‘Labor Of Love’ June 18, 2020 Eliminated No One (Recap)

‘Labor Of Love’ June 18, 2020 Eliminated No One (Recap)

Hey, “Labor Of Love” fans. Tonight, June 18, 2020, a brand new Labor Of Love episode did indeed air with headliner Kristy Katzmann and host Kristin Davis. Tonight’s episode kicked off with the guys getting told they had to do a physical challenge in this episode.

At one point, Kristy told the private cams, “I need to spend more time with Kyle, Trent and Keith because I haven’t had a 1 on 1 date with them yet.”

Next, the guys were introduced to their physical challenge. They each picked a partner for it. Then the challenge turned out to actually be a labor pains challenge.

The men got on team-birthing stations where they were hooked up to a stimulation machine so they could see what it’s like to go through actual labor pains. They were allowed to tap out if the pain got to be too much.

Kristy said she was impressed with Stewart’s performance during this challenge, and she eventually proclaimed him the winner of the challenge. No one ever tapped out.

After all of that, Kristy picked Trent and Kyle for 1 on 1 dates in this episode. Keith told the private cams “I’m annoyed by that. I’m gonna have to do something.”

Kristy and Trent went to Six Flags in Denver,CO on their 1 on 1 date. They appeared to have a blast, playing games and going on the rides. Afterwards, they talked about the kids they want, Trent’s background and so on and so forth. Kristy told the private cams, “Trent has more depth to him than I previously thought.”

Next, Kristy and Trent ended up kissing in the middle of being treated to a dance performance by a bunch of dancers who just magically appeared on the scene. It was super cheesy.

Later, it was revealed that Stewart left Kristy some flowers and a note at her doorstep when Kristy and Trent got back from their date. Kristy told the private cams, “Trent is one of the men I think is really serious about this.” So, Trent definitely set a good impression on this date.

Next, Kristy came over to show the guys what each of their future children might look like if they have a baby with Kristy. It was a fun session.

Marcus told the private cams, “I’m getting bothered by seeing Kristy and Stewart touching each other because I’m starting to get feelings for her.”

Kristy pulled Stewart aside to talk 1 on 1. She told the private cams, “I wanted to personally thank Stewart for the flowers he sent me.” She told Stewart, “I really appreciate the flowers you sent me, and you keep showing me more and more that your the person I want to be with.”

Keith pulled Kristy aside for a 1 on 1 conversation. Kristy told Keith, “You seem very calm and centered.” Keith said, “I’m calm, but I’m also fire, and I really don’t care about what people think about me.”

Kristy told the private cams, “I didn’t like Keith’s comment about fire. I’ve had problems with people like that in the past.”

At one point, Marcus was seen complaining to Trent about how much attention Kristy is showing Stewart. “It’s a dangerous game she’s playing,” he said.

Kyle and Kristy talked while having a glass of wine during their 1 on 1 date. Meanwhile, Marcus decided to write a song for Kristy.

Marcus told the private cams, “I’m sad and frustrated. I can’t stand it anymore.” Meanwhile, Kyle and Kristy ended up kissing during their 1 on 1 date conversation.

Kristy pulled Keith aside for another 1 on 1 talk. She told Keith, “I need some clarification about you being fiery.” Kristy told the private cams of Keith, “I can see explosion in him.”

She told Keith, “I think the fire thing could be a potential problem. So, I will have to send you home before tonight.” Keith said ok, and he warned her about some of the other guys before he left.

Next,Kristy picked the guys she wanted to stay. She picked everyone except for Gary and Marcus. She needed to talk to them.

Kristy told Gary, “I’m getting down to the men I feel I really have a connection with. We’ve gotten off to a slow start.” Gary said, “I think a second 1 on 1 date would be better, and we have time. We were dealing with a bunch of kids on our first 1 on 1 date.” Kristy said, “I feel the same way.” So, she gave Gary a hug, and he stayed.

Kristy told Marcus, “I’m scared of losing our connection.” Marcus said, “What can I do?” Kristy said, “I just wanted to see how you’re feeling.” Marcus said, “I promise I’m trying. I don’t know if that’s good enough.”

Kristy said, “It is. I just wanted to hear you say it. I feel like you are doing well.” Marcus said, “I really like you.” Kristy said, “I want to keep dating you.” So, they hugged, and Marcus stayed.

The episode capped off with Stewart carrying Kristy back to her house. She really liked it, and they kissed.

So, Kristy didn’t eliminate anyone in tonight’s June 18, 2020 episode of Labor Of Love.

The next, new episode of Labor Of Love is scheduled to air next Thursday night, June 25, 2020 at approximately 8 pm central standard time on FOX.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Labor Of Love” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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