‘Labor Of Love’ May 21, 2020 Eliminated Tali & Phillip In Premiere Episode (Recap)

‘Labor Of Love’ May 21, 2020 Eliminated Tali & Phillip In Premiere Episode (Recap)

Hey, “Labor Of Love” fans. Tonight, May 21, 2020, the series premiere episode 1 of FOX’s new dating reality show “Labor Of Love” did in deed air, and two unlucky guys were sent packing at the end of it.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the introduction to the headliner of the show Kristy Katzmann. What we gathered from it is that she’s 41 years old and really, really wants to find a father for her future child.

It was shown that her physical status is very healthy and much younger than her chronological age. Oh, and we just learned that Kristy was actually on season 11 of ABC’s very similar, hit reality show “The Bachelor.”

After all that, Kristy was greeted by actress Kristin Davis. Apparently, they got Kristin to host this show. Kristin gave Kristy a gift, and they started talking about what Kristy is looking to do. Kristin told Kristy, “I’m going to be with you through this whole journey.”

Next, all 15 of the guys showed up and chatted with each other until Kristy finally came out to greet them and talk to them.

Next, they showed a segment where all the guys had to take a fertility test. They were shown going inside a private room to fill up a cup with you know what. After that was done, they brought out Kristy’s fertility doctor to give them the results of their sperm counts.

The even had an award for the first place finisher. Alan got first place with 317 million active sperm swimmers. They gave him a little trophy for it. So, that was pretty comical.

All the other guys seem to do ok with the fertility test, and Kristy told them, “I can’t wait to get to know you more.”

Next, the guys were shown the house they would be residing in. Jason started drinking to the point of getting drunk and throwing up. So, that was not a good look for him.

They had a barbecue party. During this party, Alan referred to Kristy as Cindy. So, the guys gave him a hard time for that. Angelo told the private cams of Alan,”You might need to focus a little more.”

The guys serenaded Kristy to join the barbecue, and she came on over. Trent talked 1 on 1 with Kristy to tell her he is serious about starting a family. Stewart echoed the same words to Kristy. She told the private cams, “I like Stewart a lot.”

In fact, Kristy took the time to talk 1-on-1 with all of the guys. She ran into some issues trying to get straight answers out of Tali. He kept trying to ask her things about her instead of answering her questions she had for him.

Kristy told the private cams of Tali,”I’m 41. I’m looking to have a baby this year, and I don’t have time to figure out who Tali is. This is a problem.”

Phillip decided to take a different route and take Kristy inside to talk. He gave her some moon rocks at one point. Kristy told the private cams of Phillip, “I’m a little worried with Phillip. I think he’s little more shy.”

At this point, Kristy told the private cams that Stewart, Trent and Matt were front-runners because they expressed exactly what they want and the timeline to get it.

Next, they showed Kristy picking who she wanted to stick around via a mobile app. The guys could see it.

She initially picked everyone to stay except for Tali, Stewart, Phillip and Jason. She needed to talk with them more.

She told Tali, “You came off very evasive. I don’t see us starting a family together.” She told Stewart, ” I wasn’t really worried about you. I just brought you to this point to tell you how much I appreciated you. I want to keep dating you.”

Kristy told Phillip, “I think you’re so attractive and positive, but I just don’t feel we’re on the same timeline. I don’t see us starting a family together.”

Kristy told Jason, “I think you’re very charming. I like that you and my dad share the same line of work, but we need to talk about your drinking.”

Jason said something about how he got carried away, and it will never happen again. Kristy accepted that answer because he made such a good impression during all the other times they talked. So, she told Jason to join the rest of the guys who were safe.

What all this means is that Kristy eliminated Tali and Phillip in this premiere episode 1. So, we’re down to just 13 guys. Who will end up being the daddy of Kristy’s future baby? We’ll have to wait and see.

The next, new episode 2 of “Labor Of Love” is scheduled to air next Thursday night, May 28,2020 at approximately 8 pm central standard time on FOX.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Labor Of Love” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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