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Singer Rihanna Spotted Very Bikini Sexy In France Yesterday Afternoon

Singer Rihanna spotted very bikini sexy in France yesterday afternoon. This past Saturday afternoon, mega popstar Rihanna was spotted showing off her super hot bikini bod again out in Saint Tropez,France,and appeared to be having a great time as she ran around on her balcony and was seen,laughing with friends at one point.

According to sources, Rihanna also playfully tweeted, “Drop that anchor!!! We locked and loaded!” In related news, the rumors of she and ex Chris Brown, continue to fly. The press keeps turning their simple tweets into coded messages directed at one another,and it’s really getting quite old in my opinion. Read more »

Tom Cruise Tried To Do Secret Scientology Ritual On His Daughter,Pissed Off Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise tried to do secret Scientology ritual on his daughter,pissed off Katie Holmes. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, Tom Cruise tried to perform some secret Scientology ritual on his daughter Suri while in China in June 2012,and that really ticked Katie Holmes off.

Sources for Us Weekly claim, “Tom was beginning to audit Suri behind her back.” Auditing is spiritual counseling in which the person is asked deeply emotional questions. Katie was reportedly shocked and noticed a difference in her six-year-old daughter after she found out what Tom was doing. Wow! Read more »

Tom Cruise Heavily Monitored,Controlled Katie Holmes 24 Hours & More

Tom Cruise heavily monitored,controlled Katie Holmes 24 hours & more. According to a new report from Hollywood Life,more eerie details have come to light about how controlling Tom Cruise was with Katie Holmes during their marriage.

Sources for Us Weekly revealed that “Every move had to go through Tom’s camp, including when she could see her family. She was monitored around the clock.” A friend of Katie reportedly claimed, ” Katie felt she was being watched more than protected.”

An ex-president of the Scientology Celebrity Centre Read more »

Lady Gaga Spotted Showing Nude Butt & Flipping Off The Pap Cams In Cali Yesterday

Lady Gaga spotted showing nude butt & flipping off the pap cams in Cali yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, mega star Lady Gaga put on quite a show when she arrived at LAX International airport. She was sporting a very sexy outfit that showed off her marvelous,nude,ass,and she also had a few middle fingers for the pap cams.

According to sources, Gaga,flipped off the the hounding paps,while she tried to make her way through the busy terminal area. It looks like she got pretty ticked off. She also tweeted an interesting message this past Sunday,writing, “Im Pop’s Wife. Credit Card stealing, too much drinking, borrowing his car without asking, driving him crazy till his last breath.” Read more »

Serena Williams Spotted Sexy Dress Wimbledon Partying In London Last Night

Serena Williams spotted sexy dress Wimbledon partying in London last night. Last night, the new 2012 Wimbledon Champion Serena Williams got herself all dolled up in a sexy,figure flattering dress, to attend the Wimbledon Championships 2012 Winners Ball at the InterContinental Park Lane Hotel in London, England. She understandably appeared to be in great spirits as she struck a few poses for the pap cams.

According to sources, the men’s champion Roger Federer also showed up to do a little partying,and he has a lot to party about. Not only did he win Wimbledon,he also reclaimed his number 1 ranking in the world and tied Pete Sampras’ “7 win” Wimbledon record. Read more »

Katie Holmes Has Tom Cruise Scared She’ll Reveal His Wacky Scientology Manipulation

Katie Holmes has Tom Cruise scared she’ll reveal his wacky Scientology manipulation. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, Tom Cruise is reportedly terrified that Katie Holmes will eventually make public how wacky and manipulative Tom’s crazy Scientology BS actually is.

One of their ex-Scientologist sources told them, “Tom never ever thought that the demure Katie whom he married would ever see the truth and yes he is terrified. Terrified that she will reveal all the manipulation that goes on in Scientology. Katie was even told to disconnect from her own family!” Read more »

Katie Holmes Divorce Reportedly Ruining Tom Cruise’s Life, He’s Very Stressed & More

Katie Holmes divorce reportedly ruining Tom Cruise’s life, he’s very stressed & more. According to a new report from Hollywood Life,this Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce battle is getting very nasty,and Tom is reportedly very stressed out to the point that it’s ruining his life,and more.

Sources for Us Weekly said, “Tom’s whole life is being torn apart. He is on the phone with his lawyers 24/7.” He’s reportedly trying to “hash out” custody, child support, and property division negotiations as soon as possible. The source went on to explain that Tom “doesn’t want his entire life laid out for everyone to dissect anymore.” Read more »

Katie Holmes Making Tom Cruise Very Angry Now, He Feels Betrayed & More

Katie Holmes making Tom Cruise very angry now, he feels betrayed & more. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, Tom Cruise is starting to get angry with Katie Holmes for keeping him from talking with his daughter Suri. Apparently, Katie is making it really difficult for him to talk with her.

Sources for TMZ told them, Tom feels betrayed by Katie and thinks she’s using Suri as a weapon. It’s also reported that Tom and Katie have cut off all contact with each other, and Tom feels that Katie is making it difficult for him to talk to Suri.

They said, “His people are negotiating/bickering with Katie’s people over when and how Tom can talk to Suri. Read more »

Katie Holmes Majorly Controlled By Tom Cruise During Marriage And She Got Fed Up

Katie Holmes majorly controlled by Tom Cruise during marriage and she got fed up. According to a new report from TMZ, actress Katie Holmes had been puppetized,and treated like a robot by her “soon to be” ex-husband Tom Cruise. He reportedly controlled everything she did,almost to the point where she had to ask permission to breathe,lol!!!

Their sources claim, Tom controlled Katie Holmes like a puppetmaster, making every major and even minor decision in her personal and professional life. In the end, she felt like she couldn’t breathe without his permission.

It’s also reported that Tom executed an “Art Kill” when Katie worked on the 2005 flick “Thank You for Smoking,” which was around the time they first started dating. Read more »

Katie Holmes Been Trying To Divorce Tom Cruise For Past 2 Years

Katie Holmes been trying to divorce Tom Cruise for past 2 years. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, actress Katie Holmes has apparently been fed up with Tom Cruise and his Scientology BS for the past two years now,and has been plotting and planning to launch this divorce.

Their sources told them,”Katie has been wanting to get out of her marriage with Tom for almost two years. She tried to talk to Tom about her concerns and he just wouldn’t listen. She started sharing with her parents how controlling and weird Scientology is, and her dad decided he was going to help her.” Read more »