Roger Federer Makes It “15” In An Epic Wimbledon Battle

Roger Federer Makes It “15” In An Epic Wimbledon Battle

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Roger Federer made history today July 5,2009 at Wimbledon in an epic 5 set match that went to 16-14 in the fifth and final set since there’s no tie breaks in the fifth set at Wimbledon.

Andy Roddick played the best tennis I’ve ever seen him play . He really took Federer the distance,but in that fifth final set Roger served way to well,and Andy just couldn’t find a way to break him. Pete Sampras also flew in from Los Angeles to be there to see his record get broken,and to congratulate Roger of course.

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In a brief recap Andy was able to still the first set from Roger at 7-5. Then Roger came back to take the next two sets in tie breakers.Next, Andy was able to get a break up on Roger in the 4th set to win it at 6-3,sending it to a fifth deciding set where Federer just played to darn well,and was able to pull off the match with the only break he was able to get on Andy’s powerful serve, the whole match.

It finally ended at 16-14. It really looked like it could have gone on for a few more hours. The match lasted well over four hours. Andy was really able to mix it up and add variety to the match. Way better than he has in the past. I really felt bad for him because he really did play very well. Congratulations to Roger on his 15 record braking Grandslam tournament win,and 6th Wimbledon win.

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