Survivor March 1, 2023 Voted Off Maddy Pomilla In Premiere (Recap)

Survivor March 1, 2023 Voted Off Maddy Pomilla In Premiere (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, March 1, 2023, the 2-hour premiere episode of Survivor season 44 did finally hit the air, and we saw the first person get voted off at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the usual intros that the beginning of each new season features. After all of that, host Jeff Probst revealed to the new cast members that they’re getting split up into three tribes: Tika, Ratu and Soka. Then, Jeff sent them off to immediately compete in their first Reward challenge.

In this Reward challenge, each member from each tribe had to run through an obstacle course and grab some puzzle pieces. Then, use those puzzle pieces to assemble a puzzle. After that, they had to release rings from a tall poll for the win.

During this challenge, Bruce hit his head and cut it while trying to duck under one of the obstacles. He did complete the obstacle course, but shortly afterwards, he eventually started to collapse. The medical team was brought out to examine him. They ended up giving him some oxygen and said he was ok to continue.

From there, the Soka tribe went on to complete the challenge first for the win. Ratu came in second place, so they got to choose which challenge they wanted to compete in to win a second chance at the reward, which was a pot, Machete knife and flint. Since Tika finished last, they got stuck with having to do the second competition that the Ratu tribe didn’t choose.

The Ratu tribe chose to do the Sweat challenge, which required them to carry a whole bunch of heavy coconuts across the beach in 4 hours. They were more confident that they could do this one over the Savvy comp, which only gave them 15 minutes to figure out the answer to an unknown puzzle. So, the Tika tribe got stuck with the Savvy competition.

Matthew and Brandon did the coconut carrying for the Ratu tribe, and they quickly realized it was going to be a lot harder than they thought. It ended up taking them almost the full 4 hours to complete it, and they were wildly exhausted. The Tika tribe were also successful in completing the Savvy puzzle challenge. So, all the tribes were able to win their supplies.

A new twist was introduced. Both the Soka and Ratu tribes came across a bird cage that contained a hook with a bag on it. Ratu eventually went searching for a key to the bird cage. Brandon found it and tried to hide it, but Maddy saw him ,and she told the private cams, “Brandon did something weird with his pocket.”

Knowing that Maddy might have seen him find the key, he went ahead and told her that he found it. Then, she suggested that they keep it a secret. Brandon wasn’t feeling right about that idea and told the private cams, “I can’t trust Maddy.” So, he told the others that he found the key right then and there. Maddy told the private cams, “Obviously, Brandon doesn’t want to work with me.”

Brandon opened the cage in front of everyone, and it contained a hidden immunity idol. Brandon told the private cams, “I should’ve kept it a secret because now everyone knows I have an immunity idol. I’ve got a target on my back.”

At one point, we got footage of Matt B and Frannie getting along pretty well. Frannie told the private cams, “Matt is someone I could possibly work with.” Next, more issues came up with Bruce and his head injury from earlier on. The medical crew had to come out to examine him again because he said, “My head is killing me.” The medical team eventually came to the conclusion that Bruce needed more tests done to make sure he’s ok. So, they had to pull him from the game. Bruce was very upset saying, “I wanted to compete so bad.”

After all that drama, Matthew M decided he wanted to try and climb a rock. When he did, he ended up falling really hard off of it, injuring his shoulder and foot. He had to wear a sling because he dislocated his shoulder during the fall, but they let him stay in the game. However, since he was injured, that didn’t help his tribe much in the comps.

At one point, Helen was seen telling the private cams, “I feel good about working with Carson and Sarah.” There was a segment that featured all of the tribes getting presented with the boat ride twist. After drawing straws, Sarah went from the Tika tribe, Matt B went from the Soka tribe and Lauren went from the Ratu tribe. After the boat trip, they did the whole walk up the mountain deal. Then, they were presented with a choice to pick 3 packages from a bag.

This bag contained two lose a vote cards, and an advantage card. They had to pick from this bag at least once. Then, they were given another opportunity to pick from this back if they didn’t like what they got from the first try. If they picked another lose a vote card, they lost their vote at the next tribal council meeting.

Sarah ended up getting an inheritance advantage, which gave her every advantage that was played at a tribal council meeting. Matt B ending up drawing two lose a vote cards. So, he lost his vote at the next tribal council meeting.

Lauren won a “bank your vote” advantage, which basically gave her an extra vote at one of the tribal council meetings. Matt B told his tribe that he lost his vote. Sarah didn’t tell her tribe that she won an advantage. Lauren also didn’t tell her tribe that she won an advantage.

Next up, host Jeff Probst returned with the first immunity challenge of this season. First, he told them that there was an update on Bruce’s condition. They said he was ok. In this immunity challenge, the tribes had to paddle a boat to a buoy and go around it to get a heavy chest and pull it out of the water.

Once they got the chest to shore, they had to pull it through an obstacle course. Then, solve a slide puzzle for the win. The puzzle pieces were extremely heavy to move, so everyone got exhausted in that Fiji heat. At one point, Brandon said he couldn’t get up. So, the paramedics came to check him out, and they said he was just dehydrated and needed to rest.

The Soka tribe ended up finishing in first place. Then, Tika took 2nd place. So, both the Soka and Tika tribes won immunity. Ratu finished last. So, they had to figure out who they were getting rid of at the tribal council meeting.

Matthew told Brandon that Lauren is playing them because he found out she had an advantage ,and she didn’t tell them about it. So, he campaigned for Lauren to go. Maddy campaigned to Lauren to get Brandon out. Then, they campaigned to Jamie to get Brandon out. Maddy also campaigned to Kane to get Brandon out. Kane told the private cams that he’s afraid Brandon might use his idol. Maddy campaigned to Matthew M to get Brandon out. Matthew told the private cams, “I might not have a choice but to vote Brandon out if they have the numbers.”

At the Ratu tribal council meeting, Jamie said she already wanted to play her shot in the dark. She said something about her vote not mattering anyways. Matthew M also played his shot in the dark. The shot in the dark gave them a 1-6 shot at safety by drawing a card. However, they lost their vote by playing it.

Matthew drew the not-safe card ,so he was still in danger. Jaime drew the “safe” card. So, she was safe from elimination. Then, Brandon decided to play his immunity idol. So, he was also safe from elimination.

Finally, the votes revealed that Brandon received 2 votes, and Maddy got 1 vote. Brandon’s 2 votes didn’t count since he played his immunity idol. So, Maddy got the shaft. She made a graceful exit, and told the private cams, “I put my money where my mouth is, and I came up short. Things went a little topsy turvy. I wish I could’ve played longer.” How do you guys feel about Maddy Pomilla getting voted off Survivor season 44 in tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Survivor” TV show,recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. Lisa WALLINGTON says:

    I’m glad Maddy went home. she clearly couldn’t be trusted and she was wishy washy. c ya maddy

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