Surely enough during the nomination ceremony footage, Jack nominated Kemi and Jessica for eviction this week.

During Jack’s speech, he said, “I’ve nominated you because I’ve heard from multiple sources that you would target me if you were HOH, and I’ve heard that you’ve formed an alliance that I’m not apart of. So, that’s why I’ve made this move.”

And that’s it, guys. That was the show. We,of course, already knew Jessica and Kemi had been nominated via the LIVE feeds, but this episode shed some light on who won the special Whactivity comp as well as what the special power is. It turned out to be quite lame, but it was news nonetheless.

How do you guys feel about what went down in this episode. Let us know the comments section. The Big Brother LIVE feeds are back and better than ever. You guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

The next Big Brother season 21 episode is scheduled to air this Wednesday night, July 10, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Big Brother report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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