The Challenge USA August 27, 2023 Eliminated Dusty Harris (Recap)

The Challenge USA August 27, 2023 Eliminated Dusty Harris (Recap)

Hey, “The Challenge” fans. Tonight, August 27, 2023, another new episode of the Challenge USA season 2 did indeed hit the air, and another unlucky contestant did get eliminated by the time it was all wrapped up.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with Cassidy telling the private cams, “Wes has made an enemy of me.” Apparently, she blamed him for her ending up in the elimination challenge in the last episode. Wes told the private cams, “I need to win to break up the Survivor people.”

Dusty was super ticked off that his name was thrown into the secret vote, ball hopper machine in the last episode. He accused the Big Brother girls of having something to do with it. He thought Tiffany was the leader. So, he went off on her saying, “You’re my number one to get out!”

Tiffany tried to tell Dusty she did not cast her secret vote on him. Even though this was true, Dusty wasn’t having it. He just kept going off on her. The vets were actually responsible for Dusty’s name coming up in the secret vote with their random votes plan that they implemented, and they were having a great laugh over the chaos they created because it took the target off of them.

After all of that, host TJ Lavin showed up with the new team challenge. It was titled, “High Q.” In it, each team was put on a platform above water, and they were asked questions by TJ. Everytime they got a question wrong, TJ tilted their platform a little bit, causing it to be more difficult to stay on it until they eventually started dropping.

The last team with at least one memember hanging on to the platform for dear life, won. That lucky team was the Blue team. They pulled out the victory. So, they were safe from elimination, and they got to pick a woman and man to go up for the elimination challenge.

After some deliberation, the Blue team picked Tiffany and Wes to head to the elimination challenge. However, there was still a secret vote twist that allowed for some other names to get thrown into the mix. Wes campaigned to some people for the secret vote to be a woman, so he wouldn’t have to compete.

After the secret vote names were thrown into the ball hopper machine, Host TJ Lavin drew Dusty’s name from it. So, Dusty had to face off against Wes in the elimination challenge. Tiffany was safe since a woman’s name didn’t get picked from the ball hopper machine.

The elimination challenge was titled, “Crank Shafted.” It involved one person standing on a wheel while the other untied a steering wheel so they could spin the wheel the other person was standing on until they fell off. They did this for 2 heats to allow each person to switch positions.

The one who got the person to fall off the wheel in the quickest amount of time, won. It came down to 37 seconds between the two of them, and it was revealed that Wes was able to get Dusty to fall the quickest. So, he won, and Dusty was eliminated. Dusty told the private cams, “I’m devastated. I thought I did enough to win.”

In the defect twist, Wes did decide to leave the Green team. He took Chris’ spot on the Blue team, which caused Chris to have to defect to the Green team.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “The Challenge” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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