‘Labor Of Love’ July 9, 2020 Eliminated Marcus Lehman (Recap)

‘Labor Of Love’ July 9, 2020 Eliminated Marcus Lehman (Recap)

Hey, “Labor Of Love” fans. Tonight, July 9, 2020, another new “Labor Of Love” episode did indeed air with headliner Kristy Katzmann and host Kristen Davis, and another unlucky guy was sent packing.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Kristy visiting Austin,Texas to visit Kyle’s hometown. On their date, they went on a walk and ended up at a child birth class. During the class, all the men were instructed to give the ladies massages in places that would normally be considered inappropriate like their rear and thighs. So, Kyle was definitely enjoying this class.

Later on, Kristy talked with Kyle’s friends. They obviously had good things to say about Kyle, which Kristy enjoyed. Kyle took Kristy to his small, one-bedroom apartment. Kristy told the private cams of Kyle’s place, “It’s definitely taking me out of my comfort zone. It tells me he’s not ready to start a family.”

At one point, Kristy told Kyle she was married in the past. Kyle seemed to be bothered by that in the moment. He told the private cams, “It made me have to think if this could be a deal breaker. My mom went through a divorce. So, how could I judge Kristy for something my mom went through.”

Kyle told Kristy, “I don’t have a problem with it.” From there,they started kissing on his bed.

Next, we were shown Kristy going to Cincinnati,Ohio to see Marcus’ hometown. They went to read to a bunch of young kids. Then Marcus took Kristy to his house. Kristy told the private cams of Marcus’ place, “I really like his place.” From there, Marcus introduced Kristy to someone he called his house mom.

Kristy seemed taken back by the idea of a house mom. Marcus explained that his house mom helps him every week with shopping, changing his sheets and so on and so forth. “She’s become like a mother to me,” he said.

Kristy told the private cams, “I definitely wasn’t expecting to meet Marcus’ house mom. Before, I thought I was meeting an intelligent doctor. Here, I feel like I’m looking at a little boy that needs his mom to take care of him.”

Next, Kristy and Marcus talked about some issues she had with him from the last episode when Kyle brought up some problematic things he said about her. Marcus seemed shock to hear it.

However in the end, Kristy told Marcus, “I came here because I think we still have a connection and chemistry.” Then they kissed.

For the last hometown date, Kristy visited Stewart in Los Angeles, CA. He showed her his place first. Kristy told Stewart, “I really like your place.”

From there, Stewart said, “This is more of a place for just me, but I want to show you a place I have in mind for us”

Then he took her to a house he could see them moving into in the future. It was a very nice house. Kristy was totally impressed. She said “It’s gorgeous.” Yeah, Stewart definitely had his presentation together.

Stewart also introduced Kristen to his friends. They told Kristy, “Stewart’s heart is so big. He’ll be a great father.” Stewart told the private cams, “Seeing Kristy interact with my friends. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted.”

Next, they talked about interracial dating. Stewart asked Kristy have you thought about having an interracial child? Kristy said, “Have you?” Stewart said, “Yeah, my ex was a caucasian girl, and her family said they had no desire to ever meet me because I’m black.”

Kristy said, “I’m sorry to hear that. That actually makes me want to cry. That’s were I’m a little naive because I’d like to think we now live in a world where that’s a non-issue. My parents are very welcoming, and they just care that I’m being treated well.” Stewart said, “That’s what I’m here to do.” From there, they kissed.

Kyle said of Marcus to the private cams, “I think he weaseled his way into where he is right now, and you can’t weasel your way into love.”

Stewart, Kyle and Marcus met up at a room. They were told that one of them would get eliminated before getting to see Kristy in her city.

Then they each had a 1 on 1 talk with Kristy about their hometown dates. At this point, we were shown various, brief clips of each of their 1 on 1 talks.

The most important one was when Kristy finally told Marcus,”I can’t be a mother to you and our child. I don’t think we can have a future together. I truly wish you the best.”

Marcus tried to give a brief rebuttal about Kristy not trusting herself enough with him or something, but she didn’t buy it for a second. So, they hugged goodbye.

Kristy’s final statement about Marcus went like this, “Marcus really tried to make me think he had it all together, but the fact that he was still being taken care of by his house mom made me realize that wasn’t real.” So, Marcus Lehman totally got the boot in this episode, and he’s out.

That means Stewart and Kyle are the final two men for Kristy. In the next episode, Stewart and Kyle will visit Kristy in her city, and she will finally pick her last guy to conclude this first season.

The next, new episode of Labor Of Love is scheduled to air next Thursday night, July 16, 2020 at approximately 8 pm central standard time on FOX.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Labor Of Love” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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