New ‘Magnum PI’ Spoilers For Season 2, November 22, 2019 Episode 9 Revealed

New ‘Magnum PI’ Spoilers For Season 2, November 22, 2019 Episode 9 Revealed

Hey, “Magnum P.I.” fans. We hope you guys are having a lovely Friday. We are back at you with a brand new article. This time, we’re going to tell you things you guys can expect to see take place in the new, upcoming episode 9, which is due out next week.

CBS recently served up a new press release for episode 9. So, that is our main source for this spoiler session.

For starters, the new episode 9 is officially titled, “A Bullet Named Fate.” It sounds like episode 9 will feature some possible emotional, very dramatic, intense and action-filled scenes as Magnum feels major guilt while working his latest investigation. TC gets involved in spearheading a big protest and more!

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Magnum guilt situation. It turns out that Magnum will be feeling some immense guilt for one of his private investigator friends named Harry Brown. Poor Harry got shot while working a case that Magnum gave to him.

In light of all of this, Magnum will end up working that same case he gave to Harry by following the clues Harry left behind.

CBS’ official description tells us, “A guilt-ridden Magnum follows the clues his private investigator friend, Harry Brown (guest star William Forsythe), left behind when he was shot while working a case Thomas passed onto him.”

What will Magnum end up uncovering? That is a major question we’ll be looking to see get answered in this episode. It sounds like this storyline could feature some possible heavy action and drama scenes depending on what Magnum finds out. So, get ready for it when this episode hits the airwaves next Friday night.

The second and last spoiler teaser reveals that TC is going to get all worked up over a certain piece of construction in this episode. Apparently, this construction is happening on a sacred piece of Hawaii land.

At some point, we will see TC offer assistance to Kumu in leading a huge protest against this certain construction project.

CBS’ description tells us, “TC helps Kumu lead a protest against construction on a Hawaiian sacred site. Will TC and Kumu be able to put a stop to this construction with their intense protest efforts?

That’s another huge question we’ll be looking to see get answered in this episode. This storyline also sounds like it could get extremely dramatic and intense.

CBS also released a couple of preview photos for episode 9. Magnum and Juliet are featured in most of these. Their scenes looks very intense as Magnum walks in on a woman with a child.

The woman has a gun out. Magnum talks her down to take the gun away. Juliet is seen hugging the young child.

You guys can view all of the preview photos for episode 9 over on Spoiler TV’s site by Clicking Here.

Episode 9 will feature quite a lot of guest stars. They are: Stephanie Lum as character (Herself), Michaela Miller as character (Molly Ward), West Liang as character (Gavin Waiola), Greg Vaillancourt as character (Sergeant Wilcox), Keola Simpson as character (Officer Daniel Hirono), Emmanuel DeJesus as character (Officer Kanae), Michele Nordin as character (Dana Ward).

Guest stars continued: Erin Pineda as character (Melinda Mosley), Joe Pineda as character (Dr. Reeves), Taylin Yuen as character (Isabella Kai), Naomi Cooper as character (Nurse Hiraoka), Rachel Cruz as character (Isabella’s Mother), Devin Nogaki as character (Isabella’s Father), Hoku Gilbert as character (Dr. Kahui), Brandon Maka’awa’awa as character (Protestor #1), Renee K. Kauwalu as character (Protestor #2), Vikram Mruthyunjayana as character (Lead Doctor) and Christina Platt as character (Nurse #1).

Episode 9 features a couple of recurring stars. They are: William Forsythe as character (Harry Brown) and Kimee Balmilero as character (Dr. Noelani Cunha).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 9 are: Jay Hernandez as character (Thomas Magnum),Perdita Weeks as character (Juliet Higgins), Zachary Knighton as character (Orville “Rick” Wright), Stephen Hill as character (Theodore “TC” Calvin), Tim Kang as character (Det. Gordon Katsumoto) and Amy Hill as character (Kumu).

The story for episode 9 is by Scarlett Lacey & Neil Tolkin. The teleplay is by Neil Tolkin, and it was directed by Doug Hannah. CBS’ press release confirmed that episode 9 is indeed scheduled to air next Friday night, November 22, 2019 at approximately 8 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Magnum P.I.” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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