‘Paul Blart : Mall Cop’ (2009) Movie Review

‘Paul Blart : Mall Cop’ (2009) Movie Review

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“Paul Blart: Mall Cop” is about a wanna be State Trooper Mall Cop, Paul Blart (Kevin James) who strolls around the mall all day looking for unsuspecting shoppers. Needless to say, this rarely ever happens which gives him time to fumble around, bump into display cars,and get dragged down the mall by an old man on a motorized moving chair. One day he meets Amy (Jayma Mays), a girl who works in the mall. He’s instantly attracted to her,but he gets c-blocked by resident jerk, Stuart (Stephen Rannazzisi),and as usual eventually fouls things up with Amy , temporarily.

Paul is also training a young man named,Veck Sims ( Keir O’Donnell) for a mall cop position. everything is simple as usual in the mall until one day the mall is violently taken over by a group of credit card thieves that want clear out the mall and shut it down so they can do what they need to do. They take a couple of hostages including Amy and Paul’s daughter,Maya Blart (Raini Rodriguez). The unsuspecting trainee, Veck turns out to be the ring leader of the whole crime group. Everyone gets cleared out,but Paul is left behind after getting wrapped up in playing a video game the whole time.

Not really being the ideal candidate to take out the criminals,once he realizes what’s going on, he rises to the occasion. He takes out all the criminals in very creative and unconventional ways much to S.W.A.T.’s surprise who are outside the mall planning their rescue entrance.Veck,however is able to escape with the credit card codes and two hostages,Amy and Maya. Paul Blart doesn’t let him get very far, though as he comes to the rescue in a very surprising and unpredictable conclusion.

My Take : I didn’t think it was as funny as I originally thought it was going to be. The movie trailer for the film places the hilarious parts together very well to make it seem like more than it is. But I guess that’s the job of the movie trailer. Having said that, It was pretty funny,and did have it’s moments. I thought the build up was pretty good. It also had some great twists in the film which did add a good element of surprise to it. I thought Kevin James was very funny as usual. If you’re looking for a good comedy to watch mixed with drama, I definitely recommend this movie.

Grade : B

Movie : Paul Blart : Mall Cop
Release Date: January 16,2009
Studio Columbia Pictures (Sony)

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