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New Fast And Furious 6 Movie Photo Shows First Look At Jordana Brewster In Action

New Fast And Furious 6 movie photo shows first look at Jordana Brewster in action. As previously reported, main Fast And Furious 6 star Vin Diesel recently dropped a couple of new photos from the upcoming “Fast And Furious 6” action flick,and this one (above),gives us our first look at the gorgeous Jordana Brewster aka Mia Toretto,chatting it up in a scene with Paul Walker aka Brian O’Conner and Vin Diesel aka Dom Toretto.

We’re glad to finally see a photo of Jordana in the film,because she had been spotted way elsewhere when filming first started,leaving us to wonder how much of a role she would play in the flick. Hopefully she’ll be utilized quite a bit. Read more »

New Fast And Furious 6 Movie Pic Shows Vin Diesel In New Car And Hot Chicks Action

New Fast And Furious 6 movie pic shows Vin Diesel in new car and hot chicks action. Recently, this new photo from the upcoming hardcore action flick “Fast And Furious 6,” hit the net,via Vin Diesel,and it looks pretty interesting as it features Vin’s character Dom Teretto in new car action with hot chicks,walking and showing off their goods in the sideview. We dig it.

As for the movie, it stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Joe Taslim,and Gina Carano. In the new flick, Dom and the crew try to pull off another big heist. Read more »

Singer Rihanna Spotted Damn Near Nude,Hot As Hell On New GQ Mag Cover Photo

Singer Rihanna spotted damn near nude,hot as hell on new GQ mag cover photo. Recently, singing sensation Rihanna stripped off all her clothes to do some sexy posses for GQ’s “Men Of The Year,” December 2012 issue,but make no mistake about it. The cover of this issue has nothing to do with a man as Rihanna was looking smoking hot in nothing but a small leather jacket and a unique pose to cover up her magic areas.

This past Monday,November 12th, Rihanna proudly tweeted out the sexy cover photo,along with the caption, “GQ’s man of the year?! When will your fave? #histoRih #GQ.” Rihanna also showed of her sexy tattoos in the photo,which I’m sure she’ll regret getting later on in life,but they look hot right now since she’s only 24 years old. Read more »

New James Bond,Skyfall Sequel Movie In The Works,Possibly Two More

New James Bond,Skyfall sequel movie in the works,possibly two more. According to a recent report from Collider and their sources, a sequel to the recent James Bond/action flick “Skyfall” is coming. It’s just a matter of when,as main star Daniel Craig has reportedly already signed on to do two more sequels for the franchise.

However, there is no official confirmation of his contract at this time. It’s also reported that there are rumors swirling about, claiming there could be a sequel to Skyfall as soon as late 2014,but Daniel Craig and producer Barbara Broccoli ,cautioned that it was too soon to make that kind of a decision.

Daniel would also likely want a little room between Bond features to go after other roles. Read more »

Taylor Swift Accused Of Stealing Song Lyrics For Her New ‘Red’ Album

Taylor Swift accused of stealing song lyrics for her new ‘Red’ album. According to a new report from Hollywood Life, Country Music sensation Taylor Swift is now being accused of stealing music lyrics of all things! What the hell? She’s known for writing her own unique lyrics,but that’s not the case,here. Some guy named Matt Nathanson recently threw up a tweet about Taylor the other day,which said, “she’s definitely a fan… and now she’s a thief.”

Apparently, he’s claiming she ripped off lyrics from one of his 2003 songs called “I Saw,” and used it in her song titled, “All Too Well,” which is a track on her new “Red” album. They say, he later went on and deleted the tweet on October 24th. Then on November 2nd, Matt hopped back on Twitter to write, “so far, my favorite thing about today is the wave of @taylorswift13 fans calling me a prick on twitter for writing “i saw” in 2003.” Read more »

New Amazing Spiderman 2 Spoilers Reveal Jamie Foxx May Play Electro Villain

New Amazing Spiderman 2 spoilers reveal Jamie Foxx may play electro villain. According to a new report from Variety,actor/comedian Jamie Foxx is currently in early talks with Sony to portray the villain Electro in the upcoming “Amazing Spiderman 2.” Jamie also recently hit up Twitter to write, “Dressed up as Electro for Halloween last night. Costume fits well,” dropping hints of his possible,new,high profile, movie role.

The Electro character is the alter ego of Max Dillon, and enemy of Spider-Man who gains the ability to control electricity after being struck by lightning. He first appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man #9” in February 1964.

Main stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have also signed on to return for the 2nd installment. Read more »

New Tom Cruise,Mission Impossible 5 Spoiler Teaser Details Revealed By Tom Cruise

New Tom Cruise,Mission Impossible 5 spoiler teaser details revealed by Tom Cruise. Recently, Tom Cruise ,chatted it up with Total Film and revealed new,small,spoiler teaser details for the upcoming Mission Impossible 5 flick. First, he revealed that he wants to make as many Mission Impossible flicks as he can,stating, ““It’s been pretty exciting. I’ll make a bunch of those. I’ll make as many as people want to see, because they’re very challenging, and so much fun to make.”

After that, he revealed what he’s doing to prep for the new,5th,installment ,stating,” We’re already working on different images. Talking conceptually. I love traveling around promoting different movies because I’m always looking at different places, and I always walk around to see the city. I look at architecture, subways,coming up with different sequences.” Read more »

Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Spotted Super Sexy For New Esquire Mag Photo Spread

Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco spotted super sexy for new Esquire mag photo spread. Recently, Big Bang Theory,Penny,star Kaley Cuoco posed it up for Esquire Mexico magazine’s October 2012 issue,and she looks scorching sexy in the photos,sporting some sexy lingerie,and showing off her cute backside.

Photographer John Russo shot the spread,and Kaley also appears on the cover of the mag,sporting a smoking red hot Herve Leger dress. Kaley also chatted up the magazine,and described her Big Bang Theory experience with “this series is the dream job. I can make people laugh everyday, I enjoy recording and working with an impressive array of people. I feel like I won the lottery.” Read more »

Singer Natina Reed Of ‘Blaque’ Sadly Died Last Night After Car Wreck

Singer Natina Reed of ‘Blaque’ sadly died last night after car wreck. According to Celebrity Gossip.net, R&B singing star Natina Reed of the 90’s girl group “Blaque” sadly passed away after incurring major injuries in a car crash in Atlanta,Georgia last night.

She was 32 years old,and was reportedly on foot when a car struck her at around 11:00 pm on October 27th. Currently, no charges have been filed against the driver, but Natina was soon pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Natina and Blaque found had major success in the late 90’s with hit songs like “Bring it All to Me” and “808.” Read more »

New Fast And Furious 6 Movie Pic Shows Vin Diesel In Wicked Car Action

New Fast And Furious 6 movie pic shows Vin Diesel in wicked car action. According to Collider, Fast and Furious 6 main star Vin Diesel recently hit up his Facebook account to drop this new photo from the upcoming intense/action flick. In this photo, it looks like he’s trying to rescue someone,while caught up in some majorly dangerous action on top of a car. It looks like it’s gonna be pretty wild.

The new movie stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Joe Taslim,and Gina Carano. In the new flick, Dom and the crew try to pull off another big heist,but run into trouble when another crew tries to pull off the same exact heist. Read more »